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STOP Fixing What Isn't Broken!

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a nurse. When it came time in high school to decide on my major, mother wouldn't let me, saying there were too many lawsuits. So I got my cosmetology and barber license instead. My creative side loved it!

A few years later I switched to a moonlighting hairdresser and became a front and back office employee working in the medical field. I loved it and decided to pursue my RN degree once again. In testing someone for syphilis, I accidentally poked myself with the needle. I was expected to get a serious of shots to "protect" myself. I got 1 of 3 and quickly discovered, SCREW THAT! Right then and there I switched my major to occupational therapy, but ended with my first love, I got a Bachelor's in Holistic Nutrition and never looked back.

Fast forward to today, and I still respect my body and don't believe in fixing what isn't broken. There came the idea for this t-shirt. As for the middle finger many see as bad, far from it if you look at its roots.

Middle finger was used in rituals and can be used for protection, like the phallic statues that grace many important buildings.

Back in ancient Greek times, the middle finger was seen as an apotropaic symbol. When it was used it was being used to ward off threats and help fight off dark magic. I know, that might sound a bit out there but it is quite true. Back in those times phallic symbols which the middle finger is one of were quite powerful and thought to be very protective.”

Even Galileo has his middle finger in a shrine. I now understand why God allowed me to use this on a t-shirt. It is a form of protection against the dark forces that control our planet.

Funny thing is, so many talk up a storm but are too afraid to walk it. Case in point, last week I took this shirt to my local army surplus. Knowing the man who works there he told me to bring in my creations, my handmade rosaries he even suggested. I decided on the t-shirt first since time is of the essence on the matter. He and the owner were too afraid to carry it. WTH!? Don't tell me they too are bowing down to the mandates and not wanting to rock the boat. This wimpy bullshit is why "they" continue to get away with much.

I thought, okay and showed him my next design, a cross with United States flag and God in it. That too was too controversial for them. OMG, have they succumbed in agreement to taking God out of the pledge of allegiance too? WOW!

As a former truck driver, I so respect all the truckers participating in the #FreedomConvoy2022. BADASS is an understatement. I salute you all for your hairy ovaries and cojones! MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED for being role models not just for Canada, but our entire planet.

Om Shaka Laka!


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