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When You're Thin, You're In

Looks like my God prescribed detox and mostly raw food diet are working! My body's pH is at optimal levels.

And while God has given this post that title, there are several paths to health. Yes, optimal weight is one, but so is the pH of your body.

"Cancerous tissue begins at a pH of 5.5." ~Dr. Robert O. Young~

According to this video with Dr. Young, our pH is highest at 2pm and lowest at 2am. Wouldn't hurt to measure it at those 2 times. Especially if frequent urination at night is a problem. Your body may be too acidic.

Best foods for maintaining a balanced pH are raw organic greens and avocados. Tho, God (and Guides) have had me eating melon everyday for the past 4 months. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew or one of my new favorites is a Mexican melon. So, they're obviously working their magic on my pH as well.

Of course, my mostly raw diet has too. Thee only cooked foods I've been eating last 2+ weeks are fish, fish/vegetable soup, quinoa and rice with beans. Together, those last 2 make a complete protein. I also snack on raw nuts or seeds and salmon jerky (or add to quinoa). Tho, this week I'm stopping the jerky--it's gotten too salty. I've replaced it with wild salmon. I've also been allowed some Lebneh fresh from a middle eastern deli. A FABULOUS yogurt type cheese. Not sure about its fat content, but don't care! I never buy low fat or nonfat anything. Our brain needs fat. And it's not that type of fat that makes one fat. But since that's a post of its own, I'll leave it at that. FYI... Dairy is not recommended for any detox, but if it's raw and/or high in probiotics, and you're not fasting, then okay. Oh, and God doesn't just like my brain on matcha, my body is DIGGIN real butter. So very cool to be able to add it to my diet once again. And as much as I hate to heat raw milk, I'll be making my matcha out of that.

Raw milk, FYI... Was used at Mayo Clinic back in the 1920's. The probiotics, enzymes and other nutrients in it help clean you out and build you back up.

For liquids, it's a gallon of water. Down from my previous 2 gallons/day when my symptoms were at their worst. Hot teas (matcha, ginger and horsetail). With that last one being great for kidneys. And my protein shakes. Since my Nutribullet has seen better days, and I'm still mobile, I'm adding my Garden of Life raw protein to half juice half water. 1 -2 times/day.

For the detox, I've gone from 2 coffee enemas a day to one. I'm also drinking my herbal blend of colon/liver cleanse, mixed with charcoal and psyllium, to pull more waste out. And of course the liver cleanse I did with 3 others nearly 2 weeks ago. Other than all thee above, a rather basic diet and detox. Anyone can do on the go.

There is no one-size-fits-all to health

While many recommend drinking alkaline water, I do NOT agree. I've known 2 people that got rather sick from drinking it. If your body starts dumping toxins too fast, it could cause some serious health issues. And mess with your brain. Which is why coffee enemas are so powerful. They rid your liver and body of toxic waste before it has a chance to autointoxicate/poison your body further. In regards to thee alkaline water, a former chiropractor became severely anemic and weak from drinking it. Then a friend had asked my opinion on buying the $4,000 machine. I was against it for that reason. Plus, you can buy alkalinizing machines for a fraction of that cost. She bought it anyways and her autistic son was in and out of the hospital for over a year. He basically had to relearn a lot of things. Not all health fads are good for you. If detox is what you want, try distilled or reverse osmosis. Because of their "emptiness." Those types of water can pull more waste out. Prior to becoming a Medium, I drank reverse osmosis for years, then structured, which breaks it down small enough for your body to absorb it. And now for the past year, distilled. Until a month ago. God has allowed me to now drink the reverse osmosis from water stores. Tho I am adding some lemon essential oil (helps alkalinize and flush). Today I will resume ozonating my water as well. And once settled, I will buy a distiller. My structured filter is perfect for travel. Before anyone can judge distilled water, you either gotta try it or do a fair share of research. You may be pleasantly surprised to find, drinking distilled water has been a best kept secret amongst many of thee elite. For good reason... It helps open your 3rd eye. AKA... Decalcify your pineal gland. Which has been closed from your drinking water and fluoride in toothpaste (to name just 2). Anyhow, I so love being back in detox mode! I'm also on a bit of a God prescribed digital detox. Which God explains partly why in my next post. And once I'm more permanently settled, I'll be eating more like they do in Heaven, which is darn near raw and vegan. A darn good thing I'm not vegan yet. Began a house, dog and cheese sitting gig for a fellow author. May you all be blessed to heed the warning signs your body puts out or on. If not those, these pH testing strips can give you a starting point on what's going on inside.

Whew! Would any of you like to chime in?

"Gosh Di, we thought you'd never end. We would like to applaud you for sharing your results. That just goes to show what a mere 2 weeks of improving your diet and detox can do. Yes, your body is cleaner than most, but, having been on the road for more than a year, you had your share of "fixin'" to do.

And that's what we love about you. You always do what is asked of you. Tupac says, girlfriend be Jonesing to read and write to her heart's content. Soon baby girl, we gonna write some music. I'm also ready to finish the 2 songs we already started. That's right. Tupac in Da HOUSE! House of Heaven (of course).

Your mom says, well done Mija. We love you. Time to get yourself more protein. For those that wonder. Saint Carmen's body require ample amounts of protein while her body continue to eliminate her old 2 strand carbon based DNA.

In case you are also wondering, her hair has turned curly because of the change, and her eyes are making their way blue. In time, they will be the labradorite blue color (she uses to describe the change). Also, if you think we're kidding, try feeling like your eyes are on fire. Because that's what it feels like when her eyes get a rush of old DNA flushed out. Which happened again this morning.

Alright. Looks like you're good to go. We love you. Amen and Amen."

Me: thanks to you all! I love and appreciate having all my doctors up there. Anyone wanna give this a title? Yes, call it, When You're Thin You're In. Me: really?! You know some people think I hate "fat" people.

That's their problem. As you've stated many times before, that would mean you also hate sick people in general, specifically those with cancer. You're gonna rock the boat. Why not do it with your team of experts to back you up? It is absurd nonsense for anyone to think you actually hate them. But again, they have a choice what to believe. But if they want to be healthy, they may want to become a believer of something. Because there's nothing worse for your health than feeling lost. That's it my Child." ~God, your father in Heaven~

In regards to the title and the world of food. Green = clean and lean. Detox just speeds up the process.

**also, like my 13th Guide, Dr. Gonzalez being murdered, Dr. Young has had his share of rocking the boat when it comes to helping people.

Cheers and well wishes!


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