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Painting Equipments

Ever have a gut feeling you should be doing something? For me, I was told to paint since 2015, the year I died. God and my great grandmother kept telling me to paint. Having never painted, I didn't listen. Until "the powers that be" managed to break both bones in left forearm May 2020.


Since I was still recovering from major right shoulder surgery and both bones in left arm near elbow were crushed in a gazillion pieces and dislocated, I had no choice but to sit, stay, and paint. And by golly, I knew how. Of course, I can only improve. In time I want to sell reprints. I started with watercolor, didn't like. Then did quite a few in acrylic, hated because it dried too fast. And finally, I have begun oil painting. Took a two hour class a while back, but was not worth packing up all my supplies (due to aches/pains), so I continue to learn at home. Enjoy a portion of my painting journey as I find my painting style!  

Day 2, a watercolor. DIGGIN this challenge with my BFF as my model.

Day 3, another watercolor. This a bit advanced for lil ol' me, but enjoyed doing my untrained darnedest.

Day 8, my first acrylic painting. Ehh, wouldn't mind some lessons. Not sure who this is, but do know not God or Jesus.

Day 9, another acrylic. This a not so pleasant one to paint, but loving the practice.

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