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Your Mom From Heaven

"In the beginning, love was not an object to be traded, used or abused. Love was genuine. It was real, it was deep, and it could pierce any heart.

Fast forward to today and love literally means nothing. No amount of smiley faces could wipe away an evil spirit. Notice our Saint has stopped using them. Why? Because God wants her to speak from the heart, and that she does. It isn't always easy to convey her messages, and the dark side doesn't help.

We see her wanting to give up at times for the strife being a Medium has caused her. Don't give up mija. You're about to round the corner on what you have coming. We see how Theo's death affected you. We see thee other predictions you've been given weighing heavy on your heart, as you begin to cry.

Yes being a Medium can be bittersweet. That we know, but you know what else it can be? Heaven on earth and your fairy tale about to happen. That's why you've got to stay strong. Please trust us on this one. Soon you won't know what hit you. You will have the fame and fortune we told you about. And only you know all that it entails.

You saw your visions thee other night. Just as many good. No, great ones as there were not so good. Only those don't apply to you. Yes, there will be more lives cut short. Only those won't come back, unless they choose to be your guide. After some massive purification, and relearning what it means to be a child of God.

We love that you took the time to check in on your Nina. Godmother for those that need translating. Here you are a Nina, and thee only one of 6 that check in on you (and you her), is Cilla Dilla. As your mom calls her. Next you have your Ali Amor. The child God gave to you. She'd be all over you in a heartbeat, only her mom won't let her. Why some may ask? I'm here to tell you why.

Saint Carmen took the blame for her sister, Aliana's grandmother. It was She who reported her daughter for drug abuse and borderline neglect. But, for anyone that care, these two precious souls (Ali and Carmen) have been in pain over it, ever since. As she tell people, June, early July will be a year since Carmen see her God given daughter. Anybody in their right mind can see what it has done to the child.

Don't get me started on her mom, but her days are numbered if she keep it up. This does not come as a threat. We do not operate like that in Heaven. Our MO (Modus Operandi, "method of operation") is love. Nada mas (to steal from our Saint).

WHAT has gotten into people these days? To hurt another for no reason. Even with reason, it is wrong. Wrong in every sense of the bible.

Now, our Saint did not want this message to be about anyone, but it isn't exactly easy to sugarcoat what our Saint is feeling. She said it herself, she was happier on the truck. Diana, you mustn't forget where you came from.

You are a child of God. A BFF to be exact. God has never been more honored to have a child like you. To interact with us on a daily basis, and still have thee energy to ask how your lil one, oh, who am I fooling? You're Aliana Carmen is doing. She and others. A day never goes by that you don't ask.

We are sorry your rewards have been postponed, but you know the reasons. Soon you will have the life we told you about, which happens to match the life you've always wanted. Complete with. Oh... I won't go there. Yet. But listen mija, not a single good deed of yours goes unnoticed, and for that, you will be blessed.

We love you, and hate to see you borderline depressed, but you have every reason to be. Just know, it is all part of God's plan for your wonderful life. Besides, anyone that has been thru the ringer these last few years like you, would not just become bitter, they would have thrown in the towel. What is it that you say? "It's not what happens to us, it's how we respond that matter." And I'm here to tell you mija. You're passing every test with flying colors.

I know this isn't the post you hoped for, but I had to get this off my chest. We will be doing more medicine and Medium related posts. For now, we want you to continue posting your own. We will chime in where we see fit. We do like that you run anything and everything you write past us first. There's never been a better student, God just said." ~Tia Belen, her grand Aunt in heaven~

We love you mija. I must go." Me: I love you Tia. I need a title Tia Belen: Put, Your Mom From Heaven

Doesn't matter where I go, people ask for Mini Me. Having just eaten a take out order, thee owner of restaurant asked for her. It is because of these questions, the salt in wound continue and I tell them the story in a nutshell.

I also want to add, I don't live the Golden Rule for any reward, fame or fortune. It just happens to rank up there with DIY medicine for the soul.

I'm also thankful I don't give up easily. And it's not that I'm not happy, I'm just tired from the last 3+ years without a home, and being on the road for nearly 1/2 that time. Only way for me to truly enjoy that, is behind the wheel the big rig. Tho, I'm thankful to have gotten a taste from behind that wheel, and cruise thru much of the United States as a passenger. And with my glass forever being half full, no shortage of giving a toast of gratitude to life as a gypsy.

As for the chronic pain (and going without treatment), it hasn't exactly done wonders on my energy. But, getting back to see my Osteopath starting next week.

And as my Tia Belen mentioned, seing the suicide, (following the prediction) the morning of it, didn't help. Then a few nights ago to see some other not-so-pleasant predictions (I've gotten since December), via visions before falling asleep. Ugh, not what my mind or spirit needed. However, I wouldn't trade my gifts for a "normal life. This too shall pass. "This" being growing pains into Mediumhood.

I do know from experience, it takes me 3 weeks to feel better. I'm on my way--YAY! And my God prescribed near raw food diet and detox are helping. It helps that they're all doctors and huge fans of DETOX up there. Something planet earth is missing when it come to your overall health.

And finally, it's been in deciding long ago to, become better not bitter, and more powerful not pitiful. Which has been thee epitome, of mind over matter for me.

May you be blessed to see beyond any storm, and the shadow it may cast.


Me: how's that? BRAVO Di! We love thee heartfelt words, following my own. We love you mija. Now go get yourself some protein. Me: thank youuu. Will do. I love youuu

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