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Tesla Can Speak For Himself

"Tesla can say what he may, the rest of you weren't there. Taking his writings and twisting them for what? Ratings sake? Enough!" ~God~

Di, this is Tesla. Thanks for watching that show. You and I are a lot alike. They told me you were a mind reader, but WOW! We've never seen anything like it. How that came to be is an interesting phenomena. One that goes like this. That head bump you had not too long ago triggered it. We were a bit worried there for a day or two. Then lo and behold, BAM! A mind reader emerges. You can thank your lucky stars for that one.

But what I really want to say, goes like this... that show did not do me justice. You're right when you say those people are wrong about me. How dare they criticize what they knew nothing about. Yes I was robbed of my ideas. Yes planet Earth continues to reap on my inventions. You don't think that puts a negative connotation on things? Where would you all be if it wasn't for me? I am not angry or bitter, and for that I rest my case. I would like to give my two cents to Elon Musk for using my name.

Dear Elon, if you're going to use my name, don't screw it up. That spaceship satellite you tried sending up here never stood a chance. We are happy to say, that made our day. Not in a malicious intent sort of way. Allow me to help you make it better. Won't you please? And Sir, should you want help in designing, look no further. I can help with that too.

To the rest of you. Say what you will, but St. Carmen is far from a storyteller. She is a Medium of the highest order. Preselected to carry out divine messages. It is of utmost importance to fall by the wayside. Negative energy only makes people sick. And how many of you are sick these days? The question ought to be, how many are healthy in body and sound in mind? That would be easier to calculate. On one hand, mind you.

One more thing. St. Carmen and I have a lot in common. Why? Because we refuse to listen to man, and for that we are ridiculed. She talks to other planets and Stars like I did Mars. Only difference is, the top of the iceberg is about to break in her favor. Thanks to shows like Ancient Aliens. Which by the way, there's no such thing as "Aliens." We could in fact, say the same thing about all of you. Time will tell what the future holds for each and every one of you. Time waits for nobody. Time is just a number. And like you, your time will be up. Nikola Tesla signing off with Doviđenja. For title please write, Tesla Can Speak For Himself.

"Doviđenja" goodbye in Croatian.

Tesla, a Visionary like no other. The more I find out about him, the more I can relate. Not only can I also talk to Martians, Tesla and I can compare notes on Earthlings that choose to be in the dark. Such is life in this day and age . One that is in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

In having these words come to me... "Seasons come and go," Tesla chimed in with, "while people lie dormant. Then a, "thank you". What's NOT to love?!

Even Napoleon Hill had meetings with late greats. It's what we were designed to do. Live with Heaven on Earth. Something that will be a part of the New Earth. Thank God! And the thee entire Universe.

May you all be blessed to know, what you resist persists. A New World is upon us. And unlike the HELLaciousness many live in today, this next one will leave you saying, YAY!

Spiritually yours,


Me: good to go? "All thumbs up, and MUAH!

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