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When Your World Stands Still

God was on a roll with parables.

Can't imagine all they see from their point of view, from thee inside out that is. Do know, they can see thru the mounds of bullshit (that continue to snowball). In asking for a quote on what's on their mind, this was it...

"When life hands you a box of cherries, does that make you rosy? If not, you're onto something.

What happens when what you think matches what you say? All Hell break loose? If you were given a million dollars, how would you spend it? The world in an instant can change, question is... are you ready? Now what do these have in common? We're glad you asked.

Cherries are meant to be eaten. Time for serious talk. Cherries by any other name are still cherries. Being "rosy" means what to you? Life has every color of the rainbow. You win some, you lose some. Some what you ask? You fill in that blank.

St. Carmen did not want a long message today, her energy is a priceless commodity. We will end by saying, those are food for thought on what it takes to truly live life to the fullest. What might they have in common? Consider this, if tomorrow were your last day on Earth, how would you spend it?

In a nutshell, go with the flow and your life goes down the drain. Swim upstream, and lay your eggs like salmon. In one hand you are wasted. In thee other, life goes on. What will it be?

The Covenant of The Arc is coming along nicely. Question is... can you handle it? This week America gets a new president. Do you think you will be richer for that? Don't put all your eggs or your money on Earthly matters. Don't give it to the churches either. Mistake number one. We don't get paid, so why should they? Lies were not meant to be spread. I will end by saying, walk your talk or talk till your face turns yellow. Why yellow? Because that's the color the sewer turns with you sliding down it. Say, you like the color orange? Sewer has that too. Brown? Ditto.

When the New World strikes, where will you be? Tuned into Earthly matters taking you nowhere? Or spiritual forefronts on what to expect? If I were you, the latter will spare your soul and your sanity. Leaving you safe and sound in that instant your world goes black. What's in it for you? You decide. You can title this, When Your World Stands Still. Bye my love." ~God your father in Heaven~

May this week be an eye opener to thee United States. As I see a hand being raised, I hear...

"This week will mark the beginning of the end for "Americans." Just you wait and see. Think your vote matters? Just you wait and see. Think either of those fools have your best interest at heart? Just you wait and see. May the most evil win. Only then, can your world be set free. I rest my case." ~President Ronald Reagan, with my dearly beloved Nancy by my side~

**as they both blow me a kiss.

No matter how we slice it, we reap what we sow. I for one, prefer it to be, NOT in tow. As I hear...

"We like that." Me: is this the Universe? "Yes. Let's end by saying, America "the great," is in for a rude awakening. Lead or follow? You can't do both. When your world stands still, may you be on the receiving end of glory. The End. Thank you Di."

And so it is. May you be blessed to see thru rose colored glasses, when your world stands still.


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