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Vision Turned Art - The Cross

This vision turned art was given to me in 2018. While it didn't include the lights, the colors are pretty much spot on. One of many crosses shown to me over the years, tho the others seem to represent more the returning of Christ/God, which I know is soon.

<<<Beatles reference is from a previous post. And as mentioned before, ignore the typos and placement. Should you ever wonder about words used, consider asking God about it. He tends to give me words, sometimes made up words. But yeah, he's cool like that.

Before showing the cross, here's some of what God was up to last night. I was given the smell of fish. That following a vision of several women of color fighting. It was getting disturbing, so I had to end it quick. The smell of fish on the other hand was a pleasant surprise, considering God confirmed the meaning. Looks like a welcome stroke of luck may be coming my way. At God speed would be nice.

And now for my vision turned art. She was the first vision turned art. She hangs in all her glory in my hallway, looking especially bright at night.

Soon I will finish the half AI half human vision God gave me years ago. Has taken long enough, although mostly because I had been going through the worst of my health issues and needed to get under control, but he is nearly done. The gods willing, before the end of next.

One thing is for sure, I do know I went somewhere last night. Right before bed, a light was shining in on me from outside my bathroom. Didn't last long. Not sure where I went or what work may have been done on me, but my head is sure feeling it today. PLEASE KNOW, work done on me is nothing like some have done during an abduction. I am not being abducted, merely prepared for what's to come on our planet. One word: EXCITING!

Till next time, may all be blessed to begin to see visions of your own. Need a shortcut? Diet and detox hep tremendously, as do drinking distilled water and avoiding fluoride.

Ciao for now,



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