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The Medium From Heaven

While some refer to me as psycho, phony, sweet-ass kisser, and even a wannabe spiritualist. My role in thee eyes of many, has 67 names (as of today). However, my 80 Guides see me for who I AM. A Medium From Heaven. **their title

My dear Pleiadian pal Wusa was rather eager to share this. She being a fellow writer. One who wants to write a book with me ☺️

Here she describes the types of Mediums...

"When a person becomes a Medium, there are two roads they can choose. They can do it in the dark, or fill it with light, love and fun. They can be spiritual, religious or cynical. Letting light and laughter in, or sadness and grief.

They can have fun or see it as a chore. They can call it work or a time consuming waste. They can take pride in it, or hide it from others. They can be proud or embarrassed. They can like it or hate it. They can embrace it, or run from it.

They can use it to teach, or use it as a weapon. They can say what they do, or lie. They can want the best for everyone, or use it to destroy them. They can choose to use it, abuse it, or lose it. They can call it a curse, or a blessing. They can have a heart for it, or not. They can wake excited to channel or put off till thee end of the day. They can wish they never had the gift, or take it and run with it. They can just ignore it, or take pride in it. They can use it for better or worse. Saint Carmen uses it to make the world a better place. And for that, we are blessed." ~Wusa, her Pleiadian pal and fellow writer~

You BET I wake excited to talk with any or all of my Guides. It's so comforting to know they watch over me while I sleep.

When I wake to see how they are, their response is dependent on me. Talk about EMPATH. In this morning's case, they know I want and need off this truck. An Osteopath call is in order. For starters.

I look forward to writing more. I also intend on writing a post with the many names I've been called. Some very disturbing. Tho, not for me.

Like a matching game, Guides know who said what. Pyscho, loser, sleeze bucket, or Homeless Bitch. What's the saying... "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

Or... "I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you." HECK! While I'm at it... Takes one to know one. "Medium From Hell," I am NOT.

May you all rest in peace and find your own heaven on earth. Because I've only just begun. And with an ever-growing team of experts, no plans on stopping.

May you be blessed to find the light within you, because mine will forever shine.

Me: how's that? Excellent and funny. Me: was that you Wusa? No Me: all my Guides? Yes Me: I love it! Thank you. I love you all Guides: we love you so much


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