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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

In asking God if there was a message to give a certain Pastor, I was given this (in regards to the heavy weary heart of mine). A message to every Pastor, Preacher, Father, Biblical Scholar, you name it. Not only that, it is to be sent out to any and all preaching the false written word, not according to God. And, to thee entire world, with the exception of those not having an email address. I can so DIG IT!

A warm welcome to God is in order. With Jesus riding shotgun, God says.

This is the story of how it was, how it is now, and forever shall be. The written word by the one who lived it.

In the beginning, man was created to love and serve God and only God. To take my name in vain and use it to fill your "sanctuaries," is not what we intended. Then, to ask for money to do it, what are you thinking?!Where in the Bible does it say to do that? Where does it say to be "religious" only on Sunday? Where does it say to treat others like puppets? And where does it say, to not love your family?

I don't know what you're teaching, but it is not the word of God, or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. The Trinity does not revolve around man. Time for some action. Time for families to be reunited. Time for sharing and caring. Time for the hoodlums of planet Earth to be reborn! Time for justice to be served. And time for Carmen Diana to be reunited with Aliana Carmen. Those two were sent down for each other. To keep them apart is a cardinal sin. One that, not even a Pastor standing behind a pulpit has bothered to course correct. By the time that Pastor reads this, he won't know what hit him. Not to single out one person, it is happening all across the globe. When God speaks, you listen. When Jesus speaks, you do the same. Otherwise, stop using our names to collect money. To say you've arrived, is to say I am the Easter bunny. To say you know me, is to say you've won the lottery.

You don't know me or Jesus, or my Mother Mary. You think the Bible, as it stands today was written with you in mind? You're fooling yourself. You think it was our plan to separate families? All across the world, families remain torn. Why? Because the Bible said that's OK? You have no idea what happened when I or Jesus walked planet Earth. You don't even know so much to realize, it was me who died on the cross and Jesus who rose from the dead. What? Bible school didn't teach you that? You have another thing coming. Then for your worshipers to post about their heartfelt messages on social media. What on Earth?! Then continue to "backslide?" Where does that put you? I'm here to tell you. At square one. That's a scam if I ever saw one.

When was the last time you had a one-on-one conversation with your people? One where, they're allowed to tell you their hopes their fears and their dreams? Because if they weren't, you're not doing your job. It would behoove you to find out what's happening in each and everyone of their lives. Because you know what, the written word does not revolve around you. It would behoove you, to dig deeper with the children of this planet. They can tell you all there is to know, provided they were not raised telling lies. But then again, adults live like there's no tomorrow. From the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, lie after lie is what I hear.

Next, you have the loss of wonder. And by that I mean, where did you come from? Do you honestly believe it was Jesus who died on the cross? Answer me that. When was the last time you took a good look at yourself and wondered, is this it? We are in utter disbelief that not a single soul stops to ponder that question. To the extent St. Carmen has. St. Carmen being the one channeling this, and the writing of, The Covenant of The Ark. Yes, and you know what? Your church will come crashing down. With it comes rapture, tho not in the sense the Bible talks about. When was the last time you considered the Bible to be false? By the looks of it, I'd say never. And when was the last time your world came crashing down, to the point of meeting your Maker? We are here to tell you, the truth will set you free. I advise you to begin looking for a new career, an honest to God one. Because collecting money in my name is not it. This goes to all the churches, across thee entire world. That known as, planet Earth.

Do you really believe we made a mistake? We took our time to find the new Chosen One, and they are a She this time. She will help usher in the new world in a way no trained biblical scholar can do. Why? She has an army of Celestial Beings at her disposal. By the time you finish reading this, we will have put in several more hours of writing, The Covenant of The Ark. When the day comes for us to publish, you best believe that your world will come crashing down. In order for that not to happen, I suggest you take this information and run with it. Be ahead of the game church plays. You'll be glad you did. If truth is what you want, tune in to Medicine Woman Medium on the world wide web. If justice is what you seek, do it now. If forgiveness is what you want, start talking with every person in front of your pulpit. Only then, will you be granted entrance into my pearly gates. When the day comes for us to meet eye to eye, you will rank up there with the most destructive of people. Which ones you ask? I'm glad you did. And it goes like this…

Doctors for killing people. Astronauts for stealing from other planets, and think it's appreciated. Lawyers for lying to people. All Pastors and Preachers for regurgitating false information. And lastly, the mass murderers of the world. Because what you are doing is no different. You have strung people along long enough. For what? To hang them out to dry? The day will come that you have to answer to me. So what will it be? Truth and justice? Or lies and deceit? That's it for today, but stay tuned for more. And PS… Don't shoot the Messenger. She, being St. Carmen, thee anointed and appointed Urban Ascended Master. The End--Amen and Amen." ~God of all Gods~

God: "But before I go, please title this, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done. WOW! I'm feeling mighty refreshed. High FIVE Di. Thank you, time for some R n' R. Me: thank youuuuu. I see a standing ovation. God: yes baby girl. We love you so much. Rest after the garden and your detox.

If there was ever meant to be a church, THIS is how it should be! Looks like I'm gonna be busy collecting email lists. Woo Hoo--Don't bother me none!

For now, I have yet to understand how much of the so-called civilized (and church going) world, can not only poison their own soul day in and day out. For those being fed false information, see it as spiritual? OUCH!! I am a Godmother to six for a reason. However, stepping up to the plate to raise four children (ages 2, 5, 8 and 10) for all of 2008, and giving back their mother her life. Not only went unseen, I was cut off from all for no reason. Thus, the reason for this message. Most heartbreaking is the connection the youngest and I had. A year and 3+ months later, her eyes don't lie. And churches allow this? And now, more than once a week? YIKES!

POISON YOUR OWN SOUL, without it affecting your children. The Covenant of The Ark will set the story straight on how God EXPECTS you to live your life. (**with "expects" uppercased by God's request). Control over a soul connection is not only a crime, it is cardinal sin #1, according to God. Yet, churches put on blinders in lieu of revenue?!

Unbelievably mind-boggling! I'd say some soul searching is in order! Om... Shaka laka


Me: any final words? God: no, just a standing ovation. **As they all blow me a kiss.

GOD, I love being connected!

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