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Visions of COVID and War?

With each passing day, I am beginning to see the visions I was given several years back beginning to make more sense. Or should I say, become a virtual reality. From Covid and war to White House being turned upside down. **All visions drawn on cell phone included in Visions From Outer Space book, only then I commented more on what I was shown not understanding why or what.

This vision resembled the looting in 2020.

While this one looks like the White House being turned upside down and/or the construction many have spoken of. Could it be from the tunnels underneath being destroyed?

First Lady Melania was spot on for having White House cleansed of dark energies before moving in.

Could this be the trucker convoy with big rig trucks being yanked off the highways? As it did happen for many.

Next are one military vehicle after another and rows of soldiers. Could these be what's going on now? God was busy showing me much, including more military related visions besides these. It didn’t all make sense then, but much of it is beginning to look eerily familiar. Including the virus looking things I've drawn.

Without being political, I for one thank God for Trump, as many children will be saved because of him. Dark side may not go down easy, but they are going down thanks to our former president bringing awareness to the darkness, including the fake news.

On the bright side, God did show me President Trump sliding into home base just after the 2020 election. Quite apropos considering Trump went to college on a baseball scholarship from what I understand. Who knew?

Visions lately have been for my eyes only. In time I may be able to share. Needless to say, I am quite stoked. I leave you with these.

Was this COVID?

What about these, adrenochrome?

So many visions drawn since then, even more I haven't drawn.

May all be blessed to see as I have. My world comes alive at night, tho I do get many daytime visions as a Seer. God also speaks thru music. I often get a night full of lyrics strung together as a message, but lately he gives me songs of hope and strength. YAY is all I can say!

I leave you with the song he's been giving me for days...



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