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The Next Chapter of My Life

I wish I had all thee emoticons to show HOW I feel and/or be a graphic designer with some kickass skills.

In asking Teso to not make this message about me, I'm glad he did. I knew great things lie ahead, but, OMGOODNESS! Like I told them all... It's becoming a Sci-Fi best fairy tale ever. They agreed. I'm also quite comforted to know I am safe. Thanks to my built-in armor of protection he speaks of.

Anyhow, I never know what they're gonna say, until we start. Little did I know I'd be given the next chapter of my life. One that. By the looks of this, will be minus a person or two. I can't say I haven't tried to get others onboard. The gods/guides know I tried. But, that's what you get for being a forward, out-of-the-box thinker. The square peg in the round hole kinda person. Of course, I contribute that to more than a decade of regular maintenance. Detox.

Far too many benefits to name, but happy being yourself is a huge one. Anyhow, here's Teso...

To each their own. And you wish for riches? Nobody enters the kingdom of heaven with a heart of stone. Remember that he who abides, receives. He who doesn't, falters. Saint Carmen gave till she had nothing left to give. She continues to give without anything in return.

May you be blessed with her time that she so freely gave. For she will soon be on a far greater adventure. One that does not include any time leeches. She will begin her trek soon. She forgives freely, but time is up. It makes us happy to know she will now enter earth free of excess debris.

Some major protection. And her arms wide open to embrace all that await her. She has more than earned all that she will be getting. It will begin soon. And with it comes many perks. Some of which we have told her, and others that are going to blow everybody's mind. May you all be blessed beyond your wildest dreams." ~Teso, her Pleiadian pal~

Needless to say I'm stoked. Moments of doubt do come at times. Especially when things sound so far fetched. But... Had I not done everything they said, that day of my massive Ascension, of a grand finale (less than a month ago). I would not be where or who I am today.

Following 9 to 5 authority has never been my cup of tea. Doing each and everything they ask of me? Honored. And that's precisely what separates me from many. Far too many live to satisfy their flesh. Their 5 senses. But that's an entirely different post. Just know, it's called body, mind & spirit for a reason. And your 6th sense is only the beginning.

So, contrary to what much of western medicine believe. Your body, mind & spirit are connected. It is time you connect.

May you be blessed to paint your canvas with the big picture in mind.


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