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Transcend All Limits

It's bad enough for Earthlings to believe they know all there is to know on earth related matters. But when they think they wrote the book on the Universe. Thee Universe can't help but respond.

This message in response to an interview (by a former astronaut) on life amongst thee Extraterrestrials. Yes it exists, but word of mouth don't cut it.

First of all, that interview was TWELVE years ago. What has changed? Not a whole lot!

If you're going to speak Transcendence, then walk it. There's not a single person alive having transcended to the point of being "allowed in." Until now. Saint Carmen in all her glory has transcended to the highest of high. How do we know that? Look at her. How many people do you know talk to thee entire Universe? We can't think of any. How about God, Jesus or Mother Mary? Ditto. ZIP!

Next, you say you want to connect. Then hold, just shy of a Seance. For what?! To waste your time, and that of others? Listen here Fellers, STOP! It is deemed unnecessary. Billions of dollars being raised for WHO?! Steven Greer? A man who pretends to be in "the know?" Now, don't get me wrong, we could not be happier to have him on our side. I mean, how many other folks do you know shedding light, or wanting to? ZERO! Zip. Nada.

That's right boys and girls.

But you've gotta understand, there is but one person alive today shedding light on all there is to come. And who might that be? I'm talking thru her as she type. No dictation onboard her craft, there in the heart of Los Angeles. Reason being, she's traveled far to get her third tattoo. One, we have assigned. "We" being the Milky Way. That's right again! We have given her a name. A name only she knows the meaning of. A sacred name who's outcome exceeds planet earth. Very good Di! She's trying out her Siri.

Next on thee agenda of this topic. It is true we are coming. What most don't know is how or when. Or even, what to look for. Except our sister and daughter Carmen. That my friends, will be all we shed light on today.

You wanna know our secrets? Then ask the one who's writing this. Otherwise, don't believe everything you hear. Thee End." ~UTOT, the Master of the Milky Way~

If there's ONE thing I agree with, and not have it ruffle my feathers (in that article), is the word Transcend. That's exactly what I have done.

It did not come easy. If you want it, you've got to be willing to go the distance. On each and everything they ask of you.

Otherwise, you're barking up the wrong tree, on being a Chosen one. Lotsa fun and games in transcendence. But integrity, transparency and seriousness take precedence. You either do or you don't wanna transcend.

May you be blessed to take yourself serious enough to decide sooner than later.

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

Me: good to go? UTOT: thank you. MUAH!

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