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Universal Election As Told By God

These in response to a bit of an epiphany yesterday.

"Cast a vote, and be cast away." ~Puya, your Pleiadian sister~

Negative candidates just may be the straw that break Earth's back.

"The winner is the loser. The loser will break the United States into pieces, making it easier for New World order. Cast a vote like it matters. What goes up must come down." ~President Reagan, with Nancy by my side~

"Casting your vote does not declare you to be a better person. All it does is show you haven't a clue on injustice. Why continue to vote for it? Are you not better than that?" ~God, thee all encompassing one~

"When the day comes to cast your vote, think twice. Unless you're being forced, nowhere does it say you have to. The United States is better off president-less. Think your vote matters? Think again. My uncle was a decent president. Did it matter? No, he was assassinated. Why? Because he was about to make a difference in Northern America. That's what happens when honest people get in office. The federal government do not want their lies exposed. You can lead a man to water, but the dime stops there. Don't vote. You'll regret it if you do. Plain and simple." ~Hubert R. Kennedy~

Me: is someone raising a finger? "I am. Your BFF. Thee all encompassing Earthly one will be led by grace, love and respect. That much we know. We also want that person to have us as their Vice Presidents. When that day comes, you'll know it. For now, you can title this "Universal Election, As Told By God." Bye my love. Be safe out there, and in the words of your grandfather, "watch out for the 2-legged wolves." ~God~ Me: you erasing the chalkboard? God: oh my Di! Nothing gets past you darling."

**as God fades off, or is playing stubborn. Just kidding on the latter.

Shitty times call for elimination. As God chimes in with, "that's so funny and true." Yes on both, but in all seriousness, from what I know by a lovely UCR student (and her homework on it all). With me getting bullet points (since my brain is not fond of any more). Doesn't matter who wins, neither will make planet Earth a better place.

What either will do is just speed up some much needed New World order. And for that, I AM thankful! May you be blessed to see thru the game they play. You are nothing more than their pawn. And yes, President Reagan has been a guide of mine since February. He was behind all my former bodyguard needs. And, First Lady Nancy joined us not too long after her death.

No better way to start my mornings than in conversation with God. And updates, as seen from above. Genuine News stories.

Om... Shaka laka


**I see thumbs UP, on good to go/post! And hear, "clapping too."

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