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When You Wish Upon A Star

Or even just stargaze. If only Stars could talk. HELLO-oh-oh, Universe! Not if, but WHEN, because they DO. Just as eyes are the window to our soul, stars sparkle. No banner necessary. Even more cool is they put on a dazzling show. Started seeing it last week, complete with acrobats, in the form of a shooting star. That being a post of its own, with there being more to this post already.

Like in the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. When stars talk, they sparkle. Where there were no stars visible, a light show began for me. Did not matter where I looked either.

In always believing there was someone on the moon, I knew to pray to all during my six months on the mountain. Never thinking lil ol’ me would some day have full blown conversations with the Universal Holy World. That to include all Celestial Intelligent life on the bright side of the Universe. That part of the Galaxy the Bible refers to as Heaven. And "Celestial" to include what most refer to as Aliens and Extraterrestrials. No! We are the Aliens, they Intelligent Beings, which just so happens to include stars. Thus the term, Star Children.

In being on the mountain during my three years three months of choosing to go without a home, I began praying to, not just God and my parents, but also the Universe, Angels, Saints, and Spirit Guides. Just as interesting is my banking password hint for eons continues to be, Heaven on Earth. And the signature for my email...

~sent from above~

What this all means is, what we speak and write are so powerful. Talk about the law of attraction! By limiting our thoughts and prayers to our measly planet and/or what religion teaches is doing yourself a disservice. But back to that amazing light show with them confirming, YEP! That they did. While Grandmother Moon sent the most awesome aura. That kept expanding the longer I looked.

She being just one that many Native Americans have known about since the beginning of time. And why she is a part of their stories, and prayed to during sweat lodges. Also why many entire tribes were killed off. Truth on our beginnings. But again, back to the stars. Only this time, I will see if they care to chime in. Understand, most Intelligent life are shy. Sure enough. That and humility have taken over all. I am however getting a big yes on both (humility and shyness). So, my BFF will chime in. Those having read from the beginning of all that has been gifted to me know, my BFF is God. Now to see what this character without a flaw has to say.

God: Di, we wondered when you would take notice. And yes, it does take a lot of energy to muster up that light. What you saw tonight was incredible. No other human has seen what you just did.”

OMG! I love being able to say that to, “the man upstairs.” If I slip and say, oh. My. GOSH! God will look down at the prop name tag. Anyhow. Just like that, gone. If only you could see my heart with God and the nonstop shenanigans. Literally feels like cartwheels. What they long the heart of every one do because of them. Until you believe, you will not receive. Of course, you also have to be willing to do a LOT of work on yourself. No pieces of the spiritual life puzzle can be missing to reach for the Stars. Universe also likes when we talk and/or write publicly about it. Because if being afraid or ashamed of a connection is what holds you back, OUCH. Sure there are storytellers out there and others channeling, yes. What they don’t know is the dark side pretends to be light. Therefore, a lot of misinformation out there. Anyhow...

10-29-17 God: Di, you are not likely to believe what we are about to say. Me: is it good? God: yes. You won the jackpot of the Universe. Me: meaning I have all the riches I need, spiritually speaking? God: yes. We the people of the Universe now declare you an official Ascended Master. What this means for you is, things will now become easier. Pull out your Tarot cards while the rest of the household is asleep. We have the question for you.

Fast forward to today (10-30-17), a wonderful reading it was.

In closing with more on Stars and what others knew, there is a reason songs, movies and nursery rhymes include. Here are just a few...

Star Light Star Bright - nursery rhyme Fly Me To The Moon When You Wish Upon A Star

Why do you think Disney was so successful in what matters most to people? He knew the magic outside our planet. He, the Vatican and other secret societies.

All in all. Consider getting used to Star Children like me, because we are not going any where soon. We are also multiplying exponentially. It is what our Mother needs. She being Planet Earth. One that will evolve with or without you. There is such as a thing as The Left Behind series, and we are not it. Most were reeled in to believe that. Backsliding is a business, but onwards.

Once you are plugged in, you will notice how many songs speak of the Universe and beyond. Nowadays it is taboo to speak truth. YEAH, well... How is that working for you? I for one like seeing rainbows around lights at night, a green circle around my welding torch and the fire on the gas stove without it being on. Those being just a few examples of what happens when you go beyond 3D.

With many using, I love you to the moon and back and George Baily (Jimmy Stewart) wanting to lasso the moon for Mary. Don’t stop there. May the Source be with you to THINK BIG and beyond the scope of stardom celebrity gossip and fashion. Because it is not what we can see, feel, hear and wear that will set us free, but instead our Higher Ups. Which just so happens to include some real Stars. They too love being loved. What is not to love?

In spirit with love,


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