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Thinking About Fasting?

Looking to jumpstart your body, mind and spirit's warmer temp needs? Cravings getting the best of you? Got lumps and bumps in all the wrong places? Try fasting.

In helping a new client this past week, thought I'd share some of what I did with her. There are many ways to approach detox, with certain fasting cleanses bumping up the ante further. Once you begin to take your body serious, your mind and spirit will reciprocate. And vice versa. My 20+ years of detox is a huge reason I am where I am today. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Should you be considering a fast, here's how to make it a success. With this info being a chapter from my first book. In the very near future I will be posting a new way to do one fast of many I recommend. Tho not until I try it on myself first.

How to Prepare And What to Expect

“There are no gains without pains.” ~Benjamin Franklin~

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare will make aging less (from the inside out) a success. It is imperative that you read this chapter before beginning any cleanse, here or elsewhere. There are different types of fasts and cleanses and all should begin and end with caution. You should not expect to go from eating a regular meal one day to fasting or cleansing the next. You can – BUT expect to be hungry and have unpleasant side effects.

What you’ve eaten days before will play a huge role (good or bad) in your experience and results IF YOU DON’T PREPARE. Therefore, the best way to avoid unpleasant side effects is to wean yourself off “regular” food for three days prior to a cleanse or fast. The following recommendation will gradually ease you into a fast (or cleanse):

  • Day 3 – if you eat animal products, eliminate those on this day.

  • Day 2 – try to avoid all cooked food, and…

  • Day 1 – eat only raw foods. This includes fruits, vegetables, soaked raw nuts and seeds, fresh young coconuts, juices, smoothies, salads, sprouts, etc.

You are now ready to begin your fast and have liquids only. If you are doing a cleanse that does NOT require fasting, you can do a two-day countdown. Let these days be the beginning to eating healthier foods. You will get better and quicker results before, during, AND after any detox by doing this.

To ease your way out of a fast or cleanse, simply reverse the way you started. Some fasts have specific instructions on easing your way out. You may want to follow those the first time. Otherwise, do the following the first day after fasting or cleansing:

  • Day 1 – begin eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables (and their juices), salads, etc. Eating fresh raw cold soups or some broth that first day is great as well. Healthy meal ideas are provided in Part 3, Food For Thought, Chapter 21.

  • Day 2 – this can be the first day of a healthier diet and lifestyle for you. You can begin introducing cooked foods, but limit it to about 50% and chew everything to a liquid.

  • Day 3 – if you eat animal products, this would be the very soonest to begin eating. Try to eat less than usual and serve with salad or vegetables versus potatoes or rice. Your gut will thank you for it.

Chapter 8 gives two more ways to end a fast. A word of caution… the longer a fast, the longer the time needed to reintroduce foods, especially any type of cooked food. Do NOT attempt to “reward” yourself (for all your hard work) by eating something horribly bad and clogging. You can feel quite ill and you would only be putting those addicting chemicals back in your blood. The longer you fast or cleanse the greater your addictions will have gone.

Cleansing is as good as you make it. When you cheat, you cheat yourself.

Don’t take five steps forward and three steps back, and don’t use fasting or cleansing as a sole means of losing weight. THAT just happens to be a bonus! Yo-yo detox binging is NOT healthy! There are no quick fixes in aging less naturally. Give it a week or two or more and you will begin to see and feel yourself age less. The more consistent you are, the sooner you will see results. Before long your body (and taste buds) will crave what they were meant to.

It has taken me a long time to look and feel better and my diet has always been above average. I have had and continue to have many strange things come out of my body. I have had ongoing skin conditions occur from my late thirties and into my late forties. These problems had time to grow because of my years of being constipated, poisoning the surrounding organs, and not getting the nutrition I needed. Working 14+ hour days as a truck driver took its toll as well, as did the chemicals associated with that job and those on my hands as a hairdresser. Add to that 10 years of birth control pills and it is no wonder my liver was inflamed and filled with toxic waste. My body had to be cleaned in order to absorb nutrients. I tell you so you know to be patient and above all think prevention!

The Healing Crisis and What to Expect

The healing crisis is referred to as Hering’s Law, which states- healing happens from the inside out, the top down, from more important organs to less important ones, from most recent symptoms to oldest symptoms.

This healing crisis may bring about different kinds of aches and pains, or cold- and flu-like signs or symptoms. An example of this is my friend, Carlos. Again he shares his story. “As I mentioned before, I have done plenty of fasting and cleansing but there was a particular time when this happened to me. I had finished a fast/cleanse and had decent results. I went right into a liver flush while simultaneously doing coffee enemas (which are done daily during the fast) I started moving things out like never before. Let’s just say the smells were not just toxic, but ‘nuclear’. It scared me at the time simply knowing this was trapped in my body. Although I had done this type of cleanse before, I broke through an old blockage. I felt nauseous after the enemas and was so exhausted I took a nap. When I woke up, I started feeling badly. As the symptoms came on, it felt like something I had experienced before (flu-like, upper respiratory, sore throat, bronchitis, etc.) Although I knew very well that eliminating toxins could send trapped dis-ease back into the bloodstream, I felt so badly that I actually took myself to the doctor to get checked. Thankfully, they made me wait so long that I finally came to my senses and left the office. Within a day or two, my symptoms were gone and I felt better than ever. It was the first time I experienced the ‘onion’ effect. I realized that I had probably been depressed for months. I felt so much better after clearing that blockage and getting those toxins out and the change came from one day to the next. I have not had this experience again. For me it has always happened slowly but shows that it is possible to see radical changes very quickly.”

Appendix B and C list the possible side effects, reactions, and benefits you may experience during or after your cleanse or fast. Getting well is like an onion – you have to peel through the layers to regain health. Before long, you will be at the inner layer of the onion, which is your God given health and natural beauty.

Keep in mind; YOU ARE REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS. Years will be taken off your face and added to your life! The time it takes you to get to the inner layer of health depends on your diet and lifestyle. Some people have more stuck-on waste, mucus, parasites, gallstones etc. than others and this is why the amount, frequency, and intensity of cleansing each person needs will vary. Unveiling a younger, more vibrant you will also vary.

An example of the aches and pains and working through the layers is when I did the Apple Cleanse for my liver. That cleanse triggered pain in my back (between the right shoulder blade and spine). I felt that exact pain back in the 1980's. Pain in that area is often associated with the liver, which explains why I had liver problems.

So, as you can see, although I did not care for that particular cleanse, it did wake up something dormant in my old layers of past ailments. I tell you this so you know, each cleanse can bring about a different healing crisis. Don’t be worried if symptoms linger for a bit following a cleanse – your body is still releasing – LET IT! And if your bottom burns… get over it.

A healing crisis doesn’t always/only occur during a fast or cleanse. Skipping a meal unintentionally or improving your diet and lifestyle can cause it. Skipping a meal or two can spur headaches. This is (or can be) your body wanting to let go of toxins during your break from food. This is a great time to drink more water – you’ll help flush the toxins out sooner. You may or may not experience side effects on your way to vitality – instead, you may see and feel you growing stronger and younger every day.

The uneducated tend to abandon natural healing – they “think” they are getting worse. Quite the contrary – I’m always happy to experience ANYTHING from cleansing. It let’s me know it’s working. Provided cleansing and fasting are done correctly and long enough, miracles can take place throughout your body. Don’t stop when the going gets rough – you are unveiling the younger you!

Another wonderful benefit I have experienced from all the cleansing is that I went from struggling through middle school, high school, and my first two years of college to getting straight A’s at Arizona State University and beyond with minimal effort. Prior to cleansing, I literally had to lock myself in a room and study for hours only to get B’s and C’s. After my cleansing, VOILA! Straight A’s were easily attained without having to give up my social and work life.

These are some of MY miracles. Removing congestion brings about a positive shift in every cell in the body and area of your life – DON’T UNDERESTIMATE IT! Cleaning my body did absolute wonders for freeing my mind, body, AND spirit in ways I could never have imagined. The only thing I regret is waiting so long.

It takes patience to become truly healthy. Natural healthy changes are sometimes slower and uncomfortable, but they are deeper, more complete, and longer lasting – PERMANENT if you keep it up.

If you have been prone to colds and flu, then cold- and flu-like symptoms will most likely surface during your healing crisis. As you get through this crisis, colds and flu will occur less in the future and possibly never return. Just know that it is better to feel any sign or symptom once and for all while you are healing, instead of on and off for the rest of your life.

Just a heads up for those who find talking about feces disgusting; it is important to know what is coming out as it can tell a lot about what was in you and help guide future cleansing. As you begin to eliminate toxins and old waste, don’t be afraid to dissect what comes out – really! At least look! Use your senses – pay attention to how it looks, smells, and feels on the way out and during and after wiping. Have some disposable chopsticks or forks and some paper plates handy, and don’t forget the gloves.

What you think is a piece of lettuce or food remnant could actually be mucus, parasites, or a string or nest of their eggs. Had I not been looking out, I would have never spotted that “thing” that came out of me (shown in Ch. 12) following my liver cleanse. Some “things” or pieces of old waste are so large you’ll feel feet or chunks of it leave your body.

I have never been pregnant, so giving birth has not been an experience of mine. However, I do know some of my evacuations felt like I was literally giving birth to what felt like an anaconda (a large snake) – no joke. The size of waste and relief afterwards was U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. I suspect this may be TMI (too much information) for some, but how do I explain the unexpected?

You need to be able to laugh at yourself. Stop being so uptight! You may have heard it before… it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. Learn to be more open-minded and laugh at yourself every now and then. Cleansing your body from the inside out will allow you to lighten up in more ways than one.

You will know when you are eliminating something that doesn’t belong in your body. Quite often you will experience burning or itching during or following a bowel movement. The sound of toxic stools can be different as well. When you are eliminating mucus and toxins, the consistency can be frothy, bubbly, and slimy or gel-like. Allow your senses (eyes, ears, nose) to help you know you are doing the right thing for your body. Many times after toxins have been released you’ll know by the feel of wiping yourself clean.

The Cleanse and Purify Yourself books as well as Hulda Clark’s book both have pictures of parasites. You can also see some online.

Some parasites look a lot like food remains, while others clearly look like worms of all shapes, sizes and colors. These photos are disgusting, some are even heartbreaking to see, but it is important for you to know that these are capable of growing in our body without any signs, symptoms, or pain.

Don’t be afraid to dissect and sort through your poop – you’ll get past the disgust. Heck, you may even get a little excited about getting healthier. Before long, you may be sharing a poop story or two with others, especially those who can appreciate a great bowel movement and vibrant health. If you have been constipated and uncomfortable for has long as I was, you’ll be singing praises too! This is lifesaving information worth sharing.

I have read and done plenty on cleansing and fasting. I am happy to share my experience with you, offer you tips and suggestions, but you must know… nothing will quite prepare you for what is really in store. Everyone is different. No two diets and lifestyles have been the same since day one of our lives. THIS IS THE VERY REASON WHY… the healing crisis and results vary.

I simply ask that you please be responsible and dedicated in doing any cleanse you choose. This is your decision, your body, your cleanse, your experience, and your results! Don’t expect your results and experience to be the same as others. With that in mind and using your best judgment, I now share what I have learned from my experiences, as well as the experiences of others I have had the pleasure of helping.

‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Can a sore bottom be expected? You bet! A sore, burning, itching, irritated bottom is nothing to cause you alarm or harm. This is all part of the healing crisis, so be happy! Remember, the toxins are leaving your body, so discomfort can be expected. Years of old waste has had plenty of time to accumulate and ferment. Expect bad breath, body odor, extra smelly bowel movements, runny nose, plugged ears, blurred vision, and more.

If bad breath is an issue, drink peppermint tea or eat or drink parsley (juice). Slices of ginger in your water also help freshen the breath – ginger is also great for your digestion. Chlorophyll in your water helps freshen breath. Get some toothpaste that works or better yet, make your own! There are several all-natural toothpastes that leave your breath fresher than any major name brand toothpaste and these healthy toothpastes are not toxic. My favorites are Jason’s brand and Dental Herb Company. Although after being inspired by Carlos, I now make my own. Carlos uses a mint-flavored Chlorophyll that tastes great. He also makes his own mouthwash using Brandy, water, Tea-Tree oil and Peppermint. He claims this lasts much longer than toothpaste.

Understanding what to expect is important. I give you ways to minimize and possibly avoid any healing crisis INCLUDING body odor and bad breath. For body odor, try rubbing your underarms with raw apple cider vinegar two minutes before your shower, or diluted after shower. Lime juice is known as an excellent deodorant, as is coconut oil. If I use anything, it is usually coconut oil with tea tree oil. Pure-grade therapeutic Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) cures various strains of MRSA. It works extremely well to kill body odor and things like athletes foot as well. Just make sure the oils are absorbed before putting on your clothes. Better to have the odors coming out of your body than remaining in. You’re getting better, not worse. You may experience “rough days” (loss of energy, headaches, aches, and pains, etc.) but it’s all part of getting that out! Your eyes may water and your stomach may cramp while eliminating, that’s great! Let it come out! Drink more water to flush out more sooner than later.

Don’t be alarmed at the wonderful changes taking place in and on your body. Don’t blame anyone for your decision to age less. I have actually had a few people become very upset with me because of their side effects of aging less. One woman got very angry with me because of her soreness. I asked if she had baby wipes handy, she stated they were in the car. She did not go out and get them – instead she blamed me for being sore… go figure? For anyone, you can allow it to burn outside for a short time or burn inside and shorten your life. What is always surprising is that when people eat spicy food, they will joke about how it’s going to hurt coming out. But, because it tastes good going down, they are able to rationalize the pain later.

Choose to avoid discomfort – you’ll be glad you did!

I have had soreness so bad that it caused slight external bleeding from so much wiping away of the poisons leaving my body. NOT-A-BIG-DEAL! Now I know to keep all-natural aloe baby wipes handy. The soreness goes away just as quickly as it came on.

When you poop/detox the way nature intended, you may consider upgrading your bathroom tissue. Like fine linen (with a high thread count) that feels better on your skin, so will a decent bathroom tissue and/or baby wipes.

Preparation is key and crucial for success. Prevent soreness and at least have baby wipes handy. You’ve heard the old saying… it’s better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. They can make or break your cleansing experience.

Some cleanses such as those that use any type of salt, the mucus cleanse, or my liver stimulator may cause loose watery stools. They will most likely be yellow in color from the stagnant bile coming from the gallbladder. You will want to be home or near a facility for these cleanses, at least for your first time until you know how they affect you.

POOP ALERT!! If you experience loose stools, passing gas should be taken with caution – you may put out more than air. These liquid stools can cause burning and itching, so don’t be alarmed. Burning is usually caused from the toxins and itching from the parasites leaving your body. Let them leave, its part of aging less the way nature intended!

Don’t use time or fear as an excuse to not get healthy.

I have helped a lot of people get their bowel, body, and organs clean. Many of these people were afraid to cleanse. They feared being hungry and/or having to run to the restroom. Some actually said they didn’t have time to go that many times a day. ¡Ay Caramba! When your bowel is moving properly, your two to three bowel movements a day will take less time than your one strained smaller so-called bowel movement.

If these cleanses are a first for you, or you are a novice (a newcomer) to cleansing, do your best to follow the cleanses as outlined. Take your time, get some experience and see what works best for you. With experience, you’ll be able to add your touch to each cleanse. This is why there is so many variations on the same type of cleanse.

“With fasting, the head is clearer, the health is better, the heart is lighter, the purse is heavier and the soul is renewed.” ~Scottish clergyman on fasting, circa 1800~

Any and all unpleasant side effects are why many jump ship. Then blame detox for making them worse. No pain no gain. See yourself thru, you will be glad you did.

I have learned a lot since that first book. Fact of the matter is, with my massive Ascension I am not the same person. My diet has changed drastically since that book and again after the purge I was put thru. So you know, ongoing inventory of your cupboards, refrigerator and vehicle are necessary should befriending the Universal Holy World be of interest.

In regards to that book, it was updated, edited, and more added years ago. All by and with my new contributing editor and long time friend Carlos. We will publish new edition sooner than later.

May you all be blessed to fill your Universe given vessel with life, love, and all things real. Only then will you vibrate to the tune of Shalom Shaka Laka. That being God's take on my, Om Shaka Laka. With humor and creativity being two of many blessings detox can bring.

Final, FYI... Each year you abuse your body, can take one month to undue. Twenty plus years later, I still have crazy stuff come out. In the words of SHREK, "better out than in."

In spirit with love,


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