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Cleanliness is Next To Godliness

Whatever the ailment, it is HOW we respond that get us on God's radar.

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Service Description

As a vegetarian darn near out of the womb, my life has been filled with many visions and astral travel. Conversations with God happen on a daily basis. Little did I know all my injuries, surgeries, two birth defects and setbacks were a test to see what I'm made of. Thank God I continue to pass the tests, but it has not come easy. My detox days and taking inventory of my diet began from not feeling well. Little did I know how powerful both could be. Better than any religion, and I've tried a few. But, because religion had away of making me feel worse, I am now connected beyond my wildest dreams. Without the four walls of a church. When we feed our spirit, our body becomes less hungry, our mind open, and our creativity soars. We also begin craving what we were meant to take in. When your former FAVORITES become too sweet, too salty, too heavy and/or too greasy, you'll know something is shifting. I can show you how to quiet your mind. Without that, our body and soul have a way of suffering. It's easier than you may think. However, you must be ready. Whether you want to be healthier in body, mind and spirit or just want to learn how to detox, intermittent fast, or just improve your diet, I can show you how. From mild to what some would consider rather extreme. You owe it to yourself to show God what you're made of. Illness, ailments, or dis-ease are the perfect opportunity to do so.

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  • Southern California, CA, USA


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