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What Enlightenment Is Not

While many believe themselves to be enlightened, they have yet to arrive. True signs they haven't a clue includes many things. While Ascension excludes even more. First and foremost, it is in how we react and respond to life and humanity as a whole. Most are rejection junkies that function by way of reaction. They get a rise out of triggering and being triggered. In a knee-jerk, taking it personal sort of way. While truly enlightened souls act accordingly, which is mostly, not at all. Que ser a ser a, what will be will be. Dis-like for any one, tends to be the dis-ease in them. A mind and soul not at ease. Only one standing in their way is them. No amount of time standing in front of mirror will reveal that.

Some signs of an imposter are listed below. Not listed in any specific order, and may continue to grow as the need arise for our changing world. Guru. Who is your Guru? Who do you worship? With worship and respect being similar but vastly different. If you continue to need a “guru,” they do too. They are not doing their job. There is a time and a place for learning the gift of enlightenment, a quick-fix and on-going are not it. You may as well see a shrink. Selfies. Serious? If you need an explanation, you are far from connected. There is sharing and there is being stuck on yourself. With selfies to include, umpteen photos of yourself you did not take. Only thing worse than that is, posing with alcohol. Envy. Want what others have? Then get busy working on you. Knowing, to each their own set of gifts, so why the envy? Hate and envy will postpone yours, and quite often, indefinitely. Jealousy. How is that working for you? The liver is the organ of anger and emotion. Consider cleaning it.

Become better not bitter. More powerful not pitiful.

Packaged food. We become, think, vibrate, and smell like what we eat. Respect for Mother Earth (no packaging in landfills) begins with respect for yourself. And go hand in hand with the next two signs. The problem with fake food is, you crave what is in your blood, and it is empty. And will keep you empty. In order to reach higher states of consciousness, you must raise your vibration to a tune that matches theirs. No shortage of vibration in and on Mother Earth and her FARMacy. Being wasteful in any way, shape or form. Need an example? Water, baby wipes, paper towels, water bottles. There's convenience then there's laziness, more on that below. Toxicity. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Detox is in order. Without maintenance, you lack proper hygiene. When you reach enlightenment, you will eat when hungry, not emotional or time of day. Besides, your Circadian rhythm will be in sync/fine tuned. When you become filled with spirit, your belly will become full faster. Food becomes too heavy, too sweet, too salty. Allergies will abound, and scents alone become nauseating. If you are holding on to toxic waste/weight, you are not connected. Intoxicating. There is a time for celebration (or medicine), getting drunk or high are not it. In fact, any and all from the Universal Holy World refuse to show up when you are under that influence. Beer, wine, and spirits, like the types sold at the liquor stores have their baggage. You are a magnet to the dark side. Multiply that by those you are with, who are also indulging. With the dark side being equal opportunity, they jump from person to person. Even if you are not partaking, careful who you celebrate with. Those spirits just may be who you channel. Blasphemy. Replace any and all blasphemating with, for the love of --- (fill in that blank), may you be blessed, or may the Source be with you. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard to the Universal Holy World, with the pouring of salt in God's wounds. Multiply that by e-v-e-r-y second of e-v-e-r-y day by infinity, and that is how many times they hear it. ENOUGH already. Plagerism. If you are too proud to share information, and would rather chew and spew from the vile of pretending to be art thou enlightened-like creative-self, you are far from connected. Airy fairy is not it either. Less is more. There is no end to humor, creativity, gratitude, and laughter when you are connected. With tears of joy being the icing on many-a-cakes. Pride. It comes before the fall. Puts a huge wedge between you and Universal Holy World. For them, it becomes an easier process of elimination. With true Humilitarians standing out like a sore thumb. And not to be confused with a sense of pride. To take pride in a job well done, without a paycheck. Scents. With hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil comes smell no evil. With proper hygiene comes no B.O. You will become scent-ative to much, including fragrance of most kinds. Should the need arise to mask body odor, you are not connected. With exception being, your body ridding itself of toxic waste. Anger. Cleaning your liver works wonders on anger management and forgiveness. Anger happens, holding on to it is not Ascension. Loneliness and boredom. There's loneliness and there’s aloneness. With the latter being a good thing. And boredom helping you get there. If you cannot handle either, you are not connected. Besides, when you work for the Universal Holy World, you will never run out of things to do. Busy-ness on nothingness will keep you in emptiness. Pessimism. Instead of seeing the bad in the good, start seeing the good in the bad, and the good. Need an example? Step in dog poop? And trek it in the house? Sprinkle some baking soda over it, and give thanks to the Universal Holy World for the creation of baking soda. As long as you dwell on what you don't like, you will continue to find more to dislike. Hiding. Hiding behind a dark veil? If you are not true to yourself, integrity and transparency are nonexistent. Enlightenment has nothing to hide. Gossip. Aside from, get a life, for my time sake, here is a snippet. If gossip has become conversation, you have not arrived. It becomes excruciating to hear. With venting being different. Key is, knowing when to stop. Ignorance. With the hidden word being ignore. A show of importance will get you nowhere. Politics. There is no way on EARTH you can achieve Heaven on Earth with your mind and moods fluctuating according to who said and did what. There comes a time when you need to stop and ask, how is that working for me. With the following message from, The Transcendental Game of Zen tarot cards.

“Nobody who can be a good pretender, a hypocrite, will become your leader politically, will become your priest religiously. All that he needs is hypocrisy, all that he needs is cunningness, all that he needs is a facade to hide behind. Your politicians live double lives, your priests live double lives — one from the front door, the other from the back door. And the back-door life is their real life. Those front-door smiles are just false, those faces looking so innocent are just cultivated. If you want to see the reality of the politician you will have to see him from his back door. There he is in his nudity, as he is, and so is the priest. These two kinds of cunning people have dominated humanity. And they found out very early on that if you want to dominate humanity, make it weak, make it feel guilty, make it feel unworthy. Destroy its dignity, take all glory away from it, humiliate it. And they have found such subtle ways of humiliation that they don’t come in the picture all; they leave it to you to humiliate yourself, to destroy yourself. They have taught you a kind of slow suicide.”

If not with mind and emotions, a slow suicide with the hand that feeds you. This explanation of politics about sums up the majority of planet Earth. Except. For those this pertains to, they are not fixated on you, they're sleeping in the bed they made, devising how to make yours less comfy. Why the blame? If not blame, excuses for not arriving at any destination along your destiny. May your back door wreak less of, YIKES!

Do I hate either group? Nope. Hate is a 4-letter word that keeps you from yourself. Let them be. Let go and let loose. Only then can you unwind to the nonsense that reeled you in. You hand over your power in trigger mode.

Fear. Fear of - - - . You fill in that blank. Whether it be of some one, some thing, death or doing what you know needs to be done. True connectedness and/or living on purpose, includes knowing the afterlife is a happening place. And that those that die are the lucky ones, once they get their get-out-of-Hell pass, that is. Let the fear empower you to seek your purpose. With each of us having our own, what is to fear? The moving of spotlights? Won’t happen when you are living on purpose, and not regurgitating Earthbound info. Also, should the opinion of others scare you, you are not connected. You will do any and all home work spirit world asks of you. Behind closed doors or not. One-upping. Aside from childish, it is what a lack of confidence does. For what you have yet to receive. Whether it be your gift, talent, humor, creativity, or spirit filled powers. They will not answer your call, as long as you remain in your self-imposed competition. Negative thoughts. A fine line between yours and the dark side. Getting connected takes some getting past the wannabe gate keepers. Some getting thru Hell to arrive at Heaven on Earth is necessary. And for those diagnosed with Schizophrenia or Bipolar, you are closer than you think. With the Bible belt-like-noose around planet Earth, has come make believe sins. With every new version lost in translation, and done to keep you in $ubmiSSion. With that come the fake holidays. Can’t remove your own veil sitting in their darkness. When you are connected you realize your every thought is seen like a word cloud over your head. They also see your heart change size and motives, between many emotions. Celebrating. For all the wrong reasons. With the death and resurrection of Jesus, or so they want you to believe. Has come holidays. When in reality, every day should be a day of gratitude (Thanksgiving), love (Valentine’s), and respect, honor, love, and more gratitude (Mother’s and Father’s Day) each and every day, not because the calendar tells you to. Really? Then to be reeled in as a consumer of the materialism. That is not what makes the world go round. Some where some body has to wake up to the nonsense. It is all a ploy. Forget the other frivolously BOGUS Woo Hoo days and events (Super Bowl) that are treated like a special occasion. When your respect yourself, there is no need for Secretary's Day, or any other day to show you care. If you gotta shop for all the wrong reasons, you are not connected. Less becomes more. If your taste buds need a reason to celebrate, you are not connected. And finally, with the Universal Holy World in total agreement with the one day a year worthy of celebration. that being your birthday, for each new year you have been given. With the exception being, progress on behalf of the go getters. Students, graduates, movers and shakers for all the right reasons. Laziness. Needless to say, a lot of time spent on little things is one HELLUVA sign you have not arrived. Life was meant to be lived. Not in competition. Not with daily breaks. Without purpose, what reason do you have to live? That is a sure fire way to zap your energy. If you cannot take pride in improving yourself or your surroundings, you are not connected. And remembering less is more. We do not need a reason to be productive for the beauty that surround us. If drumming up your own sense of doing has left the brain, you are not connected. If waking up and doing for the sole purpose of a paycheck, you are not connected. Laziness knows no boundaries. It wreaks darkness. Unplugged? Still relying on man "kind” for your source of information? Making a mountain of a mole hill on any thing and every thing you say, do and eat by posting it? You are far from connected. With revelance comes Revelation. With irrevelance, insignificance. Connecting is doing some thing bigger than yourself. World Wide Web or Universal Holy World? Should you channel, continue to check in along the way. Not all from Source. Interceptions happen with dark side having a field day pretending to be many. Including God, former Earthlings, or Celestial Intelligent Beings, that the unenlightened refer to as Aliens or Extraterrestrials. Far too much false information written and regurgitated, that did not come from who they think it did. If checking in while you are channeling has not become habit, chances are great not all from the bright side of the Universe. Bugs bugging you? If killing ants, flies, spiders, anything, big or small, you are not connected. With Ascension comes going out of your way to set them free or let them be. If ants are a problem despite no food or water source, they may be teaching you patience, or signify the dark side. Procrastination. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, AND tomorrow. Let your light shine bright a little, that’s the story of, that’s the glory of You. Priorities. What are yours? Tending to your body by way of decoration? Your mind thru what your fellow man says, on or off screen? Or your spirit? Time for perspective on what matters. Addictions. Do not happen when you are connected. Being in communion with God or any one from the Universal Holy World becomes like having a BFF. You cannot wait to talk with them, morning, noon and night. You will also ask their opinion on much. Unforgiveneness. You are not connected, and may be why are having problems with many other behaviors on this list. When the need arises to ask for forgiveness, God may hand out five Hail Mary’s. No allergies. You continue to eat any any all foods. Had you been connected, former foods would give you a headache, make you sleepy, and often times cause a scratchy or tight throat. Twisting words. That is the hurt inner child seeing every one against you and every comment as a put down. When in reality, that is you not happy with the bed you made and blaming others for it.

If being around you is like walking on eggshells, you are not connected.

Feeling like an ANGSTster Gangster? Wear purple. That includes undergarments. Not a favorite color of the dark side. But, with you as their puppet, they may begin to realize you are taking back your spirit, and with it will come your mind and body.

Don't like my bullet points? Time for some rose colored glasses, you are not connected, Treat different people differently? You are not connected. Golden Rule. In every one you meet. No pretending. No on again off again. You are either a nice person or not.

Still unsure? If your world seems significant enough, according to you. You may wanna run that past God first. Confirmation is in order, and not the Sacrament kind. Meanwhile, below is my confirmation on what experience has taught me. And now, knowing darn well, I have been channeling long before I knew. Key is, who. With also being given the key to do away with what does not serve my highest purpose, or that of any one, I got past the growing pains and you can too.

Last but not least. Enlightenment does not include ghost writers. Any one can hire a virtual assistant, I do for my artwork. With enlightenment comes resource direct from Source. Lost in translation happens with indirect sources. Also, with connection comes interception, makes writing a tad more difficult. The publishing side, that is. Thus, our book. Gotta learn to jump thru all hoops when your mission is greater than you.

And finally, if it is any consolation. On a rare occasion, behaviors such as these happen in the afterlife. Though, not tolerated. Heaven or Hell, POOF, gone. With the book revealing more. The End. Tho, not without God confirming all…

"Di, that was incredible baby girl. You have our stamp of approval. Those being from the Universal Holy World and myself. God your Father in Heaven, of your Universe. That will send them on a loop. Should they not laugh, they are not connected. The End.” ~God~

Food for thought. If bouts of rage and headaches have begun, give thanks. You may be on the brink of Ascension.

And an Addendum since posting, with God prompting me. Should any of this be interpreted as me seeing myself above any one, triggerness happens. And you are not connected. As a certified life coach and a Detox Mentor for eons, it has been my purpose to educate. Like school work, not all fun, but that is part of growing up. Opposite of the church, not wanting you to.

Om Shaka Laka, may the Source be with you,


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