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Words Are Like Weapons

Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes. A song God put in my head the other morning. Some thing the Universal Holy World does to get us to tune in. That song being like the title of a book, Hurt People Hurt People (or try). Even if it is our parents, one of our lessons in life is to GET OVER IT and become better not bitter, more powerful not pitiful. Yes, I am guilty of using that type of weaponry myself. If you are the guilty one, consider it a check engine warning light. I for one don't exactly like any red lights, or myself when it happened. But, they are an opportunity for us to see our body, mind, soul and/or heart are not at ease. They are telling us, our liver is in dire need of a cleanse. And/or some dark souls have taken up residence. Not to worry. Once the darkness is behind you and you are tuned in, the bright side of the Universe will do spiritual surgery on you. FREAKED ME OUT in the best of ways. To think they are not finished with me yet. They will only do when they see you mean business, and are growing by leaps and bounds. If really tuned in, amazing to see. Who knew these gifts I've been given would classify me as a lunatic (and worse)? Not me. No amount of killing some one with kindness can pierce a broken angry soul at times. Thankfully, no weapons of mass destruction are allowed in the new me. Then again, I have never been out to rip any one a new one.

In reading an article about river deposits on Mars, my Celestial guides could not help but chime in. Short, sweet, to the point they did. What we did not expect was a full blown attack. Coming from a far from transparent person. Who knew getting connected would result in more name calling than the number of years I've been alive? TRIPLED even.

As of late, posting has not been a desire of mine. Yet, when the Universal Holy world has a message, I do more than oblige, I obey. If blessings are what we want, homework is required. Much of which is humbling, borderline humiliating. However, it is not planet Earth I aim to please. I am simply a Messenger of many Celestial Beings.

That said, science has a hold on many people. Scientists may be smart, but they are simply sharing knowledge from what they were taught. Which works. Some times. And before another attack ensue, I know there is much truth behind science. I also know, many are rewarded for hiding truth. Especially when it comes to our origins. While others, from all walks of life are still naive to the big picture. Church and state have a way of keeping people in the dark. To the point of many behind the pulpit not even knowing.

For those not in the spiritual loop, there are many of us that channel divine information. Just as there are many who spout the dark side. Very sad however is, many who DO, don’t always know it is dark energy pretending to be from the bright side of the Universe. For those unaware that this type of channeling exist, here are just two examples. Ester Hicks with Abraham and Neale Donald Walsh who channeled God, and published in a series of books (Conversations With God). Little did he know however, the dark side snuck in some. Then there are those who work for or with the Universe. Corey Goode, with Cosmic Disclosure being one. And myself, tho at a much smaller level (for now).

It is one thing to be in the dark on what lives outside our planet, but another to be so convinced on, we that channel having lost our minds. To top it off, hide under a pseudo name while firing away. Even worse is, they admit to being a contributor to the EarthSky website via Disquis.

Here is what I am talking about, that article about Mars. What an eyeful I got. But, because I am transparent and found this rather amusing, I am posting, with hopes it help others get all their words in, in a much better way. I would SERIOUSLY hate to see this person angry. May they be blessed. You may wanna grab a cup of something to drink. It will be awhile. If not able to enlarge with a click, zooming in works.

So! If having a highly alert intuition is a bad thing, I'll take it any day over being a not-so-nice person. I write what I feel, not from any high level English class I never took. My Higher Ups know, learning to type wasn't even in my vocabulary. It was mother who knew, urging me to learn. DARN! Perhaps it was the voices in her head.

May the Source be with all. For one to spew such poison like automatic weapons, there is vile in the bile. Or, they are a real live fire breathing dragon. WHOA!! Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Which included one HELLUVA list following my near death experience and massive Ascension, to a tune of more than one hundred. Talk about vulgar and hitting below the waistline. I stopped jotting them down. Many more followed. To have have these thoughts towards some one is not cool. To have my gifts end friendships, sad.

Anyhow, little did that person know, I've already allowed myself to be torn down. In the words of MC Hammer, "can't touch this!" Only thing I regret was not blocking the dragon in the first place. I deleted my comments to rid myself of the poison, thinking all would be gone. NOPE! Last I knew, their comments live on. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I learned many-a-word and now find myself saying, "dragon would know," when a word does not come to me.

And finally, if I have ever made any one feel like I think I am better than you, I apologize. My intention has been to help you awaken with the least amount of growing pains, and to see our planet as the big game it is, Global Chess to be exact. With we as their pawn, and they using any weapon to rid our world of truth.

Like Lady Gaga suffering the consequences from wanting to separate herself from the dark side, or those killed for knowing the truth. Jim Carrey being another. He is not crazy, he is connected tho a tad stuck in ascension. Dark forces have ruled our world long enough. Spare yourself the tortuous growing pains I survived. Get right with your soul. It knows. Does not matter if you are the reality TV, Two And A Half Men, Prime Times News, social media, or Ancient Aliens type of person, choose with the big picture in mind. Doesn't matter where you decide to gather your entertainment or information, unless walking in truth, there is programming going on. And what we resist persists.

May you be blessed,


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