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Where There's Fire There's Hope

"There's hope in the midst of the storm." ~UTOT~ After some off the record talking, we (God, UTOT & I) decided to share some.

"Fires are natures way of saying STOP. They may come on with a vengeance, but what they leave will astound you. The New Earth will be Heavenly. Takes some burning to get it right." Me: is this my BFF (God)? No: Me: UTOT? Yes Me: COOL--Thank you UTOT! What would you like to title this? UTOT: Where There's Fire There's Hope Me: wow, that's beautiful. UTOT: yes. We love you so much." ~UTOT, Master of the Milky Way~

Like a diamond in the rough. Fires are a part of nature. Also one HECKUVA way of learning to let go. Anyhow, not all fire ridden areas will be part of the New Earth. But, chances are. Those above the San Andreas fault are.

Me: good? Anything you'd like to add? UTOT: chances are, you are so wise. We are amazed at your intuition. We love you Di. **as she fade

May all those affected see the potential blessing these fires may bring. Where there's fire there's hope. Saint Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

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