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Where The Grass Grows

Now that I'm home sweet home, God wanted to start using my handy dandy dictation. With it came a surprise mention of my mother and more (including a change in words).

"Today is your earth mother’s birthday. We realize you can no longer talk with her, but we are here for you.

That thing works great. Readers, our dearly beloved is trying out her new equipment. In the shape of a snowball I might add. As she get nestled into her new abode. A lot of work in front of her. Between the writing of the Bible, her boys (two Mastiff pups) and tending to her garden. Then there’s the pottery class, the learning how to paint lessons, and some full-fledged dancing for fun (in a classroom). We mustn’t forget your Feng Shui studies. We see your brain when you read about that, and we like what we see. You are a Master of many things. You need more freedom to create. That is your souls agenda.

You make us laugh.

Me: you want me to write that? God: yes. You are fabulous with channeling. The Hollywood Medium sees and hears with pencil in hand, and you necklace in hand. We COMMEND YOU FOR ALWAYS CHECKING IN, with Me. ME Me Meeee. VERY GOOD Di. (**Me Me Me Meeee is God's way of clearing throat) YOU HAVE US LAUGHING EVERY TIME YOU USE YOUR NEW TOY. THE TEETER. UPSIDE DOWN SHE GOES, FACE TURNING AS RED AS A TOMATO. It's THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! AS SHE Laugh uncontrollably (unable to dictate). THAT WAS TOO FUNNY! YOU LAUGH MORE THAN ANYONE, OR SHOULD I SAY anyone we FOLLOW. THERE, IS THAT MORE COMFY? Me: yep! God: GOOD, LET’S CONTINUE. What STARTED OUT AS A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE HAS TURNED INTO ANOTHER ONE OF OUR happy HOURS, AND NOT ALL SPENT CHANNELING. WHEN YOU HAVe a clown on board your ship, anything’s possible. That clown being the two of us. But onwards to today’s message. You gotta love a dork. Capitol

“D,” Di, I mean máquina. (**machine in Spanish) Where’s the “Dork?" Thank you! Now, where were we? Do you really need to lean in like that? Me: Nope! God: Okay, your comfort is important. That better baby girl? As she sits back on her bigger than big ball for a desk chair. In no time, those abs of yours will be self righteous. I mean, a sixpack. That’s right folks, our baby girl balances on her ball as a workout. Not the first time either. She’s been doing it since, thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on her heaven on earth. Enough "small talk.” Like that will ever happen. But seriously.

Her mother was born this day back in 1939. She was reunited with us April 2004. In 2015, our Saint made contact with her dearly beloved mother. Fast forward to two months ago, and her mother is gone for good. But today will always hold a special place in her heart. If it weren’t for that mother of hers, we would not be channeling like we do today. So let us end this note by saying, we love you Carmen Diana. And not a single moment goes by that you aren't a part of our world. From sunup to sundown, you are in constant communication with Me Me Me Me Meee. Who won the jackpot, me or you? Me: why-y-y…? Both of us! God: W00 H00 on dictation! For the rest of you, what does this day mean for you? Not a whole lot. Until you lose a parent TWICE. For reasons we will give at a later time. That’s all Mijita (**baby girl in Spanish). You’ve got enough on your plate to do today. Our brother IZ has something to tell you. Here he is... IZ: Hi Ms. Carmen. Please don't feel rushed. That's all."

**he wasn't kidding with that's all. Faded out, POOF, Gone!

Me: he is so DARN adorable and nice! How I would have LOVED to see him in concert, and perhaps a ukulele lesson, or FIVE. Next best thing is channeling/writing a song for him. One we already began. **link above to video. God: he really is our life size teddy bear. A "gentle soul" Saint Carmen chimes in to say. You can call it a day. Don't forget your glass of vino. In time, you will make your own. That's it. For title please use, “Where The Grass Grows.” Goodbye my love. Get some rest. Did someone say a MOVIE?!

Soon we will be nonstop with the newly revised Bible, now that we know it can be dictated. Woo Hoo! And I’ll leave it at that. Sayonara. What the bleep!? Me: somebody’s having fun with this dictation. WHOA, spoke too soon and YIKES! Still a lot to learn. (**as it freaks out with a mind of it’s own and CAPITALIZE much of thee above). God: YIKES is right! Me: still easier than typing. Kemo Sabe what THAT was about, but I’ll get it to work and continue to edit. And as always, be sure it’s still you talking (**as we end this post with me typing). God: Amen and Amen. Whew!

While, not the momma, Mini Me (photo). Who’s name is also Carmen. Our grass will forever be green, glass half full and hearts in love. Her mother cannot possibly go on poisoning her own soul by keeping us apart (more than a year now). God's wanting to chime in...

God: Di, you know as well as I do, her mother was not fit to be her mother. It is for that reason, it was YOU who cared for her the first three years of her life. (**as God fade) Me: no exaggeration. What made it more excruciating was, for no reason on my part. Cruel is a misword. And something my baby will remember forever. One who, on every consecutive visit would ask, "why did the judge give me back to my mom?" Perhaps this will give her SOMETHING to be mad at us both about. My grandniece/goddaughter lives on!

Anyhow, I’m forever grateful for the second chance at life I had with my earth mother. Very comforting now, to have so many in the Universe/Heavens allow me to call them mom. And reciprocate.

May you all be blessed to love your mothers/parent figures like there’s no tomorrow.


me: good to go? God: in unison, WOO HOO! **"unison" with gazillions of others

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