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Who Are The Pleiadians

27 of my 75 guides are Pleiadian (as of 2-7-16). Silly me to assume everybody knew who the Pleiades are. Thanks to a great question asked today (1-12-16), here is their definition of who they are and what they represent:

"The Pleiades are a group of stars that are there to communicate love. They exist to open the hearts of the world. Mostly thru people appointed to do so. Anger does not exist where we live. Only total acceptance and beauty. Money is not any good up here. Greed does not exist up here. Only love. Take what you want from all this, but remember to do so without your ego. Because that will get you nowhere. Only those without an ego will ascend and survive. The rest will crash and burn. What are your thoughts? Tell Carmen." ~Puya, Teso, Wusa & Yuta, the Pleiades. My 4 Pleiadian guides~

PleiadianProphecy by the man I refer to as, Brother Matt. The one hugely responsible for my anointing.

May you be blessed


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