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Stay Tuned

In the 2+ months as a Medium, I've learned a few things...

Planet earth is like one giant TV. With each person or family being their own channel. And even when you're silent, they hear your thoughts. Like a cartoon with a bubble of words above your head. NOTHING gets past them.

Some people are only nice when they know they're being watched. Well, I know from firsthand experience, they put Angels in our path to see how we treat, or mistreat them. All it takes is one bully. I mean, one bad apple for thee others to fall. Falling is easy. Heck, gravity does it for you!

Think they don't know your language? Think again. They don't just speak every language, they TALK your lingo. Which can make it difficult to know when THEY'RE talking, versus you.

They also know everything there is to know about you. This includes past lives. As well as your future.

And they don't just see thru your body, mind and spirit, they know what's best for it. Unlike much of western medicine that treats you like a number. Wanting to be a cookie cutter-ee is bad enough.

Whether God, Guides or those from the Galaxy, they want to awaken more than just the doctor in you.

How life and health got so complicated, is not of them. Earthlings don't just try to reinvent the wheel and reengineer what God created. They continue to think they know better when it comes to their body. Better than some doctors, maybe.

We can all awaken to our true selves and the doctor within us. But, you gotta use the prescribed fuel your body, mind and spirit were created to take in. Like your vehicle. You give it what it needs to run smoother and last longer. No brainer.

Demanding taste buds and desires of the flesh haven't just numbed the 5 senses, they've done a number on common sense.

In some cases, spiritual has become the new psycho. And mean, mad and misinformed, the new normal.

Ego and ignorance are a deadly combination. If not your spirit. Your mind and body will suffer first. Treat one (body, mind or spirit) with respect and thee others benefit.

Why play a game you can't win? If you're wanting a true walk and talk with God, Guides or lost loved ones. Just know... You gotta lighten up, and/or lighten your load.

So. You can choose to stay in the dark with a channel they won't wanna tune into. Or you can see the light in the darkness. Because, unless I'm mistaken, they all seem to like the Comedy Channel. But with it, must come truth, honesty and Golden Rule acts of behavior.

So very simple. ENOUGH with "easier said than done." It's a matter of choice.

This being a prelude to an upcoming post my guides wrote 2 days ago. Only then it was 30 guides. #31, an anonymous one presented themselves today. They also went over the first draft with me, and gave me a title.

Only, silly me, in rushing (once all 18 wheels began rolling), I put it on the wrong post. UGH! The one prior to this, Awaken or Be Awakened. That title should've gone here.

But, I'm cool knowing they forgive

May you be blessed to get rid of the static that's blocking you from being WHO God created you to be.


**almost forgot... They also know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that's on, any and all of your gadgets (phones, computers and tablets). They know everything about everything.

And finally, in doing this final edit, I said, how's that? Their response, "Excellent!"

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