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Water Woman

At last, I know why water affects me the way it does. "There once was a girl named Carmen Diana. A girl who's never needed alcohol to feel happy, as she laughs.

HECK, she's drunk on water. And by that I mean, what water does to her. Outside her body. You see, not only does Saint Carmen appreciate the work of Nikola Tesla, she'd be one of his many experiments. Tesla was all about capturing energy from thee earth. While Carmen, knows the benefits of grounding.

As in, placing her bare feet on wet grass, or anything she can get her toes on. Well, since becoming a Medium, Carmen has discovered, water speaks. When she holds water, it starts spinning. Like a vortex. Only for her, it begins spelling words.

We all had a blast watching her carry 2 gallons of bottled water one day. Not only was the water spinning in both, she was walking like she had a little too much to drink. All the while, giggling her way to what she calls, her dungeon. Only then she didn't see it as such.

Where were we? Ahhh... What makes her such a conductor of the spirit world is, for starters...

  • Her above average clean body, thanks to her formula.

  • Next, she stays well hydrated.

  • But, what she doesn't know (as her mouth is open wide in surprise), Nikola Tesla has passed a bit of his baton to her. He may have died eons ago, but he hears her. She, being a huge proponent of his free energy theory.

Well, lucky for Saint Carmen. She may be the proud owner of Tesla's, soon to be debuted SUV. One she's had her eyes on, minus the "back to the future" movie DeLorean doors. According to her, they are a lil too "flashy."

Another thing she didn't know, Theo is friends with Elon (thee owner of Tesla Motors). As she asks, "you've GOT to be kidding?" No Child, we're not. Therefore, Theo has arranged a test drive on a car that has yet to be released.

Yes folks, Carmen is one lucky girl. Our humble Saint just may be getting the car of her dreams. I'll be the first to say, it pays to think off grid the way she does.

As for Tesla himself. Unlike some who roll in their coffin, he does cartwheels when he hears Carmen talk about him. I kid you not, the dude has yet to choose an earthling in which to reincarnate. Meanwhile, our Saint has such respect for him that she named her cat, Tesla Rose.

Without getting too off track, I just want to say, there's a reason Saint Carmen connects with water. It was predestined. Anyone who can make water move the way she does, deserves a star in my book.

I do want to say, it doesn't end with water. Carmen's body spells words. It also feels the gravitational pull of planet earth. Something she learned from brother Matt. The young man who selected her, with my final stamp of approval.

To say she was signed, sealed and delivered would be a misword. Let's just say, she is a Saint whose time has come. One that is indeed "urban" in every sense. From her Hippy Longstockings appeal to her upcoming tattoo.

We could not be more proud. Yes, we are blessed. And whether you like it or not, you can be too.

That's it for now my Child. Woo Hoo on channeling this down Arkansas' windy roads. We bid you farewell and love you." ~God, her father in heaven, with 98 Guides riding shotgun~

I can't help but say, yes! I've had many doubts during this journey of mine. I've shed tears, I've gotten rather perturbed at all the Guides. Why? Because I, like most, have had bouts of thinking... Is this for real?!

Seeing my "bodyguard" from a distance twice, helped. Being chosen in a dream did too. Learning time is nothing really helped. That's why predictions are 2 weeks to 4 months off.

But, what really had me believing is speaking with earthlings via the spirit world. Then seeing one come thru (here in the truck) to apologize.

And now, while I've still only spoken with Theo via spirit world, he has since handled some DMV business for me. He's also offered to, and as of today, handled some banking for me. Thee online banking has been acting up on the road lately.

So. Am I believer? You bet. I mention all this, not to put a feather in my cap. But instead, to get you to please consider taking the spirit world serious. And that begins with your thoughts and keeping the vessel God created clean. So very simple, yet God's finest machine, continues to be taken for granted (by most). And since I like the, "bid you farewell," that I do.

May you be blessed with all your heart desires, in a way that is God approved.


Me: how's that? Them: Woo Hoo, all thumbs are up!

**Yes, they all continue to speak my language.

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