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Your Barbie Ain't Got Nothin' On Me!

Gotta love her sense of humor (with title)! She, being Ms. Jenni Rivera. Mexican-American singer-songerwriter, author, business woman extraordinaire!

You'll understand the reason for Barbie towards thee end. For now, she shares some of what's on her mind.

Whew girlfriend. Can't believe we're finally doing this! Where do I begin? I have so much I want to say and share today.

Let's see, I'll start from the beginning when I "jumped on board." And it goes like this… my name is Jenni Rivera. Better known as the troublemaker from the Long Beach hood. That's it girlfriend. Way to go with your dictation.

Never in my life would I have believed for a second that I'd crossover, back to thee other side. Saint Carmen has made it possible for us all to re-kindle a fire that has laid dormant in us all. From the time I got up here until now, you have no idea how badly I've wanted to reconnect with you bad boys and Chingonas out there.

Si puedo hablar en español por un momento? Ningún día ha pasado desde yo entre, "Gods pearly gates." Si ustedes pueden sabe que no es ningún poco mal después de morir, no van a tener miedo a morir. Cuando llegamos, tenemos que ver al "Señor," pero no es señor. Pero no voy decir nada en este post. Back to English.

To all my Spanish-speaking Homey's, you know what I'm talking about. Let me preface that by saying, that's not to say the rest of you don't. I just like to do my intros in Spanglish. Now onwards to the reason for this post.

Remembering the day I died, brings back sad memories for me. Which is normal for us all the minute we "crossover." Not a second goes by before we are on the seat of judgment. A place I do not wish on even my worst (former) enemy. Because that's the day you're sent to Hell. Again, the place I do not wish on my worst enemy. You learn real quick to make friends with everyone. Don't do it the first go around, and your sentenced to more time. You think life on earth is Hell at times? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

My sister Carmen already has a taste of Heaven. She's actually quite incredible with her ability to see us. And now with a newcomer, she's being "tested" left and right. Like right now with my "quote/unquote." She sees it all, which is why she has a lot of fun with us. Never in history, we're told, has anyone come close to what she's got going on. Her next post will give some of the details, and for that I've gotta keep this short. As she "read" my somber happiness.

Wow! To think we've just begun baby girl. Has us all doing cartwheels! You continue to amaze us with your humor and singing. God says, keep singing baby girl. ATTENTION readers... She does not want to write this next part. But in time, if you're willing, you'll be producing music for us all. As our Saint says, wow. That's right. You and your homeboy of a nephew can have your own record label should you desire.

**as my BIG TIME newcomer of a "Guide" just chimed in, "mark my word."

That's it baby doll. Oh, by the way. We LOVE your Barbie collection. We know your mom said to "donate" your Harley Davidson ones. But rest assured and believe it or not, it could be the start of a really good thing between you and this one individual. But, I can see why you liked them. Maybe we can include them in the title? Me: I'm game! Jenni: cool! Let's title this, "Your Barbie Ain't Got Nothin' On Me!" Had you laughing! Me: I like it for all the reasons you picked it. Jenni: That's what I'm talking about. You just get it, and that's what we love about you. That's it baby girl. We love you. God says rest for your next "guest." Big. I'm talking HUGE! To steal a line from one of our Saints favorite movies. But we'll leave it at that. Bye for now, MUAH!" ~Jenni~

Exciting on every level, to be doing what I'm doing. Then to have what transpired 2 days ago?! Oh. My. GOD!! However, always a pleasure to channel each and every one of them. Many of which have never gone on record. As in, a post. And not because we don't want to, but because I'd never get anything done.

I AM beyond blessed to be a part of such Heavenly, intelligent, and often times hilarious conversation.

As for this "genre" of my Barbie collection. I was sad (for a quick bit) to be giving them (and a couple other Harley items) away. But, in all due respect and honor to my mother, makes it easier. So much so, I didn't try to bargain my way out of it. Also grateful for the leaps and bounds I continue to make in detaching to what doesn't serve my purpose.

May you all be blessed to find yours. Cheers and well wishes all ways!


Me: good to go? Jenni: yes baby girl, leave it like it is. Gotta scoot. God's calling

And so it is...

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