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What Your Blood Is Dying To Tell You

That your spirit already knows. Vitality is at our fingertips. With more quarts of blood in our body than our vehicle has oil, maintenance is a must. And with more potential in our brain than any tech toy, the same. Which is why constant inventory of our diet is crucial for living life free of dis-ease. Our blood speaks, if only we'd listen.

Since my near death experience June 2015 and the massive Ascension purge (January 2016) that took my spiritual awakening to a whole new level, I was told what I could and could not eat. Sure enough, my Higher Ups were right. Certain foods causing allergic reactions became a real bummer, at first. From buying young coconuts by the case to having my throat itch and tighten with a sliver, was just one taste bud aching example (of many).

With both parents gone of cancer and brother alive 30+ years, thanks to cannabis, disease prevention and natural healing have been my calling. Little did I know it would lead to a massive Ascension, but happy it did. Because of hereditary issues, improving my diet for the last three decades included the blood type one. Abandoned it after a month. Said no coconuts, and only walnuts of all nuts and seeds being beneficial for me. Also wants me to eat rabbit, mutton and lamb. UGH! A vegetarian since the 60's, those were the deal breaker. I DO KNOW, any time I ate too much almonds (butter or raw), my liver would ache. Fast forward to 2017, I was desperate. Near death and bodily upgrades have come wrought with sensitivities.

HALLELUJAH however! Seems only those foods on my BE POSITIVE blood type list are serving all of me well.

In coaching others I always say, we crave what is in our blood. With chips and chocolate having been my easy-to-break addictions, there are many reasons I practiced detox on myself. Clean your blood and your body, mind, soul and heart win. Of course, back in the day my mind could outsmart muscle testing. These days, my spirit is in charge.

Having written about the blood type diet in my first book, I knew there was truth to it, despite my mind being in a whirl. Till now that I see what feeding my blood type is doing for me. Raw, organic, gluten free, major brand, vegan, or not. When your blood speaks, your body throws out the signs and symptoms.

A vegetarian from the get go, my father made me eat meat. But once he died in 73', Mother was rather cool with me not. I do know my love for cheese and bread had a lot to do with former allergies and nasal polyps. Mucus has a way of rising to the occasion of an attack. Kinda like a virus on our computer. Anyhow.

Reason I know without a doubt on the truth to this diet is, results speak for themselves. Prior to that, STUBBORNNESS HAPPENS. Not with the blood type diet, things calming down. Key is to use all your senses when it comes to your overall health. That including common sense, even if it means, eating like a five year old. Been there done that too. Tho, if not fasting, now I eat many times a day. Head needs protein to prevent headaches.

When we feed our spirit, less becomes more in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Food becomes too heavy, too sweet, too salty, and too smelly. You will begin to eat only when hungry. Body cannot heal when your energy is spent on foods that don’t agree with your blood. Also, should you decide to eat what isn't so kosher for your blood type, chewing your food to a liquid becomes ever more necessary. Let the enzymes in your saliva do their thing.

BE POSITIVE doesn't exactly like tomatoes, and oh what a harvest this year. So I've gone from no nightshade eggplant (for decades due to pain), to now no tomatoes. And all the eggplant I want. YuM’m! This after getting major improvements by eating five ounces of tomato paste daily as a sunscreen. Worked, until the Melasma fading hit a plateau. Now I know. Plus, us Lightworkers are sensitive to the sun.

Thankfully, no need to allow thinking of your former favorite foods to rain on your parade. Or not have a CLUE on what to eat. Eating according to your blood type is easy with the book, app Dr. D’Adamo has for $3.99-ish, or the many charts available online. There is no excuse to NOT look and feel our best. That becomes a mere spec of icing on your cake. Just know, it takes time, energy, and bouts of age regression sessions. It is what happens with food as our FARMacy, and detox. Which is why many abandon the latter in favor of pHARMaceutical$, they think they are getting worse. Side effects happen, but sure beat the quick fix that lead to a slow suicide.

If your soul is not reason enough to eat right for your type in all self-respect, do it for your vanity. What you will get is, more life to your years and years to your life. Treat every day like a special occasion, and save the non blood type foods as an occasional “treat.” It is YOU you gotta look at the next morning in the mirror. Our diet has a way of speaking for itself. This diet has helped many heal of various diseases, including cancer. May the Source be with you to become one with your soul, by having clean blood as your goal.

Cheers and well wishes,


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