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We Crave What Is In Our Blood

There's a reason I want to travel the world going to detox spa-like centers. I want to try new ways to clean my body, to write and share them with others.

God and my Guides woke rather happy today. As God begins to explain...

Ready my child? Me: yes God God: do you know what this post is going to be about? Me: since I asked, no names. Could it be, liver cleanse? God: yes on guess.

**"Good job Di," I hear my mother say.

God: we are so happy you got 3 others to partake in your Guide's liver cleanse. For inquiring minds, we're talking about Hulda Clark and her famous liver flush. One that has you drinking Epsom salt water 4 times and a mixture of olive oil, grapefruit and lemon juice, with a few other ingredients. A very powerful cleanse our Saint has been doing for more than 10 years. More like 12, and it's paid off nicely. Right my child? Me: it sure has! God: go ahead and tell them what you were gonna tell them. And don't leave any stone unturned. We've got to show them what a clean liver can do for their brain and body. And this doesn't even include their spirit. Go ahead child, tell them. Me: where do I begin? For starters, I must say a clean liver (and body) have done more for me than any religion. Not only does it help you step into your integrity, you become aware of where forgiveness is in order.

Got anger management problems? Clean your liver. Can't stop eating or drinking what you know you shouldn't? Clean your liver. I am not kidding when I say, you crave what is in your blood.

Got allergies, headaches, aches and pains? Clean your liver. Foggy brained, bad breath or out of breath? Same thing. A clean liver didn't only take away any trace of asthma, I've been able to run a marathon (26.2 miles) and a half one, without a single WHEEZE!

While all thee above were great, the positive way it affected my studies was like a miracle! I went from struggling thru Junior high, High school and my first 2 years of college, to getting one straight A after another (with minimal effort) when studying for my Bachelor's.

These being thee internal rewards. Your eyesight can improve, the whites of your eyes get whiter and your skin begin to glow. Your teeth get whiter too. Deodorant can also become a thing of the past. Last thing your body and lymph nodes need are poison seeping into them. A clean liver helps your bowel (and vice versa). Which, will have you standing taller. Talk about a confidence booster.

And finally, if you need to lose weight, you will. Because, unless you go entirely raw with your diet, your liver will continue to store fat instead of burn it. And if you're tired of feeling like a beached whale or a time bomb about to explode, clean your liver. Air pockets get stuck between the toxic waste in your bowel. Between this and some Hula hooping, you really can have the 6-pack abs (most only dream about). Without the neck breaking crunches.

I believe I listed all. God, as you and all guides know, results will vary since no two of us are alike. I will add a snippet on thee other 3.

God: well done! You had us all at thee edge of our make believe seat. Gotta keep things in order on what's up here. Don't wanna piss off any 2-legged wolf. Me: God, I'm gonna chime in a bit here. This pissing off in reference to... Should I post what was written, but just cut off the name? God: yes Me: will do. The 2-legged wolf thing is from my grandfather. That was his classic goodbye.

"Watch out for the 2-legged wolves." Except, all my life I thought he was only talking about men. It wasn't until we wrote his intro that I had thee epiphany! It includes women. God: say what you want to say. Me: so much I can say, let me try to simplify it. There's not really any nice way to say it. I will just say, there's a reason I've had more male friends than women. And this "dog eat dog world"," has only roared its ugly head more with me as a Medium.

Fear tries to sweep things under the rug. Too many live in fear. Talk about MAKE BELIEVE. Fear is self-imposed. Fear of being yourself. Fear of speaking up, even if you feel like the minority/oddball. Fear of going for your passion. Sadly, all fear does is make a person more angry. Then bitter.

With your liver relating to your emotions (anger, depression, sadness, happiness, etc) and your kidneys relating to fear. I'd start there. Because thee only one or thing we should fear is God. Want a relationship with your father in Heaven? Then clear the channels to it.

To hate another for no reason, you've gotta hate yourself. And hate only poisons your body further.

Should you decide to achieve optimal health and maintain it, know what you're doing before you do it. Because some liver cleanses can literally make you feel like you're gonna die.

As for the 2-legged wolf God spoke of, that link can tell you a bit more. And the "pissing people off." you'll see that at thee end of this post.

God: Wow! That was it in a nutshell. I think it's a great idea to post the results on all. And don't forget that public disgrace of a put down. Seems that child of mine has no remorse, and instead wants to continue acting like a child. I will add, the Pastor of her church needs to be fired for not doing his job. But that's a whole other post.

We're proud of you, as you round out this week with the detox and diet I had you do. For those that want to know, I had our Saint doing 2 coffee enemas a day, with lots of raw food, mostly cantaloupe. For protein, she'd have her protein shakes. You can tell them what that consisted of. And finally, she began drinking matcha tea. As she says, "we love her brain on matcha tea."

That's it my child. You can finalize it any way you'd like. We know you'll run it past us. For title, use, You Crave What's In Your Blood. Amen and Amen." ~God, your father in Heaven~

I'm happy to have 3 more try this powerful liver flush. Why wait for a diagnosis or a special occasion to look and feel your best? If you're waiting for a test to tell you you're sick, or that you continue to have a clean bill of health, I wish you luck! No fancy test can pick up the first stages of disease until it begins taking hold of you.

As for looking and feeling your best, no shot of happiness can compare. Sure there are things you can do to look and feel good from thee outside. But they also come off at thee end of the day.

Detox works from thee inside out. And not with just your 5 senses. Common sense, and what some refer to as your 6th sense/intuition are strengthened. That gut feeling being thee only thing you should use to help you make any decision.

My only hope is that you take yourselves serious enough and decide to do thee upkeep on your body. Because your vehicle can be replaced. You can't. Yes Heaven is a wonderful place, but I can't think of a single person ready to leave their life on earth.

And finally, as all have finished their final liver cleanse drink, here's what they have to say.

RESULTS I survived. Stuff is coming out. I feel better. My stomach doesn't feel hard or bloated anymore. I think my mind feels clearer.

Needless to say, while she felt the worst from the start, seems I've handed over the baton. As she served thee others their final drinks. A few hours later she tried her favorite oatmeal pack and couldn't eat it. Woo Hoo. Not even her Starbucks very berry iced drink tasted good.


Another began eliminating last night. Says her stomach feels "open and empty." Of the 3 of them, she eliminated the most. She's already lost 10 pounds. Not even 24 hours later.

*** And the 3rd smart brave soul, said he feels more productive and ready to accomplish things. Said if his buddies ask if he's having a drink, he'd say YES. I'm having salt water. He's Gung Ho to do every weekend. But, as Hulda Clark wrote in her book (and tells me from up above), every 2 weeks is a great interval.

Here it is early eve. See what this week bring for the 3 of them. My results were great too. Not only did my liver expel toxic waste and a lot of small stones, my small intestine let loose. In the form of foot long squiggly shaped bowel movements.

Anyhow, no matter thee addiction, you do crave what is in your blood. Get that filter clean and it'll do wonders on your body, mind and spirit.

How or why? Your liver is thee organ of emotions. Get a handle on that and less becomes more. Food, drinks, shopping, smoking or any other addiction, can be flushed away. With only one liver flush under their belt, these 3 already see and feel the difference.

Just know, a good liver cleanse will have you poopin' the toxic waste out. A not so good one, will have your body circulating it. A clogged liver can make you constipated. Just as constipation can clog your liver. Choose your cleanse wisely. Preparation can also make or break it.

Before I forget, the protein shake God mentioned is simply 1/2 apple juice and 1/2 water with several scoops of protein. Usually twice a day. And while I prefer Garden of Life raw protein, they had me try a, Sun Warrior brand/blend this time. Good, just not as tasty.

As for my matcha tea. I can so DIG it! Even got the thumbs up to buy a pound of it with all the traditional tools to make the perfect cup. I've also been "prescribed" 2 cups a day. YAY!

Considering I drank green tea every morning for more than 2 decades, and I had just begun drinking coffee a few times a week. Going cold turkey off those, my daily dark chocolate and more, I've done goo-o-o-d! Meaning, no "relapse." But, that's what happens when you feed your soul (and detox).

I'm happy God doesn't just allow me the matcha, I'm told when it's time to go out and get it. Don't gotta twist my arm to drink it everyday. It makes me a better ChannelHer. Until I can have some outdoor writing space with bare feet on ground, this is a rather suburb alternative!

If you wonder what's missing in your life, DETOX may be it. It'll help bring everything else into perspective. You reap what you sow. Give your body the TLC (tender loving care) it needs and watch what it can do for you.

May you be blessed to treat thee engine that drive you, better than thee engine you drive. If you find yourself treating your 4 wheels or 4-leggeds better than yourself, I'd reevaluate your priorities.

Peace and well wishes all ways


**almost forgot. Soon I will post the How To on coffee enemas. My Detox Mentor site had it, but that and a few other powerful life saving posts were mysteriously deleted.

Also, Conversations With God do exist. A full body cleanse won't just open one's mind, it'll allow a real conversation. Not a vague, "public disgrace" of a FACEBOOK post. I'm thankful fear doesn't stop me from anything. To be brave is empowering.

Me: WHEW! Okay God and Guides, I believe I'm finished! Just need your stamp of approval. Wow Di! You didn't just finish, you kicked ASS! If we must say so ourselves. God loves it and so do we. Be blessed my child, we love you. Me: I love you all!! Thanks on today's topic.

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