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Blame, Lies & Excuses=True BLuE

An MO (modus operandi) that can be summed up in one word. MISERABLE. Know any one that fits that description? Yeah, me too and it gets tiring to be around. One who blames every one and every thing for the outcome of their life and/or their financial situation. Yet has more excuses for not getting out of their Hell hole. And if you try to reason with them, let alone have a conversation with them they'll lie in the most ridiculous way? True blue does not get much worse than that. Thankfully nowadays I take them for what they are, attachments that need releasing, which I will write about in another post.

There comes at least one opportunity in our life to make the change the Universal Holy World cannot WAIT to cheer us on about. The very ones our soul yearns for and what we came here to explore. I also kid you not on what I see the Universe do. They give toasts, cry in joy, and celebrate on our behalf.

Had I not been blessed beyond my wildest dreams, I would honestly prefer the easy way out. Dying. Albeit in the upright position until getting to the majestic place that awaits all. Had I decided to go the, avoid-the-growing-pains route, I too may have fed my body over my soul. The very thing most do with no return on what matters, spiritual health and beyond. Because I did not give up I got both.

Don't know where I'd be had I not gone thru such massive growing pains to become better not bitter and more powerful not pitiful. Because I have not taken the easy, lackadaisical, I’ve got all the time in the world way, my Heavenly Higher Ups continue to train me in what we were all meant to learn, be and do. Key is to be grateful as you reach your own light.

“Coming out of the dark, I finally see the light It’s shining on me Coming out of the dark I know the loved that saved me You’re sharing with me.” ~ Gloria Estefan~

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't exhausting. Coupled with earthly matters and more learning, that much more tiring. For me giving up was not an option, so I let go and put much on hold. Best move I ever made. Looking back now, had I not done that I’d be living the slow suicide most have chosen and see as the norm. Life is too short to be normal/boring.

How long can one possibly go on blaming their parents, lying about how they really feel, who they really are, or continue to make excuses for not stepping up to the plate of their soul that wishes to be filled? If life were a play this is your rehearsal. But which side are you auditioning for? Should it be the light just know, the closer you get, darkness will do their best to distract you. That being in the form of friends and family. And not them per se but the attachments they’ve handed their power to, and have become comfortable surrounded by. Then have constant madness and have hatred for those who live on behalf of universal rules rather than the debilitating man made laws. All of which are meant to keep those entertaining the dark in the dark. It is normal to have bouts of unhappiness, but they will become fewer and far between. They also won’t last long.

If you are wondering if it is all worth it, this short video is a glimpse of why it is important to not give up. I wish my experience were this fast and easy.

What they saw I now see, often too. I’ve grown so much just this year alone that when I see true BLuE I can spot them from a mile away. Gone are putting my five year old gloves on to appease anyone. All it means is they have a lot of growing up to do, and giving their life to the dark side isn’t helping. No sweat off my soul. I’ve worked hard to get where I am at. Like teaching a man to fish feeds them for life, I will only help those that help themselves. No one can carry our cross. As an adult, any salt in the wounds is self inflicted. You’ve got choices to make. Shit or get off the pot. Meaning garbage out or sulk in your own waste.

Miserable is as miserable does

May you be blessed to live, love and laugh with spirit in mind, love in your heart and purpose for your soul. Because contrary to popular belief, dark side uses our body to do more than succeed, they enjoy keeping most focused on it, in not so respectful ways I might add. So, sadly, to be a nice person all too often comes with a price tag. As in, you sold your soul. Talk about cling ons.

As my soul near the end of the latest long lasting upgrade, my body continues to change in glorious ways to accommodate the upcoming gifts. Again, YAY is all I can say. And just as Mother Earth is ready to give birth to the new world, my spirit is doing the same. No fire and brimstone, just plenty of heat. And fake lightning does not help. Just the light from above directing my every way, which is why I do not speak on behalf of myself. I am simply the Messenger sent to help you help yourselves awaken to the tune of all the Celestialness that we were all created to live and breathe.

Should your purpose be your heart's desire, just know lots of time alone is what you need. And it will come naturally, trust me. The higher you vibrate the more those with the clinging attachments will flee. Welcome it, that is your chance to break free.

"They smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place, they're backstabbers." ~The O'Jays~

Know any?

Whether making excuses, blaming or lying your way thru life, how's that working for you? Blaming has three fingers pointing back at you, lying is what children do, and excuses just postpone your purpose. Why continue to run from yourself? Whether one or all three they are meant to DISEMPOWER you. Which can lead to depression, disgust and dis-ease. If you begin to feel like you are always walking on eggshells and/or having to wear five year old gloves, chances are your spirit has outgrown your surroundings. Woo Hoo the light awaits you.

May the world be blessed,


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