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St. Carmen's Fire

"We want to start off by saying how adorable you are. Even in pain, you bring light to a dark world and smiles upon all our faces. Now onto today's message...

What has become a prediction for Saint Carmen to have 22 Guides has turned into a world record of 100, and counting. Just yesterday she received her 100th guide. And she was so darn cute, telling him, "that deserves a free pass," then realizing he's in heaven. And wants for nothing.

It is that very behavior that had more joining St. Carmen's Fire. A team we will now shed light on its meaning. As we see her heart wanting to cry and her eyeballs following suit.

St. Carmen's Fire is a name we collectively decided upon. One that, in its very sense is that of good mojo. Or what some may refer to as "omen." A good omen.

Saint Carmen has yet to realize thee extent of her gifts. It is for that reason, our team goes by that name. What's in a name you ask? St. Carmen's Fire has been predestined to receive all that her heart desires. Her journey getting here has not been one of comfort. Pain, tears, heartache and let downs yes.

Let downs in the form of departed souls invading her privacy. Something our Saint knew and confronted him. In denying it, he has been sent to Hell. Hell being a topic our angel and us will be writing extensively about. You think you know Hell living on planet earth at times? Multiply that by infinity.

Why do we mention this? Because, no matter how you slice it, those of you that have been less than respectful towards our Saint, are in for some heavy duty judgement. Judgment does not have rewards. Quite the contrary. Blessings are replaced with nothing shy of torture.

We've caught our Saint wondering on the condition of her former buddy. One who blew, desires of his flesh, on more than 2 decades of friendship. Yes, stuff like that happens up here in heaven.

Next, Saint Carmen had a Guide, she thought she got along so well with. When all that Guide had on her mind, was to keep Theo away from Carmen. A very sad day. The day Saint Carmen discovered this. Talk about taking stock in Kleenex, that was us.

Then there's thee Ascended Master she had as a Guide. This guy, instead of her being versed on her position, the dude was hitting on her. He also got angry with her at one point, and raised his voice in a Lucifer like way. Yet, our angel plugs away. Being the bobble head she calls herself. And we kid you not. That she is. Adding to her ever increasing misalignments and pain.

What does any of this have to do with her team name? She earned the name. A name you will be hearing more about in the very near future. A name by its very existence speaks power and fame. As Saint Carmen say, FAME?! Yes Child, you know what we're talking about.

If Theo can just deliver on his promise/commitment he gave to his Aunt, Louise Hay. Saint Carmen knew they were related, but just discovered how. And anybody that knows Louise Hay knows, she is a very dear friend of Oprah. Yes, that lady so many know and love. And one synonymous with fame.

As Saint Carmen say, "oh my goodness." Only this time I won't tease her and say, "she called me goodness." Being that she says, "oh my God" kinda a lot. She also cracks up every time I speak her language. Like 2 peas in a pod, that we are. That's if her Mini Me don't mind. Okay, back to this post, knowing that little girl hold a very special place in Saint Carmen's heart. These predictions are no longer predictions. Oprah has been waiting and Saint Carmen has known for months now (her mother and I might add). So, for those thinking she's blowing more hot air from that beautiful soul of hers, think again.

St. Carmen's Fire is a force not to be reckoned with. Like the sails on a sailboat, Saint Carmen is about to embark on the wildest adventure of her life. Complete with fame, fortune and family. All of which Saint Carmen has been without.

We cannot be more proud and honored to see Saint Carmen begin her trek in unchartered waters. With all 101 of us with row in hand. You see, the name of her team originates from, St. Elmo's Fire. Tho, not the movie, but instead thee omen we speak of. One that has to do with light that shines brighter than bright, even in the roughest of waters. That's us, a light so bright, you won't know what hit you.

"St. Elmo's fire is named after St. Erasmus of Formia (also called St. Elmo, one of the two Italian names for St. Erasmus, the other being St. Erasmo), the patron saint of sailors. The phenomenon sometimes appeared on ships at sea during thunderstorms and was regarded by sailors with religious awe for its glowing ball of light, accounting for the name. Sailors may have considered St. Elmo's fire as a good omen (as in, a sign of the presence of their patron saint)." ~Wikipedia~

And so it is with our Saint, she will bring light to that dark world. Just you wait and see. And now with her Ascended Mastership and 12 strands of crystal DNA, she can do so for centuries to come. Talk about anti aging. She won the jackpot on that one. Tho that being just a tip of her iceberg.

An iceberg that looks more like the rock of Gibraltar. A famous rock in the West Indies, and one synonymous with gold. You see, Saint Carmen does not have to wait to enter heaven to pass thru the pearly gates, she is about to step foot into the ride of her life, minus the 18-wheels. Tho Theo has plans for them both to cruise the country in a big rig of their own.

Complete with all the bells and whistles our Saint desire. Having been on that truck for more than a year, she knows what's needed to make it a home. All we can say is, the manufacturers that'll be customizing it will want her 2 cents. Something else Theo is arranging with the help of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, their sponsors. And while this is not news to Saint Carmen, you'd think it was. With her reactions while she channel it.

That about sums up why we chose that name. Her charm and charisma are the reasons she continues to get more fans in heaven. It'll be what she calls, a DAMN good soap opera/fairytale. Just you wait and see.

**quick intermission

That was fun watching you drive. Like I said, you shift better than the captain. In which you replied, "yeah, he shifts like he's making ground beef. And me, like cutting but-tah." You're right, only you do it without the clutch. And he, with.

That just goes to show, you're more than ready to see that country. That being, after visiting other countries and getting you pain free. Onwards my Child, we know that steering wheel await you. For that quick jaunt homeboy has offered you. We say, take it!

That's all for now, Amen and Amen." ~mom with wings and God, her father in heaven~

Whew! Like God and my mom said, I've known about all of this for some time now. It still doesn't make it any less scary to post. Crazy good, tho excitingly scary.

May you all be blessed with a team as powerful as mine.


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