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Visions From Outer Space UPDATE

REPUBLISHED with three versions. eBook, black and white, and all color. Sadly, not only does Amazon dictate the minimum amount I can sell for, they often earn more than the authors of the book. Gladly however, they offer a platform to print on demand until an out-of-this-world publisher comes along.

Differences include:

eBook sells for $15.99, and will have a few format issues. Nothing major and mostly on title page. It is what happens while I wear all hats, and dark side tries their best to stop this book from getting out.

Black and white remains $33, and is chock full of visions, however, not all truly depict what I see, but still informative. These are just two examples. With this first being one of many castles I am shown, and the second I have come to find out was a lotus.

Color edition to print is, $27.94. Amazon suggests minimum selling price of $46.59, with that price covering their royalty and printing cost only. Therefore, selling price is set at a minimum of $69.85. However, our wonderful Universe, like Nikola Tesla, prefer any thing related to numbers on our books be an increment of three, thus the few cents more making it $69.99. But as you can see, WHAT a difference in visions being more true to what I see. Especially the disturbing ones.

And finally, to those that did buy, please text, email or message me your email and I will send you the link to a free eBook, and when you are ready you can order the color version at author's cost, which (when combined with black and white) still comes out to be less than color copy. Just give me a few days to figure out how to do both in the most secure way.

May all be blessed with insights into Mother Earth's future, either here or elsewhere. Just know not all who channel, channel the bright side of Universe. Dark side has a way of pretending to be any and all up there, INCLUDING lost loved ones. I am actually curious on how "they" will react to others reading. Feel free to share any and all. Could be something as innocent as losing books, lights going out, or even spilling something on it. Yes, dark side are bullies. Key is to be fearless because they are just that, BULLIES.

Almost forgot, my graphic artist lightened the cover for us all. This gentle giant deserves to be seen. Soon, very soon.


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