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Visions And Songs Aug/Sept

Hello to my first subscriber on 4 Sacred Hearts. Thank you. I realize I've been missing in action, but not for long. God has been busy preparing me for what's to come. And while I'm not sure when or exactly what, I do know it will be grand. What I can say is much will be turned right side up real soon.

I will begin posting more frequently, aiming for 5+/- posts/week because spirit world is getting exciting. I can tell by the never ending visions and songs I've been getting lately.

To those who have yet to speak with God, he is a character without flaw who loves to share via songs, skits, shenanigans and more. I kid you not. And while he is serious when needed, he is nothing like the Bible portrays him. Fun and funny are an understatement. So I leave you with some what he has shared this past week.

PARDON the typos, I write fast before I forget. I also take screenshots for those of lil faith and absent belief.

May all be blessed to talk with spirit world. In need of a shortcut? Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Want an example? For the past month I have been supervising a detox, and by golly, she has begun getting messages from her father in twinkling particle fashion. YAY to the power of clean, which is how it started for me. Fast forward many years and a day does not go by without talking with the man upstairs, padre mio/my father, God.

Cheers to a beautiful day!



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