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Stew WHO?

My Universal ("Extraterrestrial") family responds to some really horrible assumptions on man's part. Nothing civilized about what he or "they" claim.

"Stew WHO? This is UTOT, Master of the Milky Way. You got your information from where? "World Wide Web?" We did not blow up your space "ship." We ran like HELL to not get blown up ourselves. Before you go on blaming us, do your homework.

When it comes to what you Earthlings think you know, you've got it all wrong. We are defenseless. We've got better things to do with our time than wander aimlessly. We cannot get sidetracked from God's mission. We would appreciate it if you would watch what you say before you say it. You are nothing in comparison to the person channeling this. Watch your mouth young man. We are sensitive souls sent there to set the world free. The new Bible will reveal all. Mark my word.

For now, don't go on spreading rumors. You can help us help you, but it starts with zipping your lip. We will continue to watch you. Stay tuned. That's it."

Me: you want this posted on the blog? UTOT: yes Me: what title do you want to give it? UTOT: Stew WHO? Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We are at a loss on why "humans" paint such an ugly picture. I'll let you finish.

As she fades off sadder than sad.

Where the name Extraterrestrial came to be, BEATS me! It is Earthlings that live outside. We are but one planet that thinks they rule all others.

I'd never go on blaming anyone I did not get straight from the source. Or was in close encounter to. Far from vicious, these Extraterrestrials have and forever will be Celestial Beings.

Meanwhile, my BFF (God) wants to chime in...

God: thank you Di. We commend you for going after this guy. Somebody needs to put him in his place. It may as well be you. That's all my love." Me: everything else good to go? God: UTOT says, thumbs up. We love you so much."

Stew and his so-called crew got a LOT of nerve to blame then post?! Whether this is their twisted theory or not, YIKES! Not even Elon Musk, NASA or Mark Zuckerberg blame thee Intelligent Celestial Beings.

"Woo Hoo" is what I get from the gazillions in the Universe.

Om... Shaka laka

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