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With Rebellion Comes Grace

"You know one when you see one. What do most have in common? They simply don't care. People think they do, but that's what makes it so spectacular. To know one is to be blessed by one. If I didn't know any better, I'd think the world was full of them. Except, not in the manner we approve of. To know a rebel has become happenstance.

A true rebel sets the tone, in a way that marks their territory. In a way that can't be beat. Nowhere does it say a rebellious soul is a bad apple. An apple in our eye maybe, but a rotten one? No way no how. There comes a time in everyone's life to embrace being different. That's our Saint.

With her DNA in constant upgrade mode as of late, she is in dire need of rest. Soon she will fulfill her Earthly mission to educate the masses on the Cosmic ventures that are lining up, with you in mind. How might that be you ask? Allow me to explain. Next paragraph dear.

When your world gets dark, what do you see? Nothing right? Did you know in the moment of darkness, light shines the brightest? Think about it. When the Moon wanes, Stars shine their brightest. And while the brightest moon can cast a shadow of the darkest magnitude, it serves its purpose. The dark night of the soul has the same effect. If it makes you a rebel, more power to you. Such is what happened to St. Carmen. Her world will never be the same. She's exhausted until The Covenant of The Arc is completed. Time is ticking to get it published by Easter, and we will succeed come Hell or high water. Mark my word, she's a trooper. That's all she has energy for today.

You can include what your card read this morning. Fitting to say the least. You can title this, With Rebellion Comes Grace.” ~God, her BFF in Heaven~

And so it is, quite the fitting card I pulled this morning. As I get more familiar with my deck of Zen Tarot Cards, "they continue to be spot on" God says.

The Rebel

"PEOPLE ARE AFRAID, very much afraid of those who know themselves. They have a certain power, a certain aura and a certain magnetism, a charisma that can take out alive, young people from the traditional imprisonment...

The enlightened man cannot be enslaved - that is the difficulty - and he cannot be imprisoned...

Every genius who has known something of the inner is bound to be a little difficult to be absorbed; he is going to be an upsetting force. The masses don't want to be disturbed, even though they may be in misery; they are in misery, but they are accustomed to the misery. And anybody who is not miserable looks like a stranger.

The enlightened man is the greatest stranger in the world; he does not seem to belong to anybody. No organization confines him, no community, no society, no nation." ~OSHO Zen Tarot, The Transcendental Game of Zen~

And because I get tired a lot lately, this was yesterday’s card. That however, is the type of rebel the Universe wants. Those that, "rank up there with Celestial Beings," they say. "Didn't come easy," they add. Just know, you too can connect. A paradox of sorts. Not easy, but at the same time simple.

As for as their predictions, time is nothing up there, so their timeline does not match ours. They see into the future, just as they do our every past. What happens when? Que ser a ser a, what will be will be.

It's not what happens to you in the process, it's how you react to the journey.

As I hear, "Woo Hoo!" I think we're good to go. May you be blessed to arrive at your destiny safe, sound and sane.

Spiritually yours,


Me: yes? “Awesome Di, now let’s post. This is the Universe by the way.”

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