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Today Is The Day Mother Mary Has Created

Today marks thee anniversary of my mother's death. Do you hear about it? No, you don't. Carmen just asked if I was sad.

**a time out was needed

God: you bet I'm sad. More than that, I'm mad. Wouldn't you be? There are holidays for dead presidents, then the circus act on who your next president will be. But nowhere, was my mother's death ever recorded, until now.

Today will be a national holiday filled with love and affection. We realize not everyone celebrates "religious" holidays. But I'm here to tell you, you will once you find out what's in it for you.

You were created from me, were you not? Where do you think I came from? Out of thin air? Up till now, Carmen Diana is thee only one that has cracked the code on me. Think about it people. My son Jesus and I look alike, do we not? Then there's the sacred heart. Think we're twins? No.

Today I leave you with that. Mark my word. The Bible will be beyond fascinating!" God your father in Heaven, with my mother Mary~ God: you can call this, Today Is The Day Mother Mary Has Created

So much I've kept to myself. This Universe we live in is so DARN fascinating, yet earthlings (quite often) think, it is theywho rule the world. God's response on my thoughts? "Very funny." AGREED!

I'll just say, not only is God, Jesus and our mother Mary funny, they're far from "religious." You don't have to be religious to live in spirit amongst the Heavens. It's a matter of priorities, who/what you worship, and/or who your "God" is. I am truly blessed to be a part of Heaven.

May you all be blessed to aim for the same.


Me: good to go? God: wow Di. I couldn't have said it better myself. Well done Child, well done.

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