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The Eagle Has Landed

In asking for a general message they felt the world needed, it only began on a serious note.

"What you find in your heart, does it match your soul? What you find in your soul, does it match your words? What you find in your words, does it match your mind?

Never mind that what you believe isn't always true. Life works both ways. One, you can look to the Heavens for answers, or to the world for what you think is right. Right in the sense God can agree. To agree means to right your wrongs, not 2 wrongs equal a right.

Nowhere in God's name does truth and justice mean keep an eye on your neighbor. Within reason, yes. To slander, no. To conjure up make believe stories does not serve your highest good. In fact, it does more harm to your own soul to tell a lie, than live one. As harmful as it is to not tell the truth, it has become common stance. Which in turn creates a new level of justice.

To create your own Golden Rule, is like creating something from thin air. Only God can do that. Only God can summon upon what is right and what is wrong. Only God can make a mountain out of a mole hill. Only God can punish the punishable. And only God make right any wrong.

Nowhere can man attempt to discover what God intended to be unknown. Yes, some things are better left unknown. Nowhere in history are truth and honesty grounds for divorce. Divorce from what you ask. Well, we are here to tell you. For starters, say what you mean and mean what you say. Yes Saint Carmen I said that. And I'm going to say this... If you're going to talk about someone, know the facts.

**I had to ask if she were talking to me. WHEW, she wasn't.

As a matter of fact, do you not have anything better to do with your time than conjure up images that make no sense whatsoever? Yes I'm saying that too. And I'll leave you with this.

Want to know the single most important sin that upsets God almighty more than anything? Gossip. Yes, and it doesn't end with gossip. For most, gossip is a compilation of lies. Like the lies told in the Star and Enquirer "news" outlets. Told by one who lies and believed by those who haven't a brain to believe truth from a lie.

Lie, lie, lie. That's all some know how to do. Forget the fact that a lie does not constitute stamina in the house of God. Or that a lie takes away any and all chances of having a connection with God. Forget that what you do now you do to yourself later. Forget that your later may never happen. For it is in living a lie that you can die. Without warning I might add.

This does not come as a threat. No Siree! God just wanted me to say that. Truth be told, God doesn't only talk thru Saint Carmen, on occasion God talks thru us. And today is one of those days. Yes my Child, Puya has passed the baton to her Higher Power. Those two words capitalized at my request.

My Child you need to focus, this is your BFF talking. Tell homeboy what he has to say can wait, for time is of thee essence on your brain and channeling. As our Saint laugh knowing very well it's true. More than her brain however is, she needs new prescription glasses. Her two new pair did not serve her well.

A picky Child we have. For ordinary does not suit her taste. And being highly sensitive to the sun creates discomfort on her head and eyes, drawing more tension on her brain and channeling. As she channel sitting shotgun thru the desert.

We can count our lucky stars she has found a place to call home. Complete with a view overlooking a golf course and stars at night. We see her heart as she type this. With tears of joy welling up in her eyes.

We are so proud and excited at the choice she's made, and consulting us along the way. Well done my Child. We see nothing but great things ahead. At last you will be settled. We know it'll be a week or so before you can move in, but soon your home awaits you.

We must bid you farewell knowing very well you need a break. For title, you can call it, Thee Eagle Has Landed. We love you dear Carmen and we will bless your new home with light, love, laughter, peace, wellness and joy.

Soon you will have your kitchen with all the fixins. No telling what you'll create this time, but we do know your kombucha awaits you. As does your big dog. Can you tell we're happy? Didn't we tell you you'd get that house?

Me: yes on both, as you see and hear my sigh of relief. Thanks to you and all my Guides for helping narrow down my search on the perfect place. Right down to even a clothesline, I took as a sign. The countdown begins! God: yes my Child, and we couldn't be happier for you. Even more exciting are the books we need to write, which will commence soon. You're ready! That's it my child. We love you, Amen and Amen." ~God your father in Heaven and Puya your Pleiadian pal~ Me: did I hear a Woo Hoo?

A long happy dance of a YES, I did! From all. I LOVE it! True Empaths. It's one thing to be loved from an earthling and know it. But to have God and a team of 100 and TWENTY experts. To not just guide me, but love me unconditionally? WOW! Life is so very good, and I very much blessed. 3 years and 3 months without a home, served its purpose. But.. Home sweet home at last. YAY and HALELJUAH! This eagle has indeed landed!

May you all be touched by an Angel and your father in Heaven


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