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When To Say, "May You Be Blessed."

I may not be able to channel much while wheels spinning. Or post many writings yet, but mind does not stop. Neither does my, "may you be blessed." I HAD to bump it up a few notches this past week. For reasons I'll share in a future post.

However, I just realized an excellent analogy of it. And an example of when to use. Actually, two. It's like...

  1. How kids stick their fingers in their ears and talk loud. Like, "I CAN'T hear-r-r-r you-u-u-u. Not listening" sorta thing. Or, how they do some sort of mumble jumble just to drown out the noise. Kids are smart! Of course, who am I kidding, I've done it as an adult. And not very long ago. Why? Because some people don't know when to shut up. I've also had to darn near hang up on people. But, I always give fair warning... "I'm gonna hang up--goodbye." That after agreeing to disagree and asking to change the subject. Some are just seriously trigger happy. With trigger pointing your way. Like the book I read 20+/- years ago, Rejection Junkies. They'll push your buttons on purpose, just to get a rise out of you. Thereby, not leaving them feeling alone and rejected. Why fuel their pathetic-ness? Anyhow, the second way "may you be blessed" can be used as a better alternative to your voice (or middle fingers, if that's your thing), is...

  2. Instead of saying... "Talk to the hand, cuz the face ain't listening." Simply, say to them or yourself, "may you be blessed." Why do I mention these? Because, if someone (or your mind) is getting the best of you, these can work. But, even better is... "may you be blessed." Trust me. And, you're doing both thee above without them knowing. You're killing them with kindness. You also take back your power. So very glad I learned this eons ago. Thus my...

I became better, not bitter. More powerful, not pitiful. Thereby keeping my power. It is very powerful to NOT say, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! Once you start practicing these, you'll be surprised how fast they'll shut up. If they don't for me, I whip out my pendulum. Works like a charm. Better than any polygraph test too.

"May you be blessed" not part of your vocabulary or thoughts yet? No problem. Someone having issues keeping their lips zipped? Simply say these 2 words...

"Got it!"

Well, you may wanna take off thee exclamation mark. They may blow a fuse. But, better them than you.

May you be blessed to get the gist of this. So you can be the bigger, wiser person. If all else fails, walk away. Because 2 wrongs will never make a right. And in the long run, you'll feel better. Carmen

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