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Where Have All The Men Gone?

As my stiff aching body comes in from hours of growing food, I can't help but wonder, where have all the men gone? Yes, this is a bit of a rant, that I know at least one person can relate to, not to mention, this being a part of God's plan. Including the touching up the walls with paint, changing out AC unit filters, and more just two days prior.

Did they trade in their pantalones for britches? Because the only thing I see among far too many these days are whiskers, as in scaredy cat. Or them resembling a sloth, with tail between their legs, needing a matchstick put under them. Truly astonishing to see a man allow a woman to do the heavy lifting, tend to outdoor chores and get between a two hundred pound dog and a smaller one to prep their beds. As they stand by and watch me with my umpteen dis-abilities.

Sin vergüenza! Translation? Without shame/embarrassment

Don't know about other women out there, but it seems to me that there are men that want the woman to not just bring home the bacon, they want it fried, and be cleaned up after. Being tough and wearing the fur, as in hairy ovaries, hasn’t just gotten tiring, my body continues to deteriorate. Never in my life did I think I would be picking up the weight, the dead weight, for any man. But I have and continue to do, not by choice. I have come to understand it has been part of my training.

Early on in my Mediumship I was given the nickname, TOTU. It is an acronym for, To Our Temple University, and that I continue to do. Why? When you have as many dis-ablements as I do, with more diagnoses coming, you'd understand why. A post I wrote about here. Many are hospitalized and/or on disability for just one of my many ailments.

Give an inch, they take a mile

I've always been tough, but those days are over. I now know when to rest. Twice this week I have over done it. But, God forbid I ask for help, from my paid caregiver. Nearly a hundred hours a month, and it is me doing all the heavy lifting.

Without giving every detail, because I am working on an autobiography, let's just say, I’ve gone backwards, gotten worse and downright financially stuck from picking up the slack.

Whether at home or during my seven years construction, I've discovered many men are rather wimpy. I am thankful momma didn't raise no fool and poppa didn't raise no wimp, but come on! Grow some guts, glory and pull up your damned pants. Brains, balls, and brute just aren't what they used to be. Anytime I come across a true saint of a man I tell them, “thank you, your parents raised you right,” especially the young ones. Being nice and considerate are a choice however.

As if their feminism isn’t enough, too many allow their significant other to wear the pants. I'm talking the biological straight female. How do I know? I see it everywhere. From a brother to a neighbor to people I don't know. Men are so afraid of their girlfriend or wife. Why? My guess is, they're afraid they'll be cut off from pleasure.

Raising the Chrism

Well, I'm here to tell you, sex/intercourse/love making or whatever name you give it, should only be used to procreate. That's it. But because too many men (and women) believe that to be the core of their relationship, they are cutting themselves short. As in, shortening their life. Why do you think many lived hundreds of years in the bible? They didn't waste their precious longevity giving fluid. They didn't climax it away along with their brains. Please understand, I was guilty of this myself, but I haven't only grown up beyond my wildest dreams, I've been alone much of my life. Too many can't bear to be alone. The only thing worse than being alone is being alone under the same roof as someone with their elementary school emotions not allowing an adult conversation. That describes my situation for now.

As dis-abled as I am I continue to do cartwheels around others

Of course I could go on, but need to save some for the book and rest after half a day's physical work outdoors yesterday. Oh how my heating pad feels so good.

Don't get me wrong men, I know there are equally as many lazy women. Many of which haven't a clue how to cook or clean, especially the younger generations. Please understand, I don't believe women should do all the cooking or cleaning, just as I don't believe they can't help with outdoor chores. With keyword being "help." Like Lia Thomas (transgender athlete), men are just built differently.

I for one love a man that can cook, which is why I always told the two (of four children) boys I had custody of, "the girls will love you if you can cook and clean." More importantly, knowing how to cook is a gift that keeps giving, not to mention the ultimate healthcare it can bring. As a side note, my ex may have impregnanted someone else, but at least he enjoyed cooking and cleaning up for me. Of course, I taught him. He'd say, "you rest." Didn't need to twist my bad arms or tell me twice.

Sadly, too many could care less about the health and well being of a women's body. Many, men and women live for keeping up with the Kardashians and/or whatever man they hold on a pedestal. They may look good in their own eyes, with no care what's behind closed doors. Which is precisely why fancy cars and Harley Davidson's don’t impress me. Show me your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. While I was not allowed to be lazy, mother had the best saying for that...

"I hope you wipe your ass better than you (fill in the blank)"

No doubt, if some (men or women) could, they would have someone wipe their ass. I'm sorry, but I despise lies and laziness, which is why this post is making me feel rather good to get it out of my head.

Till those I speak of pull up their pants, I for one remain feeling like Cinderella. The upside of my hard work, besides making God happy is, those who live longest in the Blue Zones tend to live long in part by remaining active, borderline, do strenuous work. Not easy with Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome and all the other comorbidities it has brought me.

In the end, I’ve always been a "the glass is half full," kinda person, but I’m also a true believer of the Golden Rule and integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say, because empty promises have left me empty of oooomph. God says my Cinderella decades are coming to an end soon.

Hallelujah of a YAY is all I can say! May all be blessed with a real man. As for all the real men, may you be blessed!


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