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There's Energy And There's ZENergy!

First my rosary, and now St. John's Bakery, Coffee & Gifts. A fabulous find in the middle of almost nowhere! Talk about ZENergy!

A place that wreaked nothing but love. From the sweet staff and all the beautiful souvenir items, to the SOULicious food. You could feel the love. To the point of wanting to savor every loving morsel.

This, far from a pit stop on 18-wheels, doesn't just hit the spot, it brings you to a place of Zen. No amount of words will do this beautiful place justice. If you wanna feed more than your body, search no more. These young women are literally at your service. A true blessing to cross paths on this journey thru the woods.

So very thankful for all they offered, the items my 80 Guides selected for 2 others and myself. And for the 160 👍🏼's UP on delicious spanikopita, hummus, lentil soup and my biscotti that await this morning's hot chai tea.

I couldn't help but ask my Guides their thoughts...

"You were meant to go there. They felt your heart. You were so funny saying that Ascended Master took cuts in line. You said, "what should she do, like ...3 Our Father's and 6 Hail Mary's." Then said, "I'll let you all decide." Me: I was a tad joking with you (but she did). As I crack up now. Did you see her EYES? Wow!! Mom & William: yes. You are so funny. Your eyes will be like that. Me: OMG! As you know I've been referring to the color of my eyes as labradorite (some days). Hers were so light! Mom & William: Your eyes will turn and stay very near that color. Me: WOW! And the purple they both wore. Felt great to be around like-minded souls. Mom & Williama: You will have many more experiences like that and the rosary. Me: I can DIG it! Mom & William: We all laugh when you say that. Me: 😁 since I still need to tidy up and finish William's intro (soon), any other thoughts on that place? Mom & William: We understand and know you gotta get up early. Me: You know me, awake before the roosters! But yes on, in thee UPright position. Thanks for all today. Including, the delicious food and great gifts. I love you both! Oh, wait, shall we edit?

Mom & William: Yes Me: How's that? Mom & William: Very sweet Me: and like I told the young lady, I'll YELP them and post on social media. Mom & William: yes. We lusm **as they fade

I can handle any and all serendipitous days. I do know my dreams have been an induction of what's to come. And for that my faith is once again gaining momentum. This place was indeed a Godsend! Should you not be able to get by this beautiful spot in the Washington woods, you can read, shop and or help support their beautiful life at these links.

They even have SLEEPOVERS 😍 --reservations needed 😉

Me: do I get 4 thumbs up? Them: no Me: 160 Them: no

**just being told I have 3 new Guides for a total of EIGHTY-3! I ask...

Me: 166 👍🏼's UP? Them: big happy dance YES Me: thank you. I love you all Them: we lusm (love you so much)

May you be blessed to find your Zen spot


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