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Visions Just Keep Coming

10-27-22, 7:25am - kept having back to back visions of creating, different things. Some interlocking it seemed, like a puzzle. Great change and freedom await, as the visions just keep coming. As usual, God does not allow me to share all, let alone write down what I am shown.

7:39am - vision of fish scales only, golden color and facing up.

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7:50am - saw two guns in front of a skeleton couple. My oh my. Saw a lion deep inside a portal, which then turned into two portals connected like the ones I drew before in Visions From Outer Space book. Next I saw these people, a couple to be exact. A halo began forming around them. Like a circle of protection made of light. Until both circles merged forming a vesica pisces, as they became one.

Just heard, " breaking news, the King has arrived." Oooh, could that be God? Next came the song, Bohemian Rhapsody (again). Powerful song.

8:16am - saw two skeletons holding hands signifying rebirth. Hands only. That's it! This is why I've had so much muscle loss. I have literally died to my old self and am ready for rebirth. In the truest sense of that word.

Just remembered seeing the God with a bird's head. Oh how I'd love to draw each and every vision, especially this one. Time, energy, and aches make it not so easy. Suffice to say, no shortages of photos online. Question is, who was it? Ra? Thor? ???

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Just remembered a vision God literally played for me last night. Back story. Amazon selected me to review products, so needless to say, they didn't need to twist my arm. Can be addicting and being that I hate stuff/clutter, God was showing me him walking down the road carrying two duffle bags loaded with utensils, dropping them along the way. What does he do? Taps with toe flipping it up and into his hand. He's cool like that. I kid you not. Just realized utensils may be symbolic. YEP.

11:09am - was shown phallic symbol as I scrubbed blue cleanser in toilet bowl. They do shows visions in the darndest places. Sometimes on TV. All so very cool.

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That's it this time around. May all be blessed as we enter the holiday season.



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