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What Are The Best Ways To Lose Weight

What are the best ways to lose weight is a question I answered on Quora. You can skip to the weight loss tips at any time. Reposting here, since it was taken down twice now.

I continue to add and refer many to this post (rather than repeat myself). In having this question asked many different ways, I share all the ways I have used over the decades to keep weight off without dieting. Unlike diets, these healthy habits never need tweaking. Choose one or all. They help anyone, no matter your age, size, gender, level of health, overweight or not.

New Year New YOU!

With the new year approaching and many wanting to lose weight, this question and answer continues to help many. Of course, there will always be a few bent out of shape souls wanting to challenge me. No biggy, I speak from experience. I am not one to regurgitate something I have only read about and not tried.

Should my answers be like dry itchy skin and rub some people the wrong way, NO SWEAT OFF MY SOUL.

Lose Weight Without Dieting Once And For All

And now, for all the ways I've used to remain the same size since high school. With parents gone of cancer, these tips also keep me cancer free.

While this long response was written for weight loss, these diet and lifestyle habits/remedies work for what ails us. Even for those who need to gain weight. One thing that is certain is, when we are clean inside we are lean outside. A clean inside helps prevent toxic weight/waste from putrefying and turning into dis-ease. Diet plays a huge role in our body, mind, heart and soul. Feed body with respect and the trickle effect can surprise us in amazing ways.

Following are the many ways to lose weight once and for all without dieting. I tried listing from basic to more involved. Also listed are ways to get and stay healthy.

  1. Give up sugar.

  2. Easy on foods that turn to sugar (breads, pastas, pizza, fried potatoes, and the like). Choose one at a time. Not potatoes, bread, AND mac n' cheese. Sadly how many do, and expect to lose weight. **These types of carbs are not only highly addictive, they tend to turn to paper mache, trapping all sorts of things. Without daily poops, mucus forms, which can turn into cysts and tumors.

  3. Start your day with warm to hot water with lemon. Helps get liver, gallbladder and digestive system releasing. Adding raw honey even better.

  4. Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water/day (best between meals).

  5. Chew food to a liquid. Will help you be satisfied with less, and help your body digest, absorb and eliminate faster. Chewing food to a liquid helps slow down how fast we eat, get full on less, AND eliminate faster.

  6. Use smaller plates, helps with portion control. As do smaller utensils.

  7. Consider a side of probiotics with each meal (kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, lassi, kefir) or unsweetened ginger tea. All help your body digest food. Think sips, not BIG GULPS.

  8. Cook from scratch. At the minimum, go for premade meals that are real/few ingredients. Even Costco has pretty incredible looking family meals. **Some foods that seem to only have a few ingredients may have over a hundred. Take a submarine sandwich for example. Pickles in a jar have more than pickles, bread more than flour, salt and water. Those being just two examples.

  9. Read labels on everything. It helps to look up each ingredient and what each can cause. That alone is eye opening.

  10. Plan a weekly menu, then buy ingredients for that and those alone.

  11. Shop outer four walls of grocery store. That's where most of the real food is. Real food = real people.

  12. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Shop with your own bag or basket. NOT a shopping cart. Helps to buy no more than you can carry.

  13. Pack your own snacks AND water each and every time you will be gone, especially past mealtimes.

  14. Eat during hours that serve your body best (10-11am to 6-7pm). It is what many call, “intermittent fasting,“ tho really just following your body's natural/circadian rhythm. Main thing is to have a 16+/- hour window of not eating. Please see attachment below. It gives you an idea of what your body does when. It is a snippet from a book I wrote over a decade ago.

  15. Instead of meat and potatoes, have something green with either. Meat and salad or baked potato with steamed vegetables. The book, Fit For Life is excellent on PROPER FOOD COMBINING. 1st edition is best, and a very quick read. Authors are Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

  16. Know what foods are weight gainers for your blood type. For B+ corn is one. For O's it's wheat and dairy. Interestingly, a recent allergy test came back high on foods I should avoid.

  17. Massage abdomen CLOCKWISE. It is a type of lymphatic massage that helps body release toxic waste/weight. It is easier and more effective if someone does it for you, but can be self administered. Just make sure it is done CLOCKWISE. There are many How To videos. The beauty of getting stuck on toxic weight out is it helps boost our immune system. Gut is responsible for at least 70%. You'll know you're doing it correctly when you begin seeing thin squiggly poop. That is a good sign your small intestine is releasing old stuck on waste.

  18. Adding cayenne or African bird pepper to drinks or meals helps body release mucus. The very mucus that traps waste, like a web. Abdominal massage helps prevent and release. Can also take the place of an aspirin a day.

  19. Consider barefoot walking on wet grass. On anything is better than not at all. According to Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, it can take your blood from a ketchup to wine consistency. Also helps put fire out on free radicals. Like going to the beach without the ocean.

  20. Consider doing coffee enemas. They do more than help with pain and clean blood, they are INCREDIBLE for weight loss and natural healing of cancer. They are how Jack Osborne lost lots of weight, won in kickboxing AND beat his addictions. They are also what some holistic cancer clinics use. To the tune of FIVE/day. We crave what is in our blood, coffee enemas take that away. Be it food, drugs or alcohol. They are how I helped one get off three hardcore drugs. And what I use for pain.

  21. Sweat and movement. Excellent way to keep puffiness off and toxins out. When kidneys are in need of flushing, our skin can poop out what they cannot, which is why my former employer referred to skin as our third kidney.

  22. Save treats for a special occasion (wedding, party, social gathering). They are not a treat if we are having daily.

  23. Treat everyday like a special occasion. Meaning, aim to look and feel your best every day, instead of for an event of sorts. Many mind their “P's & Q's" to look their best for a one day event, when it should be the other way around.

  24. Careful with prescription drugs. Some side effects cause weight gain, men to grow breasts, and down yonder to shrink. There are also medications that cause some to sleepwalk and eat. I had a visitor like that once. YIKES!

  25. If not eating organic animal products, you risk gaining more weight with the same ingredients farmers use to bulk up their herds and flocks. Hormones and steroids, to name two. Non organic foods are also why girls are developing younger and younger.

  26. Humans tend to eat more animal products than animals. Scared angry animals before being butchered = scared angry humans. All too often, before doctors do the butchering.

  27. Ask yourself how a certain food or drink will make you look and feel. For better or worse? Helps tremendously! That and a mirror.

  28. In time consider seasonal detox. It'll help what ails you, free you of cravings, and keep toxic dis-ease producing weight out and off.

  29. Key to keeping weight off is by having at least one daily bowel movement. Like babies and pets that poop shortly after a meal. Constipation is not a disease but WILL INDEED lead to one. Diet can make or break us, while detox is a win-win.

  30. Eat healthy most hours of day and days of week.

  31. Losing weight and keeping it off is easy with self respect alone.

  32. When we feed our soul, our body becomes less hungry.

  33. Our goal should always be to feed our body, mind and spirit. NOT OUR TASTE BUDS. Doing so allows us to be satisfied with less.

  34. Whatever you eat, think long term and quality over quantity. You can get full on less nutrient dense food than high calorie empty food.

  35. Volunteer and/or take a class. Both can help bring you to your purpose, and away from boredom binging and solitude snacking.

  36. Sunbathe at dawn, exposing as much of body to sun. Recently learned about a woman who lost 16 pounds by doing that alone. Has something to do with electrons. You can read more about it from Thaddeus Owen. It is a form of Biohacking.

  37. Patience is a virtue. For each year we abuse our body, it can take a month to undo.

  38. Do inventory of your kitchen (cupboards and fridge) at least twice a year. Warmer months and colder.

  39. To look and feel your best even sooner, consider tending to your sacred secretion days. It is a best kept secret from Biblical times. There are 2.5 days each month that we can take advantage of to help our body repair itself. Some call it the Christ Oil, Sacred Oil, Raising The Chrism, Secrets of The Spine and more. You will need to know when the moon enters your Sun sign. Nowadays I just look on to find exact dates. Look under Moon's Ingress By Sign. To learn more and/or try for yourself, here are two resources: Welcome to the Universal Truth School Website of Santos Bonacci | Universal Truth School and Ben Joseph Stewart. Ben’s Episode 32 on YouTube has a pretty good intro to it, while Santos Bonacci goes into more detail and includes links to help you find yours.

  40. Include more fiber in your diet. It not only keeps you full longer, it helps induce daily bowel movements.

  41. LECTINS are an up and coming culprit I've learned a lot about from the book, Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry. My oh my, these lectins I've known about for causing pain, but never realized the extent of damage they do. Why? Because of a protective coating to deter bugs and more from eating them. That coating wreaks havoc on our gut. They can be highly toxic if not prepared properly. Not convinced? The singer Usher was going to play Sugar Ray Leonard in a movie, but Sugar Ray said he was too fat. Yes, I know he isn't. Usher tried many things, tho it wasn't until someone gave him a copy of the foods to eat and avoid (in book), plant foods mind you. He did nothing else but follow those two lists, and VOILA weight/inflammation came off. Gluten is bad, but lectins may be worse.

  42. Lastly, let how you look, feel, and THINK be your gauge. If all good, hakuna matata! Should I remember more, I will add to this list. In the meantime, CHEERS!

Should I remember more, I will add to this list. In the meantime, CHEERS and may you be blessed!


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