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The Wandering Soul Wandewrs

Until the predictions begin to come to fruition, God has been asking what I'd like to post about. Taking into account, I do not want to post any for the time being.

So, because I'm anxious to rewrite the bible thru God, I asked for a snippet on that.

"What is it going to take to get you to believe the bible is filled with lies? It is true, Saint Carmen and I will rewrite it in the very near future. She's just as eager as I am. There's also a reason why our Saint only relate to music. She has a difficult time understanding details. As she just told someone, "Genesis was not easy, so I read bible from front to back with Moses being my FAV."

Do you want to know why Moses was her favorite? It was for that burning bush, that got her the nickname Mo. But we won't go there, for the person that called her that is gone. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, we just won't go there, right here right now.

If you ask me what I believe, I'd have to say, not a whole lot on how the bible was written. Do you want to know why? No where in the bible (which is before Christ) did we fathom anything, yet the bible is filled with the word fathom. As our Saint think, "it was?" Yes, my child. You've heard the scriptures preached enough times to hear that word used umpteen times.

For starters, God (me) is not a vicious God. A reprimanding one, I am. But vicious? In all honesty, the word "vicious" wasn't used, but that's how they make me out to be. You read how I talk to our Saint. I'm just as " ordinary" as any of you. Why I'm made out to be beyond serious, beats the HELL out of me. Yes I said it. And I also had Saint Carmen uppercase thee entire word. After all, it did get your attention didn't it?

What more can I say to have you believe? Well, you'll just have to wait till we finish, won't you? If scripture is what does it for you, you may be pleasantly surprised to read what really happened. Yes, there were lies, fornicating, rumors and flat out blasphemy. But, isn't that what happens today? At a much larger degree? You'd be a fool to say no.

I will bid you farewell, but not until I give you a sample of a very popular verse. In 1 John 4:4, it reads, "greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world." For starters, I am not a "He," so quit calling me one. I am God your father in Heaven. Nothing more, nothing less.

Secondly, it is me who decides what is written. Not Paul, not John, not Moses or anyone. And if you have a problem with any of this, take it up with me. In the privacy of your own HEAD. Because blasphemy does not get any more crueler when it's done otherwise. And you know DAMN well what I mean boys and girls.

We continue to be appalled at what goes on behind Saint Carmen's back. However, no biggy. She will get her rewards whether you like it or not. However, I see her getting uncomfortable (to say the least). I will add, her humble spirit continues to have us all in awe.

To see her, you'd think she was an ordinary person. But I'm here to tell you, that couldn't be farther from the truth. I'll end by saying, thank you Saint Carmen. You have blessed us, yet another day. We look forward to what's in store. But, I must bid you farewell. But before I go, for title, please use, The Wandering Soul Wanders.

That's it my child, we love you. Amen and Amen." ~God, your BFF from up above~

That'll send them into a tizzy. MUAH, we love you! Bye baby girl. Tupac says Hi, as does Jenni Rivera and all thee others. Who am I kidding? We really do hate goodbyes. That's it my child."

**in editing, God forgot something...

"My child, how can I be so foolish. In allowing you to double check on that verse, it was YOU who just said, you need to get it right, so you don't, "get nailed to the cross." You are spot on with that one girlfriend. Perhaps that'll be the title we use when we write about the list of names you've been given. There's more you know. With the latest being, "Cunt Dweller."

That's right child. It bothers us to repeat it. And as we can see, for you to write it. But what can we say? God is a liar? I kid you not folks, the name calling continues. Even more disturbing is, this "name" comes from a rather famous woman whom many follow. We won't let the cat out of the bag on her yet. But, I do know, she'll be stopped. A darn shame if you ask me. That's it my child. I know you need to scoot. We shall talk later. Goodbye and goodbye. Can you tell I'm having fun sending "them" for a loop?

Me: yes. That's why I often ask... "Did you just say... ?" God: in the words of Theo, "Gotchya!"

The End

Wait, I forgot something else. He who wanders is not always lost. It is they who never wander that are.

Time to zip the lip and take the 5th. While I'm at it... In the words of Jim Carrey, 'somebody STOP meh. Really, I must stop, but I find it hard to when people don't believe it is me, God. The one and only you are channeling."

God is too funny. Tho, wasn't kidding with Tupac and Jenni Rivera being 2 of several new Guides. With more wanting to continue their song writing, I'm excited to be the one to channel it.

Just as God mentioned, I've also had to tell others, you're calling God a liar?! How God became so serious, was quite thee oversight and/or exaggeration of a lie on somebody's part.

Only thee uptight have a difficult time being flexible.

As for that disturbing name. I didn't quite know what it was supposed to mean, so I did my homework.

Seems to me, thee only ones residing amongst my genitals are those fixated on it. Because this one individual is not thee only one to use a combination of that word.

In paraphrasing Dr. Christiane Northrup... Women's ovaries are thee equivalent to a man's balls. If being fearless is what bothers some, don't bother me none.

So much more I can say, but I'll leave it for that lengthy name calling post.

"Cause baby, names can't cramp my style." ~Teena Marie~

**she being another Guide

To the many it concern, may you be blessed to be a tad more creative than name calling.


Me: Am I good to go on what I've added? God: yes you are my Child, yes you are. Don't get me started.

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