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A Sleepless Night of Prophetic Visions

God was determined to show me a lot last night. WOW!! I could not jot it all down, there was so much so fast. Below is what I did get. Starting just shy of midnight, he was showing me prophetic visions on the current and coming events.

For months some have been saying what is about to happen will be Biblical. I could not agree more. You do not need to be religious or even atheist to know something has got to give. What I was shown is in line with what Bo Polny talks about in these two links. This second link has some preaching towards the second half, but if you can handle, grin and/or bear it, you will hear some of what was preached years ago, is now coming true.

Despite our world looking rather bleak right now, what is happening was needed. We are lucky to be alive to witness what I believe will be Heaven on earth. The trumpets will blow soon. Interestingly, AI created this image of God blowing the trumpet. He and/or Jesus do not look at all like what we've been shown for millenia. I've seen him and he is tall, dark and handsome with curly hair.

God blowing a trumpet

God has been telling me much will turn right side up soon for a long time now, only now I know it is really soon. Far too many signs, visions and others talking about it to ignore.

For now, this is what I was shown last night alone. This, being just a nutshell.



I was first shown a huge “U” & “Y,” with quotation marks around both letters. Not quite sure what they mean yet.

Next, I was shown a circle in a circle in another and another, like plots of land

all coming together perfectly aligned. A lot like these visions I drew in 2019. Looks like

once the dust settles, thing will align just perfectly for many of us left standing.

earth coming back in line

earth shifting back to the light

Next were flowery vines with lines, then psychedelic like strings of smoke. I cannot keep up with drawing, let alone writing, so I am hoping my words paint a picture.

Following that was a big eye, which then turned into me going inside the eye to the point of seeing the matrix open again. Space is so blue above the firmament. As Thursday turned to Friday, God continued…



I have been seeing sunflowers for over a week, usually in the distance. Last night I saw one large sunflower followed by many that resembled wallpaper, it was so vast. Except background was a deep rich purple with lots of little sunflowers arranged throughout.

After that was the sun shining down with the song, Aquarius (Let The Sunshine In) by the 5th Dimension. Something or someone are near. I saw light shining down, lots and lots of people coming from every angle to witness. Beautiful symbolic ancient things and dancers of sorts in celebration of the new world with order and light, just not “their” order of dark domination.

Next I was shown buildings and things crashing down into a big huge drain. Taking all the broken rubble down the ginormous drain holes. A draining of the swamp indeed!

Next I hear, "I can't take anymore"

Me: God?

Oooh, getting a thumbs up

By now, tears began falling, just thinking about what is happening to far too many children. We are blessed compared to them. Of course, we all deserve better. The tears were deep, not crocodile, but felt like my heart was being purged again.

God followed up the above with a parade song that I could not find, but lyrics are

"When it all comes down to the red, white and blue"

A marching song for sure. An old song that gets lost every time I try to to find it, but know most everyone has heard it. I mention because all will be great soon. I’ve seen it and now feel it.

There was more, so much more, but that is it for now. One nation under God awaits us all. Soon, real soon.

May freedom ring and all be blessed.



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