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Visions From Outer Space

Front cover wreaks JUSTICE, which is why we included that. There is something going on with the primates of this world. Will they be part of New Earth? Time will tell. It was not easy deciding which visions to put on cover of this book, so we added two (front primate one, and military one on back). Pyramid with the eye was then snuck in with tip of Statue of Liberty. Drawing on back was another vision I drew, and realized I never asked Higher Ups about. Lucky for us, they have agreed to explain such a disturbing vision.

Me: who do I have the honor to talk with this morning? I am seeing hand up, meaning five. Shall I guess?

"Yes" Me: Father Arcturus, Aldebaran, God, Aladdin and Tim? Getting a yes. Cool! Ready to explain?

**Oh my, need to wait a minute. Shenaniganster is insinuating I am lallygagging to the point of darn near drooling. How so? He does what I do to describe a person wasting their brain on nothing. Like a baby putting finger to lips and strumming up and down both to make sounds.

Higher Ups: what that vision symbolized is the war your government feels may be necessary. They could not be more wrong.

Me: agreed! Like thinking Sasquatch is out to harm us. Higher Ups: correct baby girl. Let's keep this short by saying soon your planet will reign. Provided they stop with their weapons of mass destruction. Me: many lives wasted and money squandered on their pseudo battlefields. Higher Ups: well said, Di. Next book will reveal more. That's all for now. And so it is. They are gone, just like that. For those wondering who Tim is, he was a great friend who died last month. Because his mission was also grand, he was tormented for decades. Yes, dark side has a way of doing that to those with a planetary purpose.

Don't Let Em' See You Sweat

And while most have to wait a minimum of seven months before getting their get-outta-Hell card, Tim rightfully got the Fast Pass. I am blessed to have him as a guide. He actually fits in rather well. Tall, long hair and beard. Anyhow, I am happy he is now getting the royal treatment most all earthlings failed to give him. Here's to you Tim!

May all be blessed with guides of their own. Just know, it does not come easy, but oh so worth it.


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