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Tomato Paste For Flawless Skin

Can't believe it's been more than a year since I left mountain. I mention because that is where I began eating tomato paste more religiously. Prior to that I tried it just shy of 10 years ago. Couldn't remember exactly when. Guides did. No Alzheimers in heaven or amongst the stars. Today's post is from my green-eyed Angel, mom with wings, and Teso & Puya the Pleiades. My questions/responses are in bold.

"Tomato paste is for your skin. It acts as a sunscreen from thee inside out."

Is that because of the Vitamin A?

"Yes, the vitamin A and other ingredients. Especially the oil. It has compounds that are good for skin and collagen. The only way to get these is in tomato paste. You cannot use enough sunscreen to get the protection your skin needs."

Does this apply to everyone, or because I'm super sensitive?

"You are a lightworker and with it comes lots of sensitivities. Mostly, you are channeling energy from the sun."

Wow, that's beautiful.

"Yes. Anyone can use. They just don't need as much as you. For non-lightworkers, 1 tbsp/day For light workers, 5 tbsp/day"

That's why you wanted me to get rid of my sunscreens (plural) and eat more of this?


Can it be applied?

"Yes. 2 tsp on face. Leave on 20-minutes. Rinse with cool water. Only do once a week. Not only will your skin be flawless, you'll look younger."

What about the tube? Isn't it like canned food?

"Don't worry about tube. It's not like canned"

I am gonna find some in jars tho.


So should I get a new hat?


Beanies are okay?


What do Ascended Masters wear to keep their head AND ears warm?

"They wear turbans. But you will be wearing a new style, designed especially for you. Your hats will be very beautiful and fashionable. They'll be astonishing and custom made."

What about earrings? I still can't wear?

"You can wear earrings once we find you the right ones. They will be turquoise and diamonds." Anything else?

"Tell people this is what the Babylonians did to keep skin flawless. Especially Cleopatra." Wow. Love these ancient beauty secrets!

"You knew this one already, you just weren't eating enough. The End."

**other things you can do for skin, specifically Melasma and Cholasma, are on my former site. They did inform me mine was the latter. When I asked the difference between the two. Their response? Not much. I then decided to ask when my Ascension began. They said at 40. 12 years ago to be exact. Which sounds about right on when skin began acting up. And I thought it was all 7 years construction in Arizona. Yes and no. Thee lightworker in me was becoming somewhat allergic to the sun. A huge SIGH that it all makes sense now.

I am so blessed to receive and honored to share. May you too be blessed


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