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To He Who Despair

I just LOVE my mom!! Her body may have died 12 years ago (last month), but her mind and spirit live on.

With being in a bit of a FUNK these last couple weeks following much, my postings have taken a backseat. A time out was needed.

Thankfully, experience has shown me, after every time out, I emerge a bit more anew, and on top of my game. Woo Hoo! The butterfly in us has many cocoons. Some of which, leave us needing a shot of OOOMPH. For me, it has been my God prescribed detox and more upgrades to my diet. Both of which are working wonderfully.

However, I'll take a bout of a slump any day over living a life on autopilot. In asking mother for a quick message/quote today, she gave me this (and title). Knowing very well she had me in mind.

"When we get stuck, it's for a reason. Tis the season to go within. While some see it as depression, others play it out for what it is. Knowing very well, this too shall pass.

You enter the kingdom of heaven, not by what you do. You enter it by who you are. Even if that means some occasional time outs." ~your mom in Heaven~

The beauty of being connected to God and all my wonderful Guides is, out of nowhere, they'll tell me they love me. Or to rest, or be careful.

Despite this down time, I know to feed my body, mind and spirit. Because, feeding my emotions would only prolong it. Or have me wanting to curl up in fetal position. No GRACIAS!

3+ years without a home had left thee engine that drive me in dire need of a major tune-up. So God continues to prescribe what I need.

While some consider depression a mental disorder, I disagree.

"Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S., where 15.7 million adults — or nearly 7 percent of the U.S. population — experienced at least one major depressive episode in the past year." ~Dr. Mercola~

Any emotion can be your body, mind or spirit telling you that something is in need of your attention. Which is equivalent to a check engine or oil warning light.

Sadness or grief can become a problem when you, decide to either dwell on them or use them as an attention getter. The "woe is me" approach. Done long enough can turn to illness and even a pity party. Which is a personality disorder. One I agree with and wrote about. If after 3 weeks, your "depression" begin to not serve your higher purpose, I'd say it's time to stop basking in it and switch it up. God rewards those that take action differently than those who don't. Why 3 weeks? 21 days is what I've discovered to work for me in not only making or breaking a habit, but also, thee amount of time it takes me to get over something, to let go, and/or adjusting to a new situation or environment.

Choosing a pity party is like pouring more fuel into a fire and fanning the flames. Indeed a personality disorder. This snowball approach only leaves you going downhill with more momentum.

no growing pains, no spiritual gains

Those 21 days are also the length of time Deepak Chopra and Oprah have others join them in meditation several times a year.

This article lists 7 natural ways to prevent and/or cure depression. I'm adding two more ways.

8. Know your purpose. A great way to find out is to volunteer, hire a life coach that doesn't treat you like a number. Or, write. Even if you have nothing to write about. The book, The Artist's Way helps. While it focus on creativity, it can shed light on other areas of your life.

9. Clean your liver. It is thee organ of emotion.

Not even your vehicle would be happy or have a whole lot of wanting to get up and go, circulating dirty oil. Which is pretty much what you're doing when you don't clean your liver.

Top that with processed and packaged addicting foods day in and day out. And no brain in its right mind would be happy. If happiness is what you're after, it's time you start reading labels. Aspartame and MSG alone are excitotoxins. Like cocaine and other drugs, they can excite your brain to death. MSG, also goes by many names.

The best remedy against depression or any other ailment or dis-ease is your diet. Your FARMacy, not your pHARMacy.

At least that article lists exercise as a way to beat depression. While this one tells how exercise can also keep your brain young.

One last thing about your liver. Of the 3 others that did the liver cleanse last weekend with me, one continues to not be able to eat fast or heavy foods. YAY! Her liver speaks! Another, has been writing about her before, during and after experience. Which also includes a higher grade point average already.

I've "invited" her to share it in a post. And she hasn't said no. And, because of their results, we've got another family member that's gonna do it this weekend.

Whatever you feel you need... A shot of happiness, energy to get you thru the day, more patience, a connection to yourhigher power, or some creativity. A clean body and some real food can get you there. Without the horrible side effects of prescription drugs.

May you all be blessed to see the light in any darkness. And the beauty in time outs.

"He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened." ~Lao Tzu~

***detox can help

To be in despair, can mean you're half way there.

Cheers and well wishes all ways...


Me: how's that? Wow Di, we thought you'd never end. Me: me either, considering much of what I wrote and edited kept being deleted, even after I'd save or publish. Is there anything anyone would like to add? God says you're good to go. Me: and who am I talking to? Mom Me: thank you mom. I love you very much. Mom: I love you so much Mija

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