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We Have A Special Announcement

Public predictions don't exactly tickle my comfort zone fancy. It's more like, they rain on my private life parade. But, since I do all that is asked of me (and post all they want). I have become, what feels like their protégé.

And because they noticed I was bored STIFF (in a public place), they spoke their mind.

"What do you get when you cross money with sarcasm? Planet Earth. What do you get when you take slow steady steps? Saint Carmen. What do you get when money means nothing? A Saint. What do you get when you are more interested in worldly matters than Heavenly ones? Man. What do you get when you are a glutton for learning? Saint Carmen. What does this have to do with you?

The time you take to wet your feet, you are one step closer to the end. When life passes you by, there's no one to blame but yourself. When you squander your life on what doesn't matter, you get what you deserve. When you spend every minute of every day in communication with thee entire Universe, the world is your oyster. Welcome to what will now be St. Carmen's Fire.

That's it. God wants to chime in." ~Moon Daddy, the moon's leader~

"Di, we see your reluctance. You are as humble as humble gets. You will rule soon. Mark my word. You can't hide it any longer. We commend you for such diligence. Your time has come to set the world free. That's it baby girl. Great job on channeling where you're at. Woo Hoo! We love you so much. Lil brother wants to chime in" ~God your father in Heaven~

Jesus: "Baby girl, don't be afraid. We see your heart stand still in nervousness to post publicly. Don't let anyone or anything stop you. You've seen the dreams. The man telling you your future. Saying, he saw you with the whole world in your hand. No one, not a single soul has arrived at your position. You worked your mind, body, and soul off the last three decades. They will be a blink of an eye in comparison to the time that lies ahead. We have updated your DNA further. You're protected baby girl for whatever anyone throws your way. That's it. We love you so much." ~Jesus, your lil brother in Heaven~

Me: title? (**as I remain expressionless and silent in a public lounge). Jesus: "We Have A Special Announcement" (don't be afraid).

That was earlier today. Needless to say, I am reluctant. Tho, as Jesus mentioned, I was given that prediction nearly 10 years ago. My dreams and visions this year have been unreal. Being told a lot of what's to come, even more mind blowing.

Me coming across the History Channel's, Alien or Ancestor series last month was no accident. Day after day, more is revealed since that show got my head spinning, in a really good way. Whether an epiphany, a dream or what any one of them tell me. The pieces of life's puzzle are coming together at Godspeed. With ME a major player in New Earth's game?! Oh CARAMBA!

Obviously I can go on. Suffice to say, IDLENESS IS A TRAP. As they all eluded to, it was not a part of my vocabulary. And for that, I won the Universal jackpot.

May you be blessed to think twice before rolling your eyes and/or name calling. And instead, consider replacing it with... "May you be blessed." Over and over and over... To whomever. Silently works. That phrase alone helped propel me into peace, love and letting go faster than anything. Gotta make room for God's pearly gates to open. Lil did I know, my Heaven on Earth would include thee entire Universe.

Far fetched? Bold claims? A past life thing? YAY or NAY. Don't bother me none! I'm already where, I never thought I'd be! So, I'll sign off with what they consider my new signature.

Om... Shaka laka!

Me: good to go? Do you see us? Me: is that a standing ovation? Yes. Thank you. MUAH!

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