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Tomatoes and Squash and Cabbage, Oh MY!

God's opinion on why you're not growing your own food. And the benefits of being outdoors!

God had fun with this message. Had to stop more than once to dance. Which is something they say I'll be doing too--Woo Hoo!

Me: Ready? God: Ready when you are Di! What do you want to talk about? Me: How about the beauty of nature and how being outdoors is great for your health?

**as I settle in, surrounded by nature, I see what it's done for me in such a short amount of time.

God: sounds good. Ready or not here I come!

What started out as a trip down memory lane, has turned into quite the cumbersome revelation. As our Saint say, "Hmmm!" Here's what I mean.

Remembering the time when you were young, what did you see? Of course, this doesn't apply to all, considering some are being raised far from thee outdoors. But what I can tell you for the generations such as our Saint, gardens did exist. Not to say they don't now, but you get the gist.

Once upon a time people grew their own food. Work was close to home and slave labor did not exist. And as our Saint just stated, neighbors introduced themselves. Like the two she's met in the 24 hours she's been there. But on with our story.

Remembering a time back to your grandparents days or great-grandparents for some of you. Nature was a hot commodity. Nowadays many folks cannot fathom being outdoors if their life depended on it. Woe is me they say. And I say, not! Yes folks I talk like this, so get used to it. God your father in the Heavens that is. OK now where were we? Ahh, yes.

Want to know the greatest thing you can do for your health? I'm here to tell you in two words. "Go outside," DAMN it! Yes our Saint just double checked. I said that and had her uppercase it. What is wrong with you people?! These are gifts I give you for free. And you squander your life away on electronic devices? We did not bring technology for you to abuse it. Quite the contrary. It was a means of communication, learning, having questions answered, and finding your way around planet earth and beyond. It was not intended for what it has become today. Not even a source of inspiration could get through that noggin of yours. I had to say that, to get our Saint's attention. Works every time, like a charm. But I mustn't get off track from the moral of this story. Back to nature and what it can do for you.

Remembering a time not too long ago, when automobiles didn't even exist. And food being shipped in was unheard of. Fast forward to today and what do you got?! A planet riddled with Zombies. Yes folks I'm mad! Wouldn't you be? I did NOT give you this green earth to destroy. No Siree, but that is exactly what man has done. But it doesn't stop there. WoMan is equally to blame. With all your poisonous cosmetics leeching into the womb of Mother Earth. I did not create you or planet earth to have poison dumped on or in either of you. No I did not! A fine mess you got yourselves into. Complete with the harrowing effects of, nothing shy of laziness! That's right! Believe you me, you heard me correctly!

Then there's thee issue of the garden. WHAT on God's (yes mine) green earth makes you think you can't plant one? Space?! Ha! That's a cop out excuse if I've ever heard one! NEWSFLASH! Yes it's still me talking. It doesn't take an acre to produce a pound of anything! Never has and never will. For what we have here is failure to communicate. A Paul Newmann movie our Saint remembers well. Whatever it takes to keep her attention, I use. And before any of you go thinking she's an unfocused flake of a Medium. I can tell you, that couldn't be further from the truth. For what our Saint hasn't just stepped up from enduring these past 3+ years, is not anything anyone of you would have survived. Let alone done with such ease, stamina, grace, and unbiased love for all, deserves far too many stars in my book!

Yes, you read that right! While most are busy posting pictures of themselves, what they had for dinner, showing off their new toy, or just flat out plain ol' nonsense. Our Saint took the liberty to better her heart, mind, and soul. Notice I did not say body? For, what she's put hers thru was nothing shy of torture. But you know what ladies and gentlemen? She came out smelling like a rose! Why? Because she continued to see the world thru rose colored glasses. How might you ask? Well, I'm glad you did. Not! God forbid you "stoop" to talk to our Saint. Believe you me, you'll wish you did. But we gotta stop now, for you know what we all say. She is not a fan of boasting. So onwards!

**intermission God: WHEW, that was fun!

**that in reference to God's turn to shake a leg/dance. God and Mother Teresa had them all hoot'n and hollering! Why? Because now that I'm home sweet home, I've begun seeing them all again. And my hearing is UNSTOPPABLE. Woo Hoo! These last 2 weeks were getting grim on MediumHood. But... That's exactly God's point! What nature can do for your mind, body and soul.

God: very good Di, thank you for sharing that. You just earned yourself another star on God's Heavenly Walk of Fame. And our Saint knows very well what I'm talking about with all these stars. For, she's racked up a few herself having to turn to Starbucks for her morning ritual of writing and beverage. Now, where were we? As our Saint catches me, with hand to mouth saying that ("where were we?") again. Onwards and upwards!

But seriously and in all honesty, why do you torture yourselves the way you do? Answer me that? If only tomatoes, grow your own! Never in all of history has man relied on man as much as man does today. You know what you're doing don't you? You're giving away your power, at an alarming rate I might add! HELLO?! What happened to, Land of The Free? In one nation under God? You're hardly free relying on others, and you've destroyed your nation. Wake up boys and girls!

What happens in thee event of an emergency? And there will be one. You gonna run to the nearest market for all your "necessities?" Answer me that? You gonna sustain yourself on canned food alone? Those canned "goods" laced with who knows what other toxic chemical waste of ingredients? I might as well bid you farewell now. Good riddance. Bye bye birdie as you all flock to man who destroyed thee earth, for what he saw as survival. Mr. & Mrs. Humdrum. For that's what I see thee majority of you Earthlings, in the pit of despair. Why? Because you were too DAMNED lazy to sow your own seeds. But not aye, your latte!

Do realize how PATHETIC you all look from up here? Yes, I'm talking to you readers. That are gaining momentum I might add. Why? Because people are sick and tired of being lied to, and want nothing more than the truth! Whew! Believe you me, when Saint Carmen and I rewrite the Bible, it will no longer be filled with lies and blasphemy. No Ma'am, and no Siree! For what we've had here is failure to communicate truth and justice. And look what's happened? You're all like a bunch of puppets doing your own version of a happy dance. In the form of, just shy of kissing someone's ass! Yes, I said that too, as our Saint checked in to see if it were still me talking.

Welcome to the 21st Century folks! Where we will say and do whatever it takes to get and keep your attention. Why? Because if not me, God your father in Heaven, than who? Aunt Jemima?! Yep, still me talking. Not the Easter bunny, Santa Claus or your iPhone. Or make and model of phone you choose to carry. Like a baby with its pacifier. Oh, don't get me started! For, we need to finalize our case in point. You and what goes into you. And I can tell you this much. A HELL of a lot more than what comes out! But that's what thinking you're invincible does. Garbage in, garbage out! I must say, I truly enjoy voicing my opinion thru our urban Saint. A name she has yet to feel comfortable with, but one she's stepped into time and time again.

And for what it's worth, a fine one at that. Complete with the bells and whistles that matter most. Why do you think it was She who was selected by thee awesome, hilarious brother Matt of hers, in a dream? Because she's fearless for starters, but we'll save that for another post. I will just add, she's also humble. A true quality of a Saint. Thankyouverymuch! Yes, had to borrow that one from her. Our sister in Christ and my little girl of a Princess Warrior. But onwards to our salute of a send off!

Get with the program people! If only for a day, put your phone away! Go outside. Hug your neighbor. Well, maybe not your neighbor. Hug a tree. Stargaze. Just do SOMETHING on God's green earth. Yes, it's still me talking. God, your father in the Heavens. So for heavens sake, get out and and do something. Anything! Just leave your phone behind. You may be pleasantly surprised to get a taste of what I've shared today. Like anything. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

If 7 days days without prayer can make you weak. Imagine what a week without your 5th extremity can do for you? Holy JESUS and mother of God! Yes, don't you worry your little eyes out. Our Saint continues to check in. For good reason! That Lucifer pretends to be anyone of us, and then some. Just know, this is your God for the 21st Century, so get used to it. The new Bible will speak todays language. How else do we get and keep your attention? Yeah, I didn't think so! For it is in being thee ULTIMATE mind reader that I can answer you before you ask, think or feel. Whew! But I really must bid my farewell. But not without this food for thought... What is it gonna take for you to wise up? A near death experience? A blunt trauma to your face and head? The severing of one of your limbs? Or ripping the hair out from under your head till you have nothing left but the clothes on your back? Believe you me, and us here in the Heavens. Life was not meant to be spent balking or nonstop talking. In the form of chatter I might add. But here we go again getting off track.

Earth to all Ye who think I invented distraction. Hardly! And our Saint knows I joke with her. For, she is the most Ahhttracted one I've had the honest to goodness time talking with. (**yep! God wanted it spelled that way )

It is YOU who's attention I'm after this time. Stay with me. I promise it'll be worth the wait. Not some long drawn out goodbye that leads you nowhere. As our Saint is literally at thee edge of her seat.

For, I leave you in peace and in ONE piece I leave you. Quit with yer sniveling and reaching for quick fixes. There is no easy way out of your self imposed misery. Wrought with one diet pill after another. One makeup "trick." Or another shopping bag. All in the hopes of what? Temporary satisfaction? Only thing temporary is your time on planet earth. And I mean that in every sense of those words. But really I must go. Carry on and carry forward. Because thee alternative ain't at all what it's cracked up to be! And by that I mean, thee only place where the grass is greener is in your own backyard. Don't have a backyard? Then find a bucket, anything. It's just time you get ahead of "their" game, and play life like you mean it!

Woo Hoo! Well done my Child. We did it! We love you, and how much happier you have become being home. Amen and Amen. Gotta go. Your mom says, MUAH!" ~God, your father in the Heavens~

**as God do more happy dancing

Me: Pssst... Title? God: ahh, yes. Gimme a minute as I dust off the chanclas. Me: oh my, GOD! Too funny! (**chanclas are flip flops/sandals)

God NEVER ceases to throw in the catch phrases that do just that. Catch me by surprise. Where God was made out to be so serious, I haven't a clue! Happy Hour in Heaven never ends. Which don't bother me none considering I've only actually gone to three in my entire life. HUMOR and words of wisdom are my hours of happy. They also do my body good!

**as I'm transferring my notes I hear... "Tomatoes and Squash and Cabbage, Oh MY!"

Me: like that? God: a little dab will do ya! 10-4? Over!

Our God sure knows how to make people laugh! Also, while JFK Jr. wanted me to hashtag the HELL out of his intro, God specifically said to exclamation the HELL out of this. And anytime I uppercase an entire word, it's their decision. I relay the message as I hear it.

Anyhow, don't gotta tell me to plant a garden! If you never have, you don't know what you're missing. Your taste buds and every cell in your body will sing praises, of the most high! Because that's what homegrown food does, vibrates. Bringing you a lot more than good vibes!

And if at first you don't succeed, try try again. God gave you green thumbs for a reason, and it ain't texting!

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

Me: good to go? God: yes. I'm glad you mentioned the green thumbs, for that is exactly why I did! Thanks Di. We love you. Amen and Amen.

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