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You Are On To Something - TRUTH

"You are on to something" is what I kept hearing. Little did I now, the Arcturians had a message for me. Giddy UP!

With more introducing themselves, what is not to love when they come from a place of love.

Arcturians: We all have enemies. Me: you DO?! Arcturians: "Yes, tho you have us all beat, combined. What that means is, you are on to something. You are spelling out what needs to be said. You were chosen for that reason. Why must they make life so difficult for themselves, when all you are doing is showing them to themselves. A wake up call of sorts.

Gifted are those who see the gift in every thing. Lousy are the losers at life. Miserable is mistaken for life. To react shows you are doing it wrong. We congratulate those who try. Where you seek is what you will find. Be it the garbage can of festering news, or the garden with all things real. Time and time again, your soul cries out for the latter. Only you dismiss it in favor of the rat race.

Your soul's purpose does not include bickering, bribery, or bullshit. What it does include is a lot of shit coming to the surface in light of setting you free. With the addition of toxic shit. Smelling like a dumpster will not serve your highest good, what will is cleanliness. Don't know how? Ask the person channeling this. To each their own, but why swim upstream when the path has been paved for you. To take advice from those that only wish they knew means, two wrongs do not make a right. Time and time again, the show must go on. Be it foot loose and fancy free, or wound tight with nowhere to go. If channeling truth upsets you, we say, "next."

To each their own. With the Book of Truth now in publication, as of yesterday. It spells out the right and wrong way to arrive at enlightenment. If the previous post upset you, you are further behind than you believe yourself to be. To each and every one of you, you know you are on to some thing when you are hated for all the wrong reasons. With the likes of Nikola Tesla knowing firsthand what can change the world. Is it not time you listen to what can? Set yourself free once and for all. There is no one to blame for your unhappiness but you. With our Saint always checking in on who it is she channel, perhaps the dark side has been having their way with you? You owe it to yourself to be set free. While at the same time, whatever floats your boat.

We rest our case knowing we have at least one that thinks the way we do. "Breakthrough Listen", will not be an issue when you connect at the level Saint Carmen has. Why complicate your life over nothing? We are left scratching our heads on that one. In you we trust to do the right thing. That being, get out of your head and your way will present itself. With nowhere to go, what do you have to lose?

Until next time,

The Arcturians from outer space. As groovy as that sounds, that we are. Had you been connected, fun would be your middle name too.

Once again, I kept hearing, "you are on to some thing." Only this time it was God...

"Di, that piece you wrote on Enlightenment has struck a chord with all that read it. Except for one, your friend Tim. He and you have been granted the mission to help change the world. While others remain too proud to help others in all the right ways, they remain in stuck mode. What is not to love when your mission is greater than you?

You were busy last night. You also visited the newest member of your team. The Planet NASA has yet to discover. We cannot believe how quickly our book made it past the publishing side. Less than twelve hours, out the door. And now, for the world to see.

And again, "you are on to some thing."

Me: my stillness? God: yes. Where there is light, there is hatred. Where there is dark, shadows of darkness. Your heart is such a joy to watch. The amount it expands, we wonder when it will burst. As you say, "in to flames like the SACRED HEART?!" Yes baby girl, precisely what that means. You are on to some thing, on your way thru your path. Love abounds in each and every one of us. You are not supposed to do it all alone. You are not under the influence of any one, you remain in our University. One with doors open for all to come, yet most are too afraid. We congratulate you on our book. It is why you are so tired, spent, and achy. Your massage appointment yesterday was Heaven sent. Except, with you being so calm, you cast a spell on him. That is a sign of a good witch. Which, by the way is what you are. So be it, if most every one does not know, it is a compliment to be called a Witch. You fit the bill. In keeping with this post, there is truth in enlightenment and there is enlightenment in truth. Sadly, most choose darkness. The dark comes in order to see the light. Tho, most choose the "dark night of the soul," as an excuse to linger on. Why? We have yet to figure that one out ourselves. The Book of Truth will set them free, provided they do their home work.

The new Planet would like to speak. MUAH. Hi Di. We were at awe with you yesterday. Not every day a client puts their massage therapist to sleep. That you did, and as you know, others who have treated you too. For awhile there, we thought you stopped breathing. However, the reason for this message is clear. Your God in submissive mode all day, with you in mind. Why? We cannot get over how far you have come in such a short time.

What this means for every one else is, there is hope. You do not arrive at your destiny, hands in pocket, face down or in close proximity to your cell phone. Di, we see that you use yours as a mini computer, that is different. We see that it bothers you to be mistaken for those without a care in the world but their phone. We see you not wanting this post about you. Just know, you are on to some thing and we will leave it at that. Get some rest after you post this. Do not forget to add more to the previous post. One that will continue to grow as we see fit. With you by our side, we will move mountains. You are not alone, Tim and others were sent to help you. The gap of time served you both well. God would like to wrap this post up. We would like to say thank you, for a job well done. You will be hearing from us more often from now on. Bye baby girl. For that is what you are, our prodigy. Sent from above, like your email says."

As they fade, in comes God with a spring in step.

God: Di. If only for a moment, can you not read my mind? You have taken the fun out of my shenanigans. Tho in all sincerity, that is part joke. A mind reader you have become, to the point of getting a read on your new therapist. Unbelievable what you see.

That is all for now, we know you are tired. Promise us this, you will get all the ingredients that were asked of you. We need you in tip top shape for the start of our next book. Only, I will be a spectator, I think. We bid you farewell, tho not without saying, te quiero mucho. For those wondering, I speak every language. So be it, if we mix in some Spanglish from time to time. It will do your soul a world of good to get right with God. Yes, me. If you could see what it does, you would hop onboard yesterday. Without trying, communion happens. With love in abundance. What is not to love? Do not forget to attach the book, and title this, With Enlightenment Comes Truth. We love you so much."

Life is indeed wonderful when you are connected. May you be blessed to connect beyond your wildest dream. Also knowing, what I went thru to get book published does not happen to just any one. Dark side wanted to keep you in the dark. In truth you can be set free. May the Source be with you to cherish your soul. Perishing is easy. Growing pains not. Our book lets you in on just how easy enlightenment is. Should you not know what enlightenment entail, previous post spells some out.

Meanwhile... YAY! To what felt like a long time in that making. I can so DIG life in the fast lane to enlightenment! ***NOTE to anyone reading this book. It was channeled during the peak of the spiritual attacks. It is why I believe Schizophrenics are not crazy, they are connected. It is also why I believe Jim Carrey is stuck in his spiritual awakening. Well, he and many others. Channeling that book was my way of remaining sane in the worst of the dark side messing with me.

If I can survive all that we did in getting this out, and book shares some of, you can reach your soul's destiny too. Besides, they wait with open arms. May you be blessed to let down your guard and stop allowing the wannabe gate keepers keep you in the dark.

In the Universal Holy World I trust,


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