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The Guide Heaven Sent

Because we've lost counting order of the 94 Guides, the rest of thee intros will give themselves a title (instead of a number).

Nearly 2 weeks later, Robin Williams and I finish his intro. This Guide is no secret since God mentioned his name in a post last week.

Everyone knows laughter is good medicine. Yet, churches make God out to be so serious. Far from it. I'd call it professional with an awesome sense of humor!

Just as Robin Williams graced us with his presence and decades of laughs. May you return the favor by believing, he IS one of my Guides.

Finally, since we began writing this March 22nd (you'll see it below), it was his decision to post the most recent first.

4-2-16 Me: okay, I'm gonna try? Robin: try? We don't call you the world's best Medium for nothing. To say you've grown by leaps and bounds would be a misword. Me: thank you. It's seems since Easter Sunday and God intercepting that message, I've been in Boot Camp of sorts, and it's paying off well. Robin: great way to put it, but you're beyond boot camp. Me: thank you. Can you tell I soooo want that screenwriting class already? Robin: yes, you'll get it. I've got the perfect guy. Tell him Robin Williams sent you. Me: I love it! Robin: how'd you like my Charlie Chaplin act? Me: very much so. I knew it wasn't the chicken dance. It's been great to see the fun up there. And now, I'm catching conversations here and there. Robin: yes. We laugh every time you chime in. Me: as much as I don't wanna bring this up now, you probably would, knowing my thoughts. But yes. I got good at narrating my near every move. Robin: with Homa, yes. Me: I also don't wanna sway the conversation. But, more back to back let downs. Tho I saw 2nd one coming. I'll stay silent now and let you talk and/or give message, if that's alright? Just gonna snap a pic of Montana sign. Robin: those fountains were cool. Me: compliments of Elmer & Arnold. Tho, Arnold's may have froze over. Robin: you really see the beauty in the smallest things. Me: I reckon that's what this 3+ year gypsy life has done. But, yes. A KICKASS camera is needed when it's MY turn to go cross country. Robin: it'll happen you know. Me: that's what I hear. Can't WAIT! Robin: first things first. There's therapy, then. We won't say just yet, but you know what we're talking about. We are excited to see the time quickly approaching. Me: me too! Robin: shall we get back to Homa? Me: a somber yes. Robin: she knew better and he was blindsided. As for Doreen, she had her chance. You knew. You saw it coming, but to call you a Stoner after your mom and God wrote. That deserves Capital punishment. As for Theo, blindsided once again. He's being versed quickly on 2-legged wolves. He feels badly and told you, it won't happen again. Me: I just wanna say, NEVER in my life would I expect to be talking to the spirit world. Let alone living souls via spirit world. And now I can see both! It's no longer unbelievable. I just knew, thee apology I got wasn't an authentic remorseful one. Robin: you were spot on, and we are sorry. It won't happen again. We know being fake is not your MO. Or your cup-of-tea. Yes, we're speaking your language.

**as he read my thoughts

We like the notes you take. Makes us feel special, and shows us you mean business. We also like when you sing. I feel your thanks, knowing you don't want to "interrupt. Carmen is as real as they get. We like how you handle men. Me: surely you'll elaborate for those name callers. And their choice of words they have for me. Robin: yeah, the list is over 100 now. For the readers, what I mean by "handle" is... Carmen is far from a whore or testicle lover, in the sense you are inferring. She has more respect than you know for her body. It's a good thing she can laugh at all the viciousness directed towards her.

Call her what you wish, but we and she know none of it is true. And she's not kidding. She will be doing a post with all the names. Those with any glimmer of a soul will find it disturbing. It's enough that she's been attacked every way imaginable. From Lucifer, earthlings and now the spirit world.

If name calling is the best you could do, I suggest you keep your day job and repent. Like your life depended on it. Because it does.

As for me, you now know I am one of St. Carmen's Guides. A lucky man indeed. Words cannot describe how blessed we are to be on St. Carmen's "team." A team we have collectively named, St. Carmen's Fire. A name that was given to Carmen. And one we will all be writing about.

Carmen can't wait. She giggles at the way she was about to spell the name. Go ahead and show them. Me: "St. Carmen" Robin: it's okay to steal the stage. Me: thank you, but I'm enjoying hearing you. And, don't forget if there's anyone you wanna give a message to. Robin: we can do that in another post. Me: cool! Robin: it's pretty cool God speaks your language. The "kosher" thee other day cracked us all up. Me: me too! I'm loving these daily conversations. Especially since my hearing and vision are being honed into 5D. Robin: you're almost there Sweetie Pie. Me: sweet. Then, I'll really be able to see more than cloud like colored faces? Robin: yes. That and a whole lot more. Me: nice! Interestingly, Doreen's face is one of thee only ones I saw more vividly. I do however, see my high level security Guide more than others. Oh yeah, and mother sitting shotgun in the Silverado, next to God. It's more than amazing! Surreal? Not sure word I'm looking for. Robin: that'd be it, surreal. Auto correct wants to write, surrealist. Is that what I am, aside from powers? Robin: you're better than a surrealist. Just you wait and see. You are funny.

**that in reference to an earthling I had to tell something via the spirit world.

Robin: that was an A-frame you were looking at. Me: (as I chuckle) there's an architect somewhere in me. Talk about powers. How do you like yours? Robin: I'm DIGGIN' em'!

**for readers... This is just 1 example of them talking our language. Me: I'm glad no one was in that restroom when God made me laugh. Talk about funny. Robin: yeah, what was it that God said, "light a match, STAT." Me: verbatim! **for readers... I'm in midst of colon/liver cleanse. Tho, on or off a cleanse, a courtesy flush always precedes the lighting of a match. Works better than any brain damaging air freshener. Robin: well said, and I agree. Kate said hers were candles.

**Kate being one of my Guides (and what she had in her bathroom on earth).

Robin: shall we finish up by saying... Don't mess with Saint Carmen. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's the Golden Rule she always talks about. And lives to a "T." Yes, she's anxious for her intro. Me: shall we leave it at that? You know what I mean. Robin: what? Teena Marie? There, I said it. Me: thank you. I'm just as anxious. What a TEAM! Okay, continue... Robin: time will tell before you believe. She's the real deal. You mess with her, you mess with us. Like she tells the pilot of that "ship" she's on, "I can't believe you're arguing with God."

What she means is... God is the truth, the light, the one who created him. And just as God gave him life, it can be taken away. Don't mess with God. And, by messing with Saint Carmen, you mess with God, plain and simple. If that doesn't get your attention, may God bless you. Cuz you're gonna need it. I bid you goodbye for now. Thank you for the time you gave me in writing this. It means a lot, especially since so many others have been waiting. As you tell me, "no crying."

Goodbye for now, but not for long. ~Robin Williams, her Comedian in heaven~

**now that I can see up there, he was getting choked up/tearful on his goodbye.

3-22-16 Me: WOW Robin: YES. My very thought. People told me I was funny, but you are hilarious. We laugh so much. You are too much, and the faces are classic. Me: not at all wanting to interrupt. But I believe I was told you'd been watching 3 months. Then shortly after I mentioned you, here you are. WHAT an honor. I just wanna say thank you. You brought me many laughs, so I'm glad I can kinda return favor. Robin: You are one of a kind. Me: Bittersweet, tho more laughs than not. That's for sure! Robin: You will be blessed soon. You are long overdue. Me: Thank you. I'd certainly welcome it! Is there anything you wanna tell the world or anyone? Robin: Not so fast Carmen. You don't just brighten earth, you bring light to heaven and the galaxies. Me: Very heartwarming. Thank you. Robin: You are a lady of grace. You shed tears because people are so mean. I've never seen one person endure what you do. We still don't know why either. It's as if the world is one big bully. Me: Agreed Robin: Yet you remain strong, funny and classy. Me: Thank you. Robin: Only thing we can conclude is you are good looking, funny, smart, creative, in shape, nice and a people person. Me: Who'd of thought, it was a crime? Thank you. Robin: You are also humble. Another bonus. Forget that you are talented. Sing, dance, art. You name it. Me: Thank you. There's more to life than trying to be somebody we're not. Robin: Yes, and that's what separates you from others. You are funny. That food was too heavy.

**Since he wants me to write down. Just wanna say, what most consider "light" has become heavy for me as an Ascended Master. Continue... Robin: The way we eat is how you should eat. Me: I DO miss my dishes and silverware. And I look forward to the post on all you eat, including portions. Since I kinda already know what. Perhaps a week long food diary to write about

Anyhow, I really look forward to looking, feeling and being versed on what being an Ascended Master entails. Besides my eyes turning blue and the many powers I've been given. Robin: Soon you will have all the above and more. We are so excited for you. Me: I can tell. Now that the Happy Dance has turned into square dancing and darn near break dancing. Robin: It is so funny when you say that. You need rest.

Me: Okay. How long? Robin: One hour Me: I can have rest of kefir. Then when I get up, chai? Robin: Yes

**he wanted me to include

And so I did! (rest)

Robin: Good for you on resting. You are a loving Saint too

** that after he heard my thoughts on, the young ladies at St. John's where I got ZENergized. They rest several times a day. And it shows. Robin: We like that you take such great notes. Me: gotta get it verbatim.

**more thoughts heard...

Robin: The reason we all sound alike is because we aim to speak your language. Me: Ahhh...

**As he hears my thoughts again, he says...

Robin: A script writing class would be good for you. Me: Cool! I've suddenly become interested in subtitles for that reason. Robin: Those things will help. Me: I'll watch more once settled. Couped up and on tiny screen not easy. But cool!

**off record chatting

Robin: You don't have to worry Me: about what I write. You want me to write this? Robin: Yes. You are one special lady. Me: Thank you. I'm sure some will interpret that as, "Special Ed." Which won't bother me none. I've worked with many. Their huge hearts make up for the dead and dying ones. Robin: Yes and no. You just are. Me: I'm so excited to talk with and introduce everyone already. It's crazy good! Robin: We love that you like being our Medium. Me: I didn't realize the many types of Mediums till Wusa spelled it out. Why one would want to abuse such a gift, beats me. Why, they'd lie or see it as a chore. All I can say is, WOW!

Perhaps being transparent on earth made it easy to embrace and care less what anybody thinks about me becoming a Medium. Robin: Spot on! And for that we are blessed Me: Not as much as lil ol' me here on earth. Robin: Looks like you gotta go. Until later. We enjoy watching you drive. We lusm (love you so much) Me: I love you all very much, as I take a breath of blessed air. Thank YOU Robin for the time you gave me. An honor indeed! I look forward to more. Hello to all. Robin: we love you ~My Comedian in heaven~

Needless to say, I've had to resort to a synonym finder, because I can literally use the word, UNDERSTATEMENT umpteen times in darn near every post I write. So... If you see me use the word he did, "misword," just know, it'll mean the same thing.

Fan of Robin Williams or not, there's a lot of laughter in heaven. They are nonstop fun. And always giving the stage to each other, like one big talent show. It dawned on me today tho, and so I asked. "Is heaven like one big musical?" Their response was a resounding yes!

And because of their lifestyle, I am no longer afraid of dying. And with THAT kind of fun, not even reincarnation sounds appealing. A topic we'll be writing about.

May you be blessed to live, love and laugh like they do in heaven, which just happens to include the Galaxy.

Me: how's the before and after Robin? Robin: I couldn't have said it better myself. God says, "well done my Child." Me: thank youuuu. That's it for now I reckon? Robin: yes, Sweetie Pie Me: where's that screenwriting class when I need. Ahhh... I forget. You all see my heart, I love and appreciate you. Peace, love and kisses to all, if I may? Robin: yes you may from all 95 of us. We lusm (love you so much)


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