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Your Kidneys And You

In being gifted as a Medium, I've been able to clean up my inbox of nonsense. I do still read Dr. Mercola as time/energy allow. I can't help but believe he's got ghost writers. Either that, or he's not doing his homework. And the gods/guides know, I'm not pointing a finger. Just wanting to let you know, there are often more details to what he/they post. Of course, I find this to be true with more than his articles.

Theres great information here for the health of your kidneys. Some Do's and Don't's. However, it lacks other causes to kidney dis-ease.

I mention, so you don't think, Woo Hoo. Green light on doing what you're doing, or not doing.

Over the past 12-13 years, I've met people with kidney disease and/or worked with those that do. And for reasons not listed in article. Here are a few others causes :

  1. Antibiotics - I had a customer at the botanical pharmacy. His job was to hook people up to dialysis. Half his patients were on dialysis from antibiotics. My inquiring mind had to know.

  2. Prescription pain pills - same job. Had a 20-something young man come in with a cane. On dialysis from pain pills he took for back pain.

  3. Diuretics - a fellow truck driving student of mine last November/December was on dialysis 3 times/week from diuretics. However, those were prescribed after consuming the ever popular body building creatine. An amino acid, protein building block. Too much protein in any form, not good. Meanwhile, he awaits his kidney transplant.

  4. Too much coffee/caffeine - you burn out your adrenals and your kidneys suffer.

As always, I run this by my guides. I don't always know who's doing the editing. Today I get a big yes on all. I ask... "who am I speaking with?" Dr. Gonzalez. I say YAY, then ask, "is there anything else you'd like to add?" No.

Prior to my guides I had to research what I knew to be true. Nowadays, they confirm. Guides are better than Google any day!

May you be blessed with your own built in Google/web browser. Thereby, allowing the doctor in you to flourish.


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