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There's Comes A Time

"Wanna know the secret to long life? Wanna be rich in spirit? Wanna have your every wish fulfilled? There comes a time we get right with God and see what happens.

Like a sailboat gone mad. Which way do I go? That's what I see. From the moment you wake up to the time your head hit the pillow, nonstop chatter. For nothing more than you. Do you know how tiring that is for me? I cannot tell you. And because of that, I am not thee only one on the seat of judgement. I'm super human, yes. But I too need my rest.

Another piece of the puzzle Carmen discovered, all on her own too. Why is it you earthlings must complicate matters? It's black and white people. Don't get me wrong, earth was not made in a day. Therefore your shortcomings have time to heal. But how much time do you need? Time is nothing up here, but for you it's everything. Time for this, time for that. Like a parade going nowhere, that's what I see. A bunch of busy bodies, not getting anywhere. How much time do you think I'm giving you? One year? Ten years? What if you had thirty more? How would you spend it? Not on social media I hope.

Mr. Steve Jobs had an in-depth conversation with Carmen yesterday. Not the first one. He flat out told her, get rid of your cell phone. Yes she needs one, but not as her computer. What does she do? Oblige. We cannot tell you how in awe we are of her.

Tell you what. Starting tomorrow, see how long you can go without yours. Try for a little bit longer each day. What you will get in return, is peace of mind for starters.

Then there's the computer. Unless you're working from it, put the damn thing away. Our baby girl is a writer. She is excluded from that one, tho a desktop is what she needs to conduct her business. Next week we hit the book hard. The rewriting of the Bible that is. We want it published by Easter of next year. A doozy of a book it will be by the four sacred hearts. How special is that? Di, care to say anything?

Me: I LOVE it! Well, we don't wanna give out all my findings. And to think I've barely begun to put two and two together. All I know is, it'll be the most fascinating true story I ever read. God: very good Di. Me: WHOA! They shut the noise off. Sound went from fuzzy static to slight ring. (**as God say yes entire time). Who's responsible for that? Martians? God: yes Di, very good. They have examined your brain with a fine tooth comb, while you're hair is still short. Please don't grow it out baby girl. We all love the way you look with short hair. Not to mention everyone else that has seen you. Yes, it makes your eyes POP. Your choice, but give it some thought. Now back to the message.

Wanna live long and prosper? Do what our ancient ancestors did. Eat to live instead of thee other way around. Di... ? Me: my brain didn't like that cracker? God: right. Drink a little bit of matcha.

**matcha break

God: WHEW, that's more like it. Now you know why they were studying your brain. Me: now that my noggin has caught up, YEP! God: Di, that's why we love you so very much. You crack us up, especially when you laugh at yourself. Like now. Oh my Di! Boys and girls, if you could only see the queen of nerds. HEY?! Me: why didn't I capitalize them? God: yes. Come on Di, get real. Now write it correctly. Me: "Queen of Nerds." Whew! That was fun and funny!! God: yeah, check out your mascara there girlie. Me: that had to be the biggest laugh. Then, "Oh my Di?!" Too funny! And to think, most haven't a CLUE on the real you. And this doesn't even include, JESUS! My lil brother. (**readers, yes I'm allowed to say, JESUS! As for, "lil brother?" That's what he told me to call him. A chip off God's block on funny). God: I know. It's what's missing on planet earth. Di, wipe your eyes. You look like you got sucker punched. That's right folks. This is how much fun we have. Daily I might add. You want to say something? Me: yes. This is a perfect example of how we can learn to hear spirit world. Decipher our thoughts from spirit. It's the funny things, serious, off the wall. Stuff you'd never say. THAT'S how to know, it ain't all you. Talking to readers of course.

But, to think! How many people have been called crazy (me included). Sure, there's dark spirits. But, you could not pay me to stop living with Heaven on earth. As for negative energies, you just gotta show them who's boss. Who you answer to.

God: whew! Good point Di. You heard her. We talk till we're blue in the face. Does anyone listen? Never. Why do you think Saint Carmen and I talk, all day everyday? Think we're bored? Think again. She amazes us with such intelligent conversation. It's no wonder she let social media fall by the wayside. Get in, get out, that's her. We must finish this today. Ready? Me: yes. Eyes clear face clean. God: thought you'd never wipe your eyes. Times up. Let's call it a day. We love you so much. We cannot be more proud to call you our little sister, daughter and friend. Thee End." ~God~

**as God fade with title...

"For title, There Comes A Time"

Only thing better than, laughter is good medicine, is laughing with God and others in spirit world. Great medicine on every level.

So, indeed! There comes a time when you may wanna take your eyes off planet earth and onto thee afterlife. Because what you do now won't just affect your future, health and happiness while you're earthbound.

Should someone die before you, that you weren't so nice to, watch out. They can come back with a vengeance. Super powers in hand. But more than that, God sees and hears everything. Your heart, your thoughts. You name it.

And, what leaves the greatest impact and impression are your actions. You can talk, repent, forgive and think positive all you want. It's your actions that speak louder than words. Walk your talk while you still have time. Because five steps forward, three steps back don't cut it. You're either nice or you're not. And you can forget phony!

Anyhow, what a great laugh we had writing this. May you all be blessed to laugh till your heart's content!


Me: good to go? God: we love it Di. You surprised us with your tidbits of intelligence. Now post.

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